How To Wash Your Face Properly

Find the best way to wash your face properly to prevent acne and dull skin tone. Learn the right technique and tips to clean makeup and impurities on face.

How to wash your face properly

The facial skin is exposed to environmental pollution throughout the day. Moreover, if we use makeup to cover imperfections or just to see us more beautiful, the pores are clogged favoring the natural fat of the skin to be retained inside which leads to blackheads and acne. Therefore, it is very important to carry out a good cleaning of the skin daily. In this post you will learn how to wash your face properly so that all the sweat, dirt, makeup and pollution are removed and your skin starts to glow.

Serums, scrubs, bar soaps, foam, sponges, supersonic brushes, towels, astringents etc, choosing the right products to wash your face may seem an ordeal. So once and for all we decided to clarify all your doubts and explain you the ideal cleaning routine according to skin type. Take note.

Determine your skin type

Before choosing any cleansing or moisturizing product it is important that know what type of skin you have.

Dry: Your skin has trouble to stay hydrated, so you are prone to dryness, wrinkles and irritation.

Greasy: Your skin looks shiny and is prone to acne outbreaks around the face.

Mixed: Sebum production is concentrated in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and the rest is a little dry (usually focuses on the cheeks and under the eyes).

Sensitive: Application of soaps, face wash and creams leads to irritation on your skin.

Steps to wash your face

It takes about 5 minutes to the daily routine of cleansing your face. If you can follow a proper routine, you’ll appreciate the positive change in your complexion. This steps will also give you clear and beautiful face.

  1. To get rid of the impurities you must thoroughly clean your face even if you have not used a single drop of makeup, remember that the skin also accumulates fat. Start with splashing water on face then move to implement soap in the form of circular massage. This will remove all the settled impurities. Remember that if your skin is very oily then opt for a water based face wash and if your skin is very dry then use moisturizing soaps. For sensitive skin it is ideal to use baby soap.
  2. We must all rinse our face properly and ensure that it no a particle of soap is left on it. Hence use enough water so that all the soap foam is totally removed. It is much better to use a little warm water for rinsing, as this will allow us to remove all toxins. Try to do it by a gentle massage. Finally, splash cold water to close the pores.
  3. Now it is the time to dry off the skin. Knowing the correct technique to dry your face is important. It is always good to have a towel at hand, but in fact it is better to have one that is very soft, so as not to mistreat the skin. Do it gently, using a soft towel to soak the water and avoid rubbing the towel over your face.
  4. Cleansing must always accompanied by a good dose of hydration to nourish your face. Post-drying you must use a cream that provides antioxidant and moisture for protection against free radicals and dryness. The idea is to spread the cream all over the face and leave it overnight. For oily skin types it is of extreme necessity to use oil-free moisturizers, using normal creams can turn your skin greasy and lead to clogging of pores. Dry skin works best with products containing hyaluronic acid, whose function is to maintain skin hydration.

Remember these facial cleansing tips

Our subject itself tends to be a bit redundant, since the recommendations and advice often closely resemble the ways to wash your face; but here we try to be a little more specific.

  1. Each night when you have finished your activities then work on your facial cleansing. Start by washing your face with a soft cloth to remove all large particles that may have settled on the skin, avoiding eye contact.
  2. Removing eye makeup. This is a sensitive area, hence eyes should always be protected from such products and eye makeup must only be removed with water. Even when you are tired you should definitely remove all traces of makeup in eye area. The eyes are very sensitive and thus rinse the area properly.
  3. Knowing how to choose masks. We must also know how to choose the masks according to your skin type, so look for a more thorough cleaning. The idea is to do it once a week before going to sleep. If you have oily skin then use clay masks as the absorbent properties of this mask will soak all the oil from skin.
  4. Once or twice a week, it is good if you exfoliate your face. You can use a products with small particles that cleans the impurities from the pores. You can either buy exfoliating masks or use home remedies like lemon, baking soda or aloe vera gel to exfoliate. After exfoliation, you can use to apply a mask based on alpha-hydroxy acids help to reduce black spots and improve skin texture. Always take into account the tolerance of each skin type, since those with reactive skin should not endure exfoliation or mask.
  5. If you have oily skin always choose a water based makeup remover and if on the contrary you have dry, opt for an oil-based.
  6. Wash your face not more than three times a day. Over washing can result in dryness over the face.

We should note that if we go to sleep with the impurities and makeup, this could adversely affect our skin, since this part is one of the most sensitive organs of our body. Proper facial cleansing allows the skin to breathe properly and thus helps in healthy cell regeneration. So no matter how late you arrive at home it is already from your work, a meeting, an appointment or anything else; the first thing you must do before you go to bed is to clean the face properly.