7 Natural Split Ends Treatment

Find some of the best natural split ends treatment to make your hair beautiful. These tips will remove the splits in hair and also make it strong and soft.

Split Ends Treatment

Hair care is a priority for many women and one of the problems that causes more headaches are split ends. Even with proper care the hair tends to dry, the tips are opened which makes hair look dull. Tired of this happening? Take note of the advice and tips we propose for natural split ends treatment.

There are many enemies of the hair which divides the tips of hair. Irons, hairdryers, hair gel, shampoos and other styling products or hair dyes are among the most aggressive. In addition, pigtails, bows or hairpins also weaken the hair, causing it to break more easily. Split ends are a widespread problem, but you can kill them if you follow a series of very simple tips. We explain some of the tricks to say goodbye to this unsightly problem which spoils the appearance of our hair.

Home remedies to treat split ends

Split ends are one of the most common problems among women. Here we leave all the most effective natural remedies. With some tips and proper care your hair will become healthier and therefore more beautiful, without having to resort to scissors.

  1. Coconut oil:
  2. Try to make an enclosure filled with aloe vera and coconut oil as this natural cosmetic product has a thousand uses. Mix two tablespoons of aloe juice with five tablespoons of coconut oil and pass this mixture over the hair. Let stand for at least an hour before washing and rinse. This is perfect way to moisturize, repair, smoothen and nourish your hair. Make sure you only put it on the tips, because as it is oil, it could make your scalp greasy.

  3. Olive oil:
  4. Against split ends it is also very good idea to use olive oil. It is to be used together with a few drops of rosemary oil. Let stand on hair at least one hour. After washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, dry your hair. You can also perform hair massage with olive oil before sleeping and wash hair in the morning. This provides lots of time for olive oil to treat split ends.

  5. Avocado mask:
  6. With this natural split ends treatment you can magically remove damaged hair and make them soft. To prepare an avocado mask you will need to add 2 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons coconut oil to one avocado to get a creamy paste. Use this as a mask to cover your hair. Now wear a shower cap and wait 10-20 minutes. Finally rinse your hair thoroughly.

  7. Egg yolk:
  8. Eggs are considered to be one of the most effective remedy for natural split ends treatment. To avoid split ends, try to make a mixture of egg yolk with a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on the hair massaging the scalp for a few minutes and then proceed with your regular shampoo. Since eggs are good source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, this treatment repairs the hair splits and also makes it nourished and smooth.

  9. Beer:
  10. This drink is one of the greatest home remedies for split ends treatment because it contains proteins and sugars that strengthen and repair damaged hair. For the preparation you need to open a can of beer about 2 to 3 hours prior to remove gas. After washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, dry your hair with a towel and spray beer all over the scalp. Now simply massage for a minute to distribute this remedy and leave it for 10 minutes. The high content of yeast in beer helps to repair hair provide brightness and hydration. If you practice the treatment once a week you will soon get rid of split ends.

  11. Papaya:
  12. Another boon for the beauty of our hair is papaya treatment which can be used to treat hair fall as well as split ends. Clear the peels and remove the seeds, reduce it to pulp and add half a cup of plain yogurt. Papaya with yogurt is an extremely healthy mask for hair. All you need is to mix the ingredients and apply for ten minutes minutes under a shower cap, rinse with cold water and the treatment is completed.

  13. Aloe vera:
  14. The gel of aloe vera is also an excellent source of nutrients for hair and is also very effective in the split ends treatment. You just need to apply the gel coming out from the leaf of this plant and wait for 10 minutes. This natural treatment will fix the dull and damaged hair and make it strong and healthy.

Natural hair masks are a good ally against split ends. Such treatments favor hair to stay hydrated and prevent the area of the tips from deteriorating. Ideally you use such home treatments once a week to cure remove split ends. Also, if you have frizzy hair, it will also help to make it smooth and silky.

Keratin based treatment

The effect of split ends in hair goes beyond the purely aesthetic and may indicate a problem within the hair. The loss of proteins (especially keratin) inside of the hair fiber causes symptoms that are not visible until the problem is already advanced. Hence, structurally damaged hair needs extra protection and repair to fix the problem.
You can use keratin based products which are formulated to temporarily regenerate the tips, although their effectiveness depends greatly on the condition of the hair. When the tip is completely broken open, the only real solution is to cut the tips to avoid destroying the rest of the hair. However, for those points that are damaged but still have hope, such products are perfect to prevent more hair damage.

Tips to prevent split ends

Hair is very delicate and easily abused, especially if damaged frequently by the use of dryer, tongs, chemical products and exposed to the sun. So it is very necessary to take extreme care to prevent such damage to protect hair and keep it healthy.

  1. Twice a month cut the ends of hair as it is one of the best options for the hair to look healthy and smooth. This habit remove the parts of the hair that are damaged, one the split ends are removed then you can follow the prevention techniques to take good care of hair.
  2. The choice of the shampoo is critical. You must choose a product that strengthens the cuticle and has less chemicals.
  3. When washing your hair use a good conditioner and attached to this, you must perform a deep treatment once a week. This should be based on oils as one of the above home remedies. In the event that your hair type has a tendency to be greasy, apply oils only in the area of the tips.
  4. The comb that we use for hair styling is also very important. A bad brushing can cause extensive damage to your hair. Never use combs on wet hair. To detangle hair after showering, you should use a wide-tooth comb as it prevents tangled hair from breakage.
  5. Food is also crucial to the health of our hair. Poor diet is a very common cause which can make hair weaker and increase the tendency to breakage. The lack of vitamins and minerals has a negative impact. Fish and foods rich in proteins can be very beneficial to the appearance of your hair.

With the arrival of summer, external agents that damage our hair multiply, so it is very important to prepare well for this season and take these tips into account more than ever. Say goodbye to split ends and get perfect hair.