What are Natural Methods to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Right after you shave with your favorite razor, you will get a smooth feel of your skin that as the hair that was once there have now been cleanly cut. However, there are times when shaving can cause little irritated bumps on your skin, and this is medically known as pseudifolliculitis barbae, or otherwise known as the bumps caused by shaving. While seemingly harmless and can go away in time, these small bumps still have the chance to get infected. The result? Intense pain and irritation; so before that happens, it is wise to get rid of these bumps before anything else occurs to them. Read on to know some natural ways to do away with these.


What are Natural Methods to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Home Remedies for Treating Razor Bumps

If you think that the treatment for razor bumps would make you have to purchase really expensive products, then you’re wrong. If you want an inexpensive solution for it, and it can even be practically free-of-charge, then all you need is a hot compress. Just boil 200-milliliters of water, then take a dab of cotton wall and dip it into the hot water. Squeeze out the excess water and then apply the dab onto the affected areas. Just do this once a day in order to avoid excessive practice on the area. With the aid of the hot water compress, it can help in cleaning up the bacteria that is breeding within the affected area. Furthermore, with the application of the hot water onto your skin, your skin will become smoother and softer, and the pain of the bump will also be reduced.

Aside from using hot water, you can also make use of aspirin to treat razor bumps. Just transfer 2-tablespoons of aspirin, along with 1-teaspoon of lukewarm water, into a container. Let the aspirin settle in the water for a few minutes prior to mixing the solution so that it forms a paste. Apply the paste onto the affected areas and let it sit there for 15-minutes. Rinse the paste off with lukewarm water, and clean the residue off with e clean towel. Do this 2- to 3-times a day for faster results. Aspirin is known to clean the bacteria found in razor burns, and it is also known to cure the area faster so that it can get rid of the red bumps faster.

Lastly, you can make use of lemon juice to get rid of razor bumps. Just slice a lemon in half then squeeze the juice out of it and into a bowl. Immerse a cotton ball or clean cloth into the juice and apply it onto the affected areas. Once the juice is dry on your skin, wash it off with lukewarm water. Lemon juice is known to be naturally acidic, so it works its magic by stopping bacteria from cultivating into ingrown facilities.