10 Tips To Get Healthy Hair Fast

Find a list of then best tips to get healthy hair fast at home. These tips along with some natural remedies will make your hair healthy, long and strong.

to get healthy hair

Is your hair dry, dull, frizzy and damaged? Do not despair! No matter what your problem is, here’s how to fix it. There is a perfect way to improve the health of hair. You do not have to leave your iron or your dryer, the key is to maintain a routine care to help you keep it strong, healthy, shiny, silky and hydrated. Take a note of all the tips and precautions to get healthy hair quickly.

  1. Do not wash hair everyday as water and cleaning products will remove the natural oils on scalp that help maintain hydration. Washing every two or three days is recommended. If you are not comfortable then wash your hair with lukewarm water everyday, but use a shampoo after a gap of 2-3 days. If your hair is oily, spray a dry shampoo on the roots. Everyday washing with chemicals is not healthy for hair, hence try to use only water if you plan to wash hair everyday.
  2. If you aim is to make hair healthy then it is very important that you know about the products you will be using for moisturizing and cleaning hair. I mean to say that check whether the products contain harmful chemicals which harms our hair. Also, note whether the product you are going to use is designed for your hair type. For example when a woman with dry hair uses a cleanser for oily hair type, this will further dry her hair and also cause lot of damage. Selection of the right product is an important aspect for keeping hair beautiful.
  3. The conditioner does matter because it reduces friction and hair breakage that is created during brushing and closes the hair cuticle temporarily, making it more resistant. Whenever you have rinsed your hair using a shampoo, the next step after cleaning is to use a conditioner. These products help in the maintenance of moisture levels which get depleted when the hair is washed with shampoos. It is a very important tip you must remember to get healthy hair and keep them soft and smooth.
  4. Make the cold water your best ally. Although it may seem unappetizing, cold shower provides infinite benefits to hair. Among them it helps stimulates scalp circulation, seal the cuticle and gives shine. For dandruff and oily hair you can start your hair wash with lukewarm water and finish by cold water rinses. Cold water is important for healthy hair as it properly seals the hair cuticles, thus locking moisture and making hair soft and shiny. On the contrary, using hot water may severely damage the hair strands and remove the moisture on the scalp.
  5. Heat is the biggest obstacle in the path to get healthy hair. Hence, protection from heat is important. The iron or dryer wreak havoc on the hair, affecting the root which makes them weak. This makes them prone to split ends and breakage. Apply a heat protectant to prevent such damage. It is important to speed up the drying time. It is best that you reduce the temperature and time of electric dryer. Also, it is best that you partially dry hair with a dryer and then let it air dry completely. The less exposure time to high temperatures of the dryer, less damage is done to the hair. Using irons for hair straightening and curling does more damage as the heat from them can literally damage the hair keratin. Hence, my advice is to limit the use of such appliances and before using them apply heat protectants for reducing damage. Heat protection will considerably help your hair to remain healthy and strong.
  6. Gently brush your hair three times a day for improving its health. This trick activates the blood circulation and helps distribute the natural oil to the tips, making hair healthier and shinier. This is one of the easiest trick which requires very less effort, but has great benefits for hair. Using a brush gently on scalp before sleeping will help in providing necessary nutrients and thus make it grow strong and healthy.
  7. Removing knots from the hair is also important because each time you struggle with them while styling, each time your hair gets damaged. So it is best that your hair are free from these knots. One idea to get rid of them is to go in the shower and remove them with your fingers or wide-tooth comb. You can also add hair oils like coconut oil, wait for 30 minutes and then start removing them. Oils make it easier to get rid of hair knots. Remember not to apply too much pressure or this can break your hair.
  8. Once in three months it is a healthy habit to simply trim one inch of hair from the tip. This trick eliminates the possible split ends and thus later prevents hair loss. If you don’t have the problem of split ends then avoid it, but if you often face this problem then cutting just an inch of hair can prevent many of your hair from splitting in two and finally losing them.
  9. Add oil to your beauty routine. These nourish and give more hydration. Moreover, they also repair the inner layer which strengths the hair fibers. Massages of natural oils like coconut oil or almond oil are important to get healthy and nourished hair. Once in a week you can massage your hair with these oils and shampoo hair in the morning.
  10. Once or twice a month you must go to a parlor and give your hair a nourishment therapy. If you are with a tight budget then you can prepare a mask at home which will help you get healthy hair naturally. The recipe for your home remedy is to first break an egg, to it add curd and honey. Now mix this recipe and apply it over the scalp. Wear a shower cap for 30 minutes and then shampoo as well as condition your hair. Honey in this mixture will hydrate your hair, protein in eggs will reverse the damage and curd will both clean and provide moisture. Try such treatments once in two weeks to enjoy soft and healthy hair.

These are the tips and precautions which will help you to a great extent for managing the health of hair and always keep them in perfect condition.