10 Tips To Protect Your Hair

Find the best ten tips to protect your hair and maintain it’s beauty. These tips and precautions will work to make your hair healthy and problem free.

protect your hair

Our hair suffers from harsh weather conditions, the sun and humidity as well as poor hygiene and care which can cause damage. Hair care is essential not only for aesthetics but for its health as bad treatment can lead to problems in the scalp and even progressive hair loss or the stoppage of its monthly growth which finally may end up with bald spots. Having beautiful hair helps to boost internal confidence. Frizzy and dry hair or dandruff can create a bad impression of a person in front of his colleagues and friends. Hence to keep hair healthy, you must first protect it and then provide good nourishment.

Proper care of your hair is possible and easy, but apart from using masks and treatments for hair, remember that there are some precautions which play a very important role. Precisely for this reason hair experts share 10 tips to protect your hair that should not be missed to maintain healthy and strong hair.

Caution with dryer:

If you use a dryer for your hair daily, note that it is better to use ion dryers, since this technology does much less damage. Another key is that you consider the temperature. Hot temperature will make more of your tips to open and dry out, giving him a scruffy that offers a bad image of you. It is advisable that you use dryer few times and at lower temperature to protect your hair from being dry and damaged.

Wash it calmly:

It is very important to wash your hair with care, trying to make it in detail and depth. Make a little massage with fingertips from root to tip, but without damaging the scalp. The water with which you are washing hair must not be hot, choose warm water. Excessively hot water weakens the hair, like when you use the iron or dryer. Also, try to choose a suitable shampoo for your hair. There are many categories of products for different hair types, hence select the one that best suits your features. For example, if your hair is very dry then avoid washing it everyday and if your scalp is sensitive then use baby shampoos.

Nourishment Masks:

You should try to keep your hair nourished as much you can. To do this apply a mask once a week or every two weeks can be very useful, but do not abuse because these treatment creams are often exposed to chemical processes. It is also very important to select the mask for your hair type because a person with oily hair using a dry hair type mask can lead to problems. You can also try some natural home remedies for hair nourishment.

The towel:

Whenever you dry hair, abusing wet hair with towel will make a lot of them to break and fall. Wet hair are twice easily damaged rubbing can double the damage. Ideally, you wrap the hair ends with a towel while squeezing to absorb water, so until you finish on the scalp. Avoid pulling on your hair and you’ll have a much smoother, straight and healthy hair. Although, wrapping towel does not completely dries your hair, but you can allow it to air dry or in case of urgent work use a hair dryer. This prevention tip will help a lot to protect your hair from breaking.

Do not abuse stylers:

The very word says it, not abuse does not mean you should not use them, the styling can help you to get more attractive hair and a perfect hairstyle. However, this type of creams and spray over time if used in excess can damage your hair as well as scalp, causing dryness and hair whitening. It is best to use these products only on special occasions and not everyday.

Protect from UV rays:

In summer taking care for your hair should be higher because the sun, sea salt, chlorine from pools can damage it. Solar radiation can affect hair growth and scalp. Many say that the use of caps increases hair loss, but that is completely false. The use of very tight caps is the reason behind hair loss. The specialist ensures hats and scarves are an excellent protection against radiation and help prevent hair loss. Cover your hair is the best way to protect hair from the sun.

Good food:

It is essential to have a good diet for healthy hair, through a balanced diet where nutrients such as iron and zinc are acquired. The lack of these nutrients could trigger hair loss or alopecia increase if you already suffer from this. Since keratin is used to build hair, it is also important that you have good amount of proteins. A right diet is important to protect your hair from breaking and damage.

Keep your hair hydrated:

Massage your hair with creams and oils that help prevent it look dry and also protect it from external agents. If you want to protect your hair from dryness and frizz then hydration plays an important role in it. The use of conditioner after shampoo wash, hair masks and also oil massages can provide moisture and make hair soft and silky.

Do not overuse chemicals:

Many shampoos and styling products usually have chemicals, such as ammonia which can do much damage to your hair, because they produce alterations in the hair root. That is why, look out for when you use dyes to dye your hair are free of ammonia. Using less chemical products will protect your hair from many problems. Avoiding chemical products will keep hair healthy and prevent hair fall problem.

Cut hair tips:

The right thing would be to cut simply one inch of your hair tips regularly. It is best done every two month to make hair grow healthily. This removes the split ends and thus the hair grows without any breaks in between. Simply with this step you protect your hair from split ends which often breaks the entire hair. This is a good habit and must be followed by everyone. If you don’t have split ends problem then follow this trick in 3 months interval.

In general you should try to keep hair hydrated every day and wash regularly once a day or every other day. On the other hand it is also advisable to carry a healthy life, do exercises, eat healthy and above all try to avoid the consumption of snuff and alcohol because these products weaken the root and produce the progressive fall. So you know you follow these tips to protect your hair and maintain it’s softness and shine.