Know the Foods Rich in Iron

Our bodies need a bunch of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to keep healthy, and one of those important elements is iron. When consuming foods that are rich in this mineral, it incurs a ton of benefits. For instance, it aids in hemoglobin formation, which is its primary function. Hemoglobin is important for the body as it allows oxygen to be carried out to other parts of our system. When we lack iron, then it immediately spells we lack hemoglobin.

Know the Foods Rich in Iron

Iron Brings Benefits to the Body

While there are a bunch of foods that are rich in iron, there are some that are known to have high amounts of this mineral. One of those is chicken liver, and it is considered to be one of the best to eat should you want a good boost for this particular mineral. 100-grams of chicken liver will provide 13-milligrams of the mineral, which is 72-percent of daily value. In other words, if you consume just one teaspoon of chicken liver, that’s already 7-percent of the recommended daily value.

If you love seafood, then do know that there are a lot of fishes in the sea that are rich in iron. When you ask people on what to eat in order to get a good iron boost for the body, a lot of them would reply to eat fish and other seafood. If you don’t want to eat fish, then do note that oysters, clams, cuttlefish, and abalone are prime examples as well.

Should you want a healthier approach to getting more iron for your body, you can also get the mineral from nuts. If you consumer 100-grams of nuts on a daily basis, then it will provide you 6.1-milligrams of the mineral, which is already 34-percent of the recommended daily value. You can get the mineral from cashews, pine, peanuts, and almonds. Speaking of almonds, as an added bonus, it also contains protein which assists in muscle building and the burning of fat.

But if you have a sweet tooth but still want to get your daily fix of iron, you can get the mineral from dark chocolate. For every 100-grams of dark chocolate consumed, it will provide you with 17-milligrams of iron, which is a fantastic 97-percent of the recommended daily value. Aside from dark chocolate, there are other notable foods worth mentioning on this list, such as pumpkin seeds, leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, and even tofu, just to name a few.