How to Reduce Eye Strain

You might not readily notice it, but eye strain is a common problem being experienced by many individuals. The causes of such a condition can come from many sources, which include lack of sleep, staring at computer screens and other digital devices for long periods of time, allergic reactions, exposure to really bright light, and reading in low light for a very long time without taking a break. The symptoms of this condition include redness or irritation of the eyes, watery or dry eyes, difficult focusing on objects, increased sensitivity to light, headaches, and sometimes even aches and pains in the shoulders, back, and neck. Even though there are many over-the-counter remedies to deal with the condition, do take note that there are also many natural methods to alleviate it as well.

How to Reduce Eye Strain

Reduce the Effects of Eye Strain

Let’s start with perhaps the simplest method to reduce or even relieve eye strain – massaging your eyes. Start by gently massaging your eyelids with the use of your fingers. Also massage the muscles above the eyebrows. Massage these portions for approximately 10- to 20-seconds. Then, gently massage your lower eyelid against the lower bone for roughly the same amount of time. Don’t forget to massage the upper cheek bones and your temple as well. Do this once or twice a day to reduce the effects of the strain you feel from your eyes.

Aside from massaging your eyes, you can also give your eyes some exercises to help in treating eye strain. Start by holding a pen or pencil at arm’s length and focus on it. Now, slowly bring the object you’re holding on your hand closer to your eyes. Make sure that you always keep focus on the held object, and then slowly move the thing farther away from your vision once again until you’ve stretched out your hand, or the object doesn’t remain in focus any longer. Do this 10- to 15-times to reduce the effects of eye strain.

Furthermore, you can also make use of cold water to reduce eye strain. This is because cold water is quite effective in relieving the effects of the strain felt from the eyes. Furthermore, it will help your body improve blood circulation, as well as relax tired eye muscles. Just splash some cold water on your face while keeping your eyes closed. Do this whenever your eyes feel tired or strained. In doing so, this will give you a quick relaxing effect on your eyes.