Superfoods – Selections to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Then there are blueberries to assist in lowering down cholesterol levels. Adding some fresh blueberries to your cereals, or you can even blend them with your favorite smoothie to give these food options a much needed health boost. Not to mention that it can boost the flavor as well. This particular fruit is rich in antioxidants, and it also contains a compound called pterostilbene. It is able to assist in stimulating cells, as well as help in breaking down fat. Ultimately, it also assists in lowering down the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Then there’s alcohol; yes, your favorite bottle of wine is a superfood and it can assist in lowering down cholesterol. Having a glass of wine, or even any beverage that contains alcohol along with your dinner, can check your cholesterol levels effectively, but do make sure that you keep your alcohol consumption in check. Drinking too much can complicate things rather than make it any better.

Last on this list of superfoods is olive oil, more specifically that of the monounsaturated fatty acids located in it. It will assist in balancing cholesterol levels. Replacing your cooking oil with this one will also help you manage weight, as well as keeping your heart healthy. You can even replace your traditional salad dressing with olive oil, or you can even roast your vegetables with it.