What are Some Skin Benefits of Castor Oil

What is castor oil? It is an essential oil that has been extracted from the seeds of the plant with the same name. The oil is colorless or it could have a very pale yellow color. One determining factor of this particular oil is its unpleasant odor. However, even though it doesn’t smell like roses or daisies, using it will let you take advantage of a bunch of benefits for your skin. Read on to find out what these skin advantages are.


What are Some Skin  Benefits of Castor Oil

Benefits of Castor Oil for the Skin

When using castor oil on the skin, it acts as a great moisturizer. Therefore, it has the ability to nourish dry skin, and it can penetrate deep into the skin which can also assist in doing away with flaky skin patches. The oil is also known for its high concentration of fatty acid, which can help in producing healthier and more glowing skin. Furthermore, the properties of this kind of essential helps treat several skin conditions such as dermatitis, in which is caused by severely rough and dry skin.

Aside from moisturizing the skin, utilizing castor oil can also help in the prevention of stretch marks. This is severely helpful for women undergoing pregnancy. It basically works as a humectant as it helps your skin retain moisture, as well as letting it maintain its elasticity. Furthermore, the fatty acid content found within the oil can maximize the skin’s ability to regenerate tissues. This will cause the skin to strengthen and retain its texture.

Not only can this essential oil prevent the appearance of stretch marks, it can also help in the reduction of wrinkles. This is because the oil will be able to easily penetrate the layers of the skin, and using it won’t clog pores unlike using cosmetics. Because of such a property, the oil can also reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes.

You can also make use of castor oil on your lips. When used on your lips, it can help treat dark and chapped lips because of its moisturizing property. It keeps the lips nourished throughout the day, and it is essentially (no pun intended) helpful during the cold seasons as chapped lips become very common. Furthermore, it will help in eliminating dark lips to make them softer and pinker. As a matter of fact, this essential oil can be found as a main ingredient in many commercial lip care products.