5 Tricks To Strengthen Hair

Find the best tips that will help you strengthen hair roots quickly. Home remedies like eggs and olive oil can also help to get strong hair naturally.


strengthen hair

Almost all women have experienced in their life, the massive hair loss. If you have a problem, you should address it and not wait for things to worsen. You are facing this problem because may be your body needs assistance to strengthen hair. Many of them suffer from weak and brittle hair, a feature that may depend on many factors, from a genetic issue, stress and above all to a deficiency in nutrition. Other hormonal disorders or environmental pollution can also be related.

A healthy diet for hair

First, you will have to remember the importance of hydration, it is key to health in general, including capillary. Do not forget to drink, at least two liters of water a day in summer. Diet is another pillar for healthy body and hair. Make sure that your diet is rich in minerals, vitamins and protein. In this sense, the B vitamins, A and E complex, among others are essential for the formation and to strengthen hair. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken to assure greater intake of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables will provide required vitamins and minerals while eggs and fish provide proteins.

Healthy hair care habits

There are certain habits we’d better review like washing hair every day with shampoos can become harmful. Although hygiene is very important, abusing water and shampoos may end up being harmful and weakening the hair. When washing the scalp use lukewarm water and a product suitable for the type of hair and scalp.

After washing hair you can use some special hair strengthening treatments which work in providing nutrients and fixing the damage in hair. You can go to a store and ask for a keratin based hair treatment. Such hair strengthening products make hair stronger and healthy. When drying remember to do it gently with a clean, dry towel without scrubbing or squeezing.

Remember that the dyes used frequently also overshadow and weaken the hair. It will be best to avoid when the hair are very weak. Also avoid the use of irons are curlers when you are already facing excess hair loss and split ends. Avoid the very tight hairstyles because it can break and weaken hair strands.

Use the right hair products

In case you are not using the quality hair products and the ones which are not the match for your hair type, then your hair strands can weaken. If you are using low quality products with lots of hair degrading chemicals then you can face serious hair loss and premature hair whitening. Also if you have dry hair type and using oily hair type products can severely affect hair. So it is best that you use the right hair product with a good quality to strengthen hair and keep it healthy.

Hair specialist checkup

If your problem is serious and no home remedy or hair care tips work, then it is best to consult a hair specialist. The nutritional deficiency and some specific hair problem can be identified only by a specialist. After analyzing and seeing the symptoms of your weak hair the specialist can give necessary medication and tips to strengthen hair and reduce it breaking. Hence in case of receding hairline, the best option is to consult a specialist for checkup for any infection or deficiency which is weakening your hair roots.

Home remedies to strengthen hair

There are certain natural ingredients that can be used as a mask to nourish and strengthen hair. Here are some of the best natural hair treatments or home remedies to strengthen hair.

  1. Olive oil:
  2. One is the olive oil which is already recognized for its many benefits on the body and health. One tip is to apply two teaspoons of this oil on dry hair before you wash. You will have to put oil on the hair, wear a bathing cap and wait for 30 minutes before washing. The vitamins and antioxidants properties of this oil will deeply nourish the scalp and thus strengthen the hair roots.

  3. Honey:
  4. Another ally to make hair strong is the natural ingredient honey. With its moisture and nutrients it strengthens and beautifies hair. You only have to take a little honey and apply on hair and massaging it gently to penetrate deep. After about 15-20 minutes, you wash hair with warm water as usual. Sometimes infections in hair are the main cause of hair loss. Since honey is antiseptic, it clears such infections making the hair and scalp healthy.

  5. Eggs:
  6. Another natural and a powerful hair strengthening treatment is to use egg as a hair mask. All know that the egg is rich in amino acids and vitamins E and D, essential for strong hair. To prepare this natural remedy break an egg, mix some yogurt and then apply on the scalp with a light massage with the fingertips. Leave on for 15 minutes and lastly wash well with warm water and shampoo. This home remedy should be used once a week to get rid of most hair problems and make it healthy and strong.

  7. Rosemary:
  8. This herb is also a wonder treatment for making hair stronger naturally. All you need is to use rosemary oil and keep it applied on hair for 30 minutes. If you have almond or coconut oil then mix with rosemary to create an infusion. This infusion is very effective to strengthen hair and within weeks you will notice a reduction in hair loss.

  9. Aloe vera:
  10. This is also a very working home remedy and also a very ancient one for fixing some of the major hair problems. Aloe vera has been used since ages for curing hair loss problem. You just need once leaf of aloe which you must cut to extract the gel. Now apply this gel all over your scalp and wait until it completely dries. With this you are allowing this remedy to work effectively in curing your weak hair problem. The nutrients and moisture from this gel will strengthen the hair and its antiseptic properties will remove infections. Once the gel dries, use lukewarm water and rinse your hair.

These were some of the best treatments for making hair stronger. Hair loss should never be taken lightly and if you feel some serious issue then run to a specialist for quick solution.