What are Some Signs Your Body Needs More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Not all fat are bad, and in this case, omega-3 fatty acids are particularly very good for your body. Also known as n-3 fatty acids, these are polyunsaturated fatty acids that promote a lot of good towards overall health. The fatty acids found within omega-3 are also known as the “essential” fatty acids, and these are fats that the body is not capable of producing them on its own. Hence, you would need to rely on certain foods to get your regular supply of these fatty acids. You can get them from certain kinds of fish, or you can also consume supplements that have it. There are certain signs and symptoms when your body is low on this particular type of healthy fat. Read on to know what these signs are.

What are Some Signs Your Body Needs More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Signs Your Body Needs More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

One of the roles of omega-3 fatty acids is to keep your heart as healthy as possible as it can assist in fending off cardiovascular diseases. As a matter of fact, there are experts that do recommend eating a diet with low saturated fat but high in monounsaturated fat that include polyunsaturated fat in order to prevent heart disease. Furthermore, it can also assist the body in lowering down the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It does this by slowing down the development of blood clots and plaque within the arteries.

Aside from it being good for cardiovascular health, another benefit of omega-3 fatty acids is that it can improve mental performance. In fact, it is known to be crucial when it comes to mental and memory performance. Lack of these healthy fatty acids can lead to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as poor performance when it comes to academics.

Moving forward, not having enough of these healthy fatty acids can also lead to depression. This is because omega-3 fatty acids are highly effective in preventing and managing depression and its symptoms. Hence, not having enough of these can heighten the risk of depression, or make the symptoms associated with it even worse.

Also, omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in giving you better vision. Hence, if you think that you’re having trouble focusing on certain objects, perhaps it’s high-time to eat fish rich in these healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids assist in proper drainage of intraocular fluid from the high, which ultimately helps in decreasing the risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma.