How To Repair Damaged Hair Fast

Find the best treatments and conditioners to repair damaged hair fast. Also home remedies like natural oils help to fix severely damaged hair overnight.


damaged hair

Most often we resort to chemical treatments, most of which ends up abusing our hair making its ends split. Damage to hair can lead to extreme hair loss, but there are several ways to with which you can treat hair and repair the damage. Keeping hair healthy needs everyday special care based on hair type, since not all people have the same hair type. That is why we give you some tips to have a healthy, shiny, silky and long hair. Following these recommendations will prevent your hair from damage and breaking. These tips will help to improve the condition and appearance of hair.

Prevent damage to hair

Washing your hair is a routine mechanics. We do it with lack of knowledge and therefore without realizing that we are making many mistakes our hair faces a lot of damage. These are some correct hair washing techniques that will prevent dry and damaged hair.

  1. Rubbing the tips. This is one of the most common mistakes that most people make when washing hair. As rubbed insistently at the top of the hair the tips start weakening, so you break open with tip leading to split ends.
  2. Detangle hair when it is wet. Another important tip to fix the damage to hair is to avoid the mistake to untangle hair right out of the shower, when it is still wet. Nor is it advisable to remove the knots inside the shower, with the water still falling from our head. All this makes our hair to weaken and break easily.
  3. Using too much shampoo. Some people think that the more application of shampoo in each wash makes hair cleaner. But this is only a widespread misconception. It is best not to steer too much product in each wash.
  4. Use conditioner every time you wash it with a shampoo is a good way to repair damage to hair. It is important to use a conditioner after shampooing, because the hair fibers lose moisture after wash with such cleanser and thus the strands may become thin. The conditioner helps replace hair proteins and moisture.
  5. Abusing hair with hot water leads to a lot of damaged which needs to be fixed with the right washing technique. Make an effort to not abuse hair with hot water because it spoils the appearance and leads to a lot of damage. Ideally, wash with warm water and at the end of each bath consider taking a shower in cold water to keep your hair moisturized and soft. This protect hair from heat damage and keeps it healthy.
  6. Avoid hair wrapped tightly in towel as this damages the hair strands making it break and fall.
  7. You may have heard over and over again that washing your hair every day is bad. However, this remains one of the most common mistakes. Hair can be washed everyday, but avoid washing every time with a shampoo. These products are designed to remove dirt that accumulates on scalp, but also removes the natural oils that keep our hair smooth and healthy. Use it just thrice a week and it is important to use a conditioner after completing the shampoo treatment.

    To understand why it is so important to follow this advice, we explain some of the consequences of washing hair too often with such cleansing products. The abuse of water and shampoo makes hair weak, dull and dries out more easily. This makes hair look less healthy and also tend to fall much more than necessary.

  8. Apply a weekly mask for nourishment of the hair fibers. To let our hair grow healthy its fibers need more nutrients and care to prevent it from breaking and drying out. Therefore, it is important that every week we use a mask or oil and other home remedies to maintain its vitality and keep it shiny. You can also use some hair repairing serums available at cosmetic stores.
  9. Finally when there is deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals in the body, hair loses its strength and color. Even a little pressure lead to damage and thus diet is important to fix and prevent damaged hair. Eat moderately vitamin B complex, which can be found in oily fish, legumes and nuts. Vitamin E which is present in natural oils, apples, avocados and bananas is essential to maintain softness. Along with this there are several other vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc which play an important to in protecting hair from damage.
  10. Home remedies to repair damaged hair

    All women fascinate to have silky, shiny and healthy hair, but sometimes due to lack of care or a wrong treatment we face a lot of hair fall problem. For hair to grow healthy and strong, it is important that it is well nourished. That’s why we give you some natural remedies that will help deeply condition and fix damaged hair.

    1. Avocado: Thanks to the content of vitamin E, is a great ally to repair hair strands and make them healthy. So you can prepare a mask with a ripe avocado and apply once a week over entire scalp. In this way you will notice healthier, shiny and long hair. First remove the avocado peels and make a paste of its inside flesh. It is recommended that the avocado mask should be applied and left on for 30 or 40 minutes and then rinsed with water.
    2. Banana and Honey: The mixture of these two foods has many benefits for hair. The banana contains vitamin E and the benefits of honey help our hair to recover from damage caused by chemicals. This mask is made with 4 tablespoon honey, 1 ripe banana, 10 spoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of olive or almond oil. Place on dry hair, massage for a few minutes, let stand for 30 minutes and finally wash with warm water.
    3. Aloe vera: It is one of the best allies for strengthening hair follicles and contribute to hair growth. If you have a plant at home, prepare a mask with the liquid that comes out when you tear the leaf and add a little honey and olive oil. Apply it once a week for 20 minutes and notice the difference. This plant is very effective to reverse the damage to hair.
    4. Eggs: The egg protein contributes to repair the damaged hair fibers and also clears dirt and dandruff. The yolk of egg contains omega-3 fatty acids and zinc while the egg white contains proteins. It is the perfect treatment to repair damaged hair naturally. Mix one egg with half a cup of plain yogurt and a tablespoon of olive oil to create the perfect natural conditioner. Leave it on for 30 minutes, remove it and see the benefits.
    5. Olive oil: You can use olive oil, which is an excellent moisturizer. Regular use of olive oil can keep your scalp away from dryness and flaking. Simply heat a little olive oil until slightly warm. Then use it to massage the scalp and then wrap a shower cap around your head for half an hour. Finally brush your hair thoroughly to loosen skin flakes and then wash your hair with your regular shampoo
    6. Tea tree oil: The essential oil of tea tree is a strong natural antiseptic and hence can be used to treat infections and get healthy hair. Mix a teaspoon of this oil with a cup of warm water and then put the mixture in a spray bottle. After washing hair, spray this solution for the entire head massage and after a few minutes, dry off excess moisture with a towel.
    7. Rosemary: Boil several black rosemary leaves in water, wait for it to cool a little and spray it on your hair. You can even use this water to wash or rinse hair. This will help to fix the damage and increase hair growth.

    Tips to repair damaged hair

    1. Do not abuse the products with protein to strengthen damaged hair. The use of such products should be limited to once in five days.
    2. It can be very hard to cut your hair, but it is important to remove the damage of the tips before they spread. Cutting the split ends at the tips is a great way to prevent further breaking. Go to the salon to cut split ends, do not be afraid to cut a few centimeters.
    3. Constantly brushing the hair can cause damage and prevent growth. Therefore, we recommend that you wet the brush and start at the ends up to the top. This will prevent breakage and make hair grow healthy.
    4. The less contact of hair with the chemicals, the less it will get damaged. Hence, experts recommend using shampoos and conditioners of well known brands that contain fewer chemicals.
    5. Massing oils to hair at night will give a boost to the blood circulation and such overnight treatments work great to restore the strength of hair fibers.