How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Find the best products and treatments to make your hair grow faster and thicker. These tips and home remedies will naturally increase the length of hair.

make your hair grow faster

For some women it is a real torture to make your hair grow healthy, strong and with the volume. Why? Perhaps because they do not hydrate their hair and also they do not take into account the hair care needed to always keep it in best condition. Every problem has a solution and today we will give them the solution and all the tricks for hair to grow faster, stronger and healthier. Do not miss any!

Make hair roots stronger

For a really long hair, you should keep it stay healthy. If you apply a nourishing treatment and masks every week, no doubt you will see a change as it will be much smoother and shiny. You can consult your stylist or even do it at home. These products really are helpful and are not misleading as those that promise to nourish and thus make your hair grow faster. There are a few home remedies also mentioned which will benefit you in reducing hair loss and growing long and strong hair within months.

Condition your hair

Apply some conditioning cream to damaged hair or some natural oils to help moisturize hair and keep it in good condition. Note that the proper moisture levels will be key to keep your hair look healthy. The best way for proper conditioning to your hair is to start by separating your hair into sections and then apply your conditioner cream very well and emphasizing the tips and then keep all your hair in a shower cap for about 5 minutes. This will make the conditioner deepen its action on the scalp.

Cut the tips

Trimming the ends is a recommendation of all stylists and usually never fulfilled too often. It is best to cut the ends of hair every three to six months to give strength to new hairs by removing any possible split ends. But how will t help to make hair grow faster? Trimming just one inch of hair removes damaged ends which cannot be treated by any products and will later proceed to make the entire hair fall. So, this removes any breaking point in hair and thus makes it grow stronger and healthy.

Massage hair with oils

A simple way to make your hair grow faster is to massage your scalp every time you wash. But do not do it very fast. Do it for at least few minutes to make a difference. This helps stimulate your hair follicles that are responsible for the growth. Stimulating scalp massage helps give strength to the hair so that it does not fall and at the same time increases hair growth. Warm oil massages can restore many of the damages and return the beauty of hair. But beware! You cannot use any type of oil; perhaps use almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, olive oil or any other product containing moisturizing and natural ingredients is what provides the maximum benefits. Massage hair for few minutes daily to notice the good change in your hair. It will provide you with smooth and silky hair. Try it!

Brush your hair

Let’s start with one of the most simple and easy tips to do which is brush your hair. To perform this simple task is perhaps as important as any other recommendations your stylist command you. The fact is that you need to brush your hair at least three times a day, for a few minutes. This brushing does the same function as a relaxing massage to stimulate the scalp, so that hair becomes stronger and thus grows faster. It is best to use a wide-tooth comb because it will prevent damage your hair. Simply three times brushing hair, once in the morning, second in afternoon and third in evening can prove to be helpful in making hair grow long and strong.

Proper washing habits

A good hair care while washing is very important to make your hair grow faster and longer. Here are some of the hair washing tips to keep in mind.

Avoid very hot water baths. The reason is, it opens the pores and makes your hair fragile which later tends to fall. Hot water also has a negative effect on the hair fibers which becomes dry and dull. Instead try using warm water and finally rinse with cold water. This is one of the beauty tip hair we have recommended you on more than one occasion. When you wash your hair, the last rinse should be with cold water. This seals hair cuticles, making it grow much faster and also gives amazing shine and softness to the hair.

Do not wash daily with a shampoo. It is understandable that many women have the need to wash your hair every day. However, you should know that is not the most convenient for the good condition of your hair. Subjecting it constantly to chemicals worsens the hair quality. Washing hair with water everyday is fine, but try using a shampoo on alternate days or after gap of 2 days and then see how this effect your hair growth.

Do not brush your hair when wet. The worst thing you can do to make your hair grow is when you brush just after washing. Because when you are in that state, hair has a greater tendency to break even with light pressure. There are times when it is inevitable to brush just after taking a bath, but if you can avoid doing so and let them dry first then it will cause your hair to recover and grow faster.

Home remedies for hair growth

The diversity of products we use on our hair such as creams, gels and even hair dryers are causing it to lose its strength, so you can try a home remedy to restore shine and life of your hair.

  1. Use egg:

    Finally, many people think that egg whites do not provide a faster growth. But what are we lose with trying, right? Eggs have proteins and many healing properties and making a mask for hair with egg whites is really very simple. Later, you just apply to the hair and leave on for a few hours. Mix yogurt and egg whites together and use this mask to cover your scalp. Use it once a week and this will definitely benefit to make your hair grow faster naturally.

  2. Essential Oils:

    Essential natural oils can be a great tool to strengthen your hair. You can prepare it yourself by mixing five drops of olive oil and five coconut oil and five drops of almond oil. Then you put the mixture on your hair and this will give you a much healthy hair in no time.

  3. Onion:

    Onion smells really bad, but if you want to make your hair grow faster sometimes you have to make sacrifices. So boil some onions and use that water to your hair, probably it will not smell so bad. This is an excellent ingredient for your hair and it begins to grow immediately. If you fear that after trying it your hair will smell bad then try it during the weekend that will not run any risk. You can also make a paste of onion and apply it to your hair.

  4. Apple cider vinegar:

    If you want to see your hair grow like never before, mix apple cider vinegar and water. Then add it every time you wash your hair. This product stimulates hair follicles, normalizes scalp pH and thus makes hair grow much faster. Use it once a week instead of shampoo to rinse your hair, focusing on the root and tip and see how it improves your hair’s health and length.

  5. Aloe vera:

    It sounds a bit strange, but it works. Collect the gel from one leaf of your aloe vera plant and apply this fresh gel over the scalp. Massage for 2 minutes, then let it sit for 20 minutes and finally rinse. This will improve strength and give you healthy long hair.

Tips to make hair grow faster

  1. To have a healthy hair you need to incorporate a healthy diet. Your diet must include protein-rich food such as cereals, oatmeal, eggs, fish among others. Vegetables and meat are also great sources of protein. Apart from this include the right vitamins and minerals which help to make hair grow faster.
  2. If you see that you cannot do more for your hair a good option is to take supplements to recover the nutrients that are missing. Check with your doctor for checkup and prescription of vitamin-mineral supplements.
  3. Stay away from products with hair damaging chemicals. This is because they close the follicles and cause your hair to weaken and even discourage the growth of your hair.
  4. A warm oil massage is a good way to nourish your hair and moisturize it. Beat the oil on your scalp making gentle massage for five minutes and then go to sleep. You can do a massage with olive oil, almond or coconut oil.
  5. If you want your hair grow really fast you can try protecting it from damage it receives from the sun, especially during the summer. For that you can wear beautiful hats or scarves and prevent sunlight falling directly onto your hair.
  6. Stress damages the body and hair is no exception. You must relax, sleep and exercise properly; note that physical activity is not only good to combat stress but also good for the condition of the scalp.

Now that you know all these fabulous and simple tricks to grow long hair, you’ll never feel frustrated to why all these expensive products do not work. These tips will really make you notice the difference, go and try for yourself!