How to Repair Damaged Hair

Are you suffering from damaged hair? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place! But taking aside the infomercial way of advertising, hair that is damaged won’t look as good as healthy hair. One of the prime culprits of having damaged hair is because of stress, and because of the hustle-and-bustle that you are trying to accomplish each-and=every-day, your hair takes a horrible toll. So if you want to get your original lustrous hair back once more, then read on.


How to Repair Damaged Hair

Repairing Damaged Hair

When you want to repair your damaged hair, then you can opt for a protein treatment. This is because the main element for having nice curly or plain hair is a protein named keratin. Aside from keratin, there are also other proteins at work that works as a long chain of amino acids in which form hair strands. Therefore, it is only natural that resupplying your hair with proteins, most especially that of keratin, will strengthen your hair once more.

Aside from having a protein treatment, you should also avoid using hair dryers too much if you want to repair damaged hair. This is because hair dryers give out uncontrolled heat. Intense heat makes the hair dryer (no pun intended) than normal. Dry hairs are also prone to splitting and roughness. Therefore, always dry your hair the natural method right after washing it. Dangling your hair upside down or drying it with towels is good enough.

Also, one obvious way to bring back healthy hair is to moisten it. As mentioned earlier, dryness can cause damage to your hair, hence bringing back moisture is one of the more obvious solutions. You can create a mixture of aloe vera, honey, egg, banana, and mayonnaise and place it on your hair. It will act as an effective hair pack for your dry hair. Just apply this particular hair pack onto your wet hair and wash it off with clean water right after an hour.

Lastly, make sure that if your hair stays protected from sunlight so that you don’t get damaged hair. However, if in case that you need to face the heat of the sun for long periods of time (like when you’re going to the beach), then you can make use of a bandanna or a hat to protect your beautiful locks. There are also sunscreen care lotions available on the market for your hair so that you can keep your hair looking fresh and shiny.