Tips To Deep Condition Hair At Home

Using regular conditioner or natural masks like olive oil and coconut oil is best way to deep condition hair at home. Repeat the treatments often to keep dry hair relaxed and soft.

A good deep conditioning can be a great way to a perfect hair care. It can do so much for your hair right from maintaining its health, making it look good to repairing them.

tips to  deep condition hair

Deep conditioners are meant to penetrate deep into your hair and repair and maintain them. So there are times when you know that your hair needs deep conditioning but you are totally clueless on how to go about its process so as to attain the best results. Several other questions lurk your mind – what is the best product to use for deep conditioning? How to deep condition you hair? How often should you deep condition your hair?

However, deep conditioning is not just about applying a conditioner and rinsing it. It involves a few easy things to be kept in mind. Follow these steps correctly to deep condition hair at home and you are sure to be on your way to a great hair care.

Is the conditioner right for you?

Choosing the right conditioner is one of the basic keys to a good conditioning treatment. This is important because each one of us has different hair needs and so it becomes all the more important to choose the product that suites your hair the best. Find out your hair needs and head out to the store where you will find conditioner brands that cater to different hair needs. Choose the one that best suites you.

Rinsing is not enough

At times washing hair can be a lazy task. So if you think just rinsing your hair is enough to start with the conditioning treatment, then you are being too lazy! One of the basic needs for a good conditioning treatment is to have clean hair. So just rinsing will surely not work. So clean your hair by applying any shampoo of your choice and make sure that you rinse out the shampoo well.

Deep conditioning treatment

Once you have rinsed all the shampoo and cleaned your hair well, its time to start with the application of the conditioner. Again, make sure you have made the right choice of the conditioner depending on your hair needs.
Apply the conditioner well all over your hair. However, it is important that your concentration is more on the hair ends. This is the area of your hair which is subject to most of the damage and repairing damaged hair is of course your motive. Many of us would resort to rubbing the conditioner all over the hair.

This is a very hasty and wrong method to deep condition hair at home. It is important that you do it the right way for the best results. To ensure a proper application, use your fingers and move them through your hair. Your fingers need to act as the hair comb teeth, penetrating deep through your hair. This will ensure that the conditioner is applied well throughout. If it’s not convenient using fingers, then you can also use a shower comb to apply the conditioner equally through your hair. Once this is done, then let the conditioner be for some time.

The Towel Magic!

Now this is important, so read on. You would have never thought that a towel could be so magical and can do something more for your hair than just drying them.
Here’s how to create the magic of the towel – dampen your towel first. Once the towel is damp, heat it up using a microwave. Do not keep it for long, fifteen to twenty seconds of heating it up in the microwave will do good. Once it is heated up, wrap the damp towel around your head like a turban. Doing this is important to enable the conditioner to work better.

The entire magic that this damp – heated towel creates is that it allows the conditioner to work with the best possible effect.

Sit back and Relax

Once the damp towel is put on, it’s time that the conditioner is allowed time to work. It is usually recommended that the conditioner is allowed to work for at least three to five minutes for the best results for your hair. But as its said – more is always better. So if you want the conditioner to work even better, allow it to stay double the duration. Meanwhile, you can do your other jobs or just sit back and relax while the towel and the conditioner do their work.

Time to Rinse

So now that you have given sufficient enough time to you’re the damp cloth and the conditioner to work, it is now time to rinse the conditioner off your hair. But now again there is a little care that you need to take while rinsing your hair. This step is again important as many people would either not know or tend to ignore this.
So here is what you need to remember – while rinsing your hair, do not rinse the entire conditioner off your hair. This means rinse a part of the conditioner off your hair but let some part of the conditioner stay on your hair. So in short, rinse your hair but not as completely as to wash off the entire deep conditioner from the hair.

Time to celebrate the beautiful hair!

Once you have exactly gone through the entire process of deep conditioning, you are sure to feel the big difference in the way your hair now feels. Your hair will feel more soft and gentle by now. Most times it would be recommended to just let your hair be the way it is for the day, without styling it in any way. So it would be advisable to choose a day when you would not be planning to go out anywhere and rather stay at home.
The above steps may be followed regularly or in a gap of few days, as you may find it convenient.

In a nutshell these are the steps you would follow –

  1. Choose the right conditioner.
  2. Do not just rinse, but clean/wash your hair properly.
  3. Apply the conditioner well enough to coat all of the hair strands.
  4. Do the damp heated towel trick.
  5. Keep the conditioner on your hair for some time.
  6. Rinse it but not completely.
  7. Give your hair a chance to relax for the day, without styling them, if possible.

But one also needs to keep in mind what are the things that need to be avoided while deep conditioning your hair:

The Don’ts of Deep Conditioning:

  1. Anything that is over done is always bad. So is the case with deep conditioning. Do not keep the conditioner on your hair for long hours or overnight. Overdoing it may result in weak and fragile hair. The only exception to this is when you use Henna treatment which requires a longer time for start reacting with your hair.
  2. As discussed before, there are deep conditioners for specific hair types. So if a deep conditioner is not giving you effective results then reconsider the product and change it if necessary.
  3. Do not blindly follow someone’s deep conditioning schedule. Remember your hair need may not be the same as others. So devise your deep conditioning schedule as per your hair needs. Your hair needs may also change with time. It is also important to consider your hair texture, its density and its quality before you decide buying a conditioner.

    Remember that if you have dry hair, it will need extra effort for conditioning while if the hair is coarse or curly it will need the type of conditioning that shall open up its follicles.

  4. Do not be lazy or in a hurry. While applying the deep conditioner on your hair, make it a point that you apply it well. Deep conditioners have the desired effect only when you have applied them well on all of your hair rather than randomly and hastily applying it. It is this dense consistency that allows the conditioner to easily stick to your hair strands without dripping. Apply enough quantity so as to enable it to completely coat your hair.
  5. Do not use a protein conditioner without following up with an expert.

Home remedies to deep condition hair

  1. Using honey as a hair mask is a very old remedy for conditioning and making hair soft and smooth. Apply honey and distribute it properly over the hairs. Let the moisture in it get transferred to the hair for 20 minutes and with warm water remove it.
  2. Taking a natural oil massage an hour before shower can improve the softness and shine of hair. Use coconut oil or olive oil for the treatment and finally rinse with a shampoo.
  3. Aloe vera gels are great natural conditioning product that contains extracts which turns dry hair to smooth and silky.
  4. Washing hair with vinegar is also a powerful way to naturally combat frizzy and rough hair. Take a cup of vinegar and water poured equally and condition hair with this solution.

To sum it all up, the process of deep conditioning is determined on the basis of your hair needs. The kind of product you want to use, the duration you keep it for on your hair, the frequency of deep conditioning – all of it depends on what your hair needs.

However, a lot of us are not able to take out time for this or just keep being ignorant about this important hair care process. So once you have read the process, by now you must be perfectly confident and also aware that with a little knowledge, the process is pretty simple and you can carry on with your routine work while you leave the conditioner to repair your hair.

Its time you listen to what your hair says to you. A little patience and giving your hair time is all that is needed to have beautiful hair.