How to Treat Blotchy and Uneven Skin

What does it mean to have blotchy and uneven skin? It means that there are irregular skin patches that can be found in varying areas around the skin, and these change the color of your skin. These are often characterized by white, brown-to-gray, or red areas found on the skin. Furthermore, these can even include some symptoms such as itchiness and redness. These are more commonly found on the face, legs, and chest. However, seeing them on the skin on the arm are not uncommon either. If you do have such a skin condition, there are natural methods for you to follow to help treat them. Read on to find out about these remedies.


How to Treat Blotchy and Uneven Skin

Treating Blotchy and Uneven Skin With Natural Methods

If you want to treat blotchy and uneven skin without having to spend too much of your hard-earned cash, you can start by using Aloe Vera. In fact, this is considered to be one of the best ways to treat uneven skin tone, especially if the condition has been acquired from sunburn. This is because the plant contains anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn can reduce the inflammation and redness caused by these blotches. To use Aloe Vera for this purpose, start by extracting the gel of an Aloe Vera leaf, then apply said gel onto the affected areas with the use of your fingers. Leave the gel on the affected areas for at least 20- to 30-minutes. Rinse it off with water, and do this 2- to 3-times a day.

Coconut oil is also another natural remedy for treating blotchy and uneven skin. This is because this type of oil contains fatty acids, which does make it a great natural moisturizer for the skin. Dry skin is known to be one of the reasons why a person would have blotchy, and perhaps even uneven skin tone. Because it has moisturizing properties, it works by rehydrating the skin properly. Just rub some extra-virgin coconut oil on your palms and apply it on your skin that has the patches. Rub them gently for 5- to 10-minutes, and allow it to be naturally absorbed by your skin. Repeat this process with the coconut oil 2- to 3-times a day until you get desirable results.

Lastly, you can make use of yogurt to do away with blotchy and uneven skin tone. This is because yogurt contains lactic acid, in which is a substance used by many cosmetic products that are made to treat dry and rough skin. Just apply a thick layer of plain yogurt on the affected areas, and let it sit there for 20- to 30-minutes prior to washing it off with lukewarm water. Only use yogurt for this purpose once a day.