What are Some Natural Remedies in Getting Rid of Dead Skin Cells

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it constantly produces dead skin cells. But don’t fret just yet as this is the skins natural way of giving way towards new, living cells that move up into the surface from the lower layers. This process of skin renewal is constantly taking place so that you will have the chance to look younger than what your age actually tells you. However, this natural cycle slows down with age, and it can result in the accumulation of these skin cells on the outermost layer. When left alone, this can make your skin appear duller and darker, which can ultimately lead to fine lines and blemishes. The good news is that there are natural remedies you can use in order to do away with these dead cells to properly make way for the new ones.


What are Some Natural Remedies in Getting Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Home Remedies to Use to do Away With Dead Skin Cells

The first natural remedy that you can use in order to get rid of dead skin cells is oatmeal. You might be a fan of eating oatmeal as part of your balanced diet, but this time around, instead of eating it, you will make it as an exfoliating agent. What’s great about using oatmeal on the skin is that it can be used for all skin types. The saponins found within oatmeal can assist in removing the dead cells, excess sebum, and other known impurities found on the skin. To use this on the skin, mix 2-tablespoons of oatmeal, 2-teaspoons of lemon juice, 2- to 3-teaspoons of honey, and a bit of water together. Once the paste is formed, gently rub it on your skin for a few minutes. Leave it there for 10-minutes prior to rinsing it off with clean water.

Another option is to use green tea to clean off dead skin cells. Green tea is good for your body and for your skin, but you can create a homemade scrub out of the used tea bags so think twice before throwing it immediately into the trash bin. This is because green tea leaves can assist in exfoliating your skin to remove the dead cells, along with other impurities. It can even enhance the skin’s complexion, make your skin healthier, and improves overall skin elasticity.

To use green tea in order to do away with dead skin cells, first remove the contents of 1 to 2 used bags of green tea into a bowl. Add 2- to 3-teaspoons of honey into it to create a mixture. Mix the ingredients together thoroughly to create a thick paste. Spread the mixture all over your face and leave it on there for 10-minutes. After that, gently wash it off using wet fingers. Only use this scrub once a week as exfoliating can damage the skin if you use it more often than the recommended usage.