How To Protect Skin From Pollution

Find the best skin care routine and tips to protect skin from pollution. These tips and home remedies will help skin to stay healthy, nourished and glowing.

protect skin from pollution

The skin exposed to the hot/cold weather and pollution, especially the face and hands suffer dehydration. One complication is compounded by the prevailing pollution in many cities. The result is a dirty, dry and inelastic skin with hardly any luminosity.

To reverse the damage suffered by the skin due to pollution, dermatologists recommend promoting certain habits that should be followed daily.

Environmental pollution and weather are the most common causes, among many others for damages and impurities formed on the skin. The world is making headlines these days precisely because of the high levels of pollution. Therefore, experts offer the 5 keys to protect skin from pollution.

Facial cleansing

It is most important for skin care. Upon arriving home, rinse your face with a suitable product tailored for your type of skin. We recommended people with sensitive skin to use mild cleansers with less chemicals and for oily skin, however you need a oil removing soap. Everyday accumulated impurities must be removed so that the skin can breathe properly. This will also prevent clogging of these impurities over our face and make it look fresh and glowing each day.

Protection against pollution

Outside pollution as well as the sun above our head damages our skin to a great extent. It is important to apply a moisturizing U.V protection cream so that we can provide some layers of protection. Although you are not on the beach, but many expert dermatologists recommended using sunscreen everyday. Every morning before leaving home and even before makeup, apply such a cream to protect skin from pollution and sun rays.


Many experts advise deep facial cleaning to drag the dirt and pollution accumulated over the skin during the week. Regular cleansing it not enough for removing these hard stuck impurities and hence exfoliate every week. Men’s skin being thicker supports a more intense exfoliation with a coarser. For skin purification and protection, deep cleaning of skin is must. Beauty centers apply masks with natural elements that help maintain proper pH balance of the skin. You can also prepare masks using home remedies for skin exfoliation.
According to the dermatologist advise, it is best to exfoliate at night because this process weakens the skin and for this reason it is preferable to carry out at bedtime so that in sleep the skin repairs quickly.

Removing makeup

Cleansing of makeup is a very important task before going to sleep. Although we feel lazy with beauty routines, but washing off the makeup at night is of uttermost importance for keeping skin healthy. When you are out, the pollution and dirt in the environment sticks over the makeup which needs to be cleansed for skin protection. Everyday with air pollution our skin becomes polluted and thus cleaning has become important.

Skin nourishment

Lack of oxygen and the gaseous pollutants cause skin vitamin deficiencies and therefore lack of brightness. Hence, to protect skin from pollution creams rich in vitamins A, C and E are needed to care for it properly. To avoid an unusual dryness or cracking include casual creams rich in anti-radical to enhance the brightness and get healthy and clean skin. Occasionally, it is necessary to give our skin treatments with trace elements, vitamins and minerals to provide proper nutrition and reduce the signs of aging.

Home remedies to keep skin protected

Today meet the best home remedies to protect your skin and keep it beautiful and healthy, plus help delay the signs of aging and protect it from attacks mainly caused by the sun and pollution. There are many ways to have a perfect, healthy and beautiful skin. Ideally these natural remedies will help to provide necessary nutrients required for repairs and thus keep skin fresh and glowing.

  1. Citrus fruits: These are highly rich in vitamin C and we have fruits such as lemon, orange and lime included in this category among others. These fruits will help the formation of collagen which is one of the proteins needed to keep skin firm and maintain its elasticity. This is why vitamin C is a great antioxidant. Red fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries contain vitamin C along with flavonoids which will help you prevent early aging or rough skin. You can both eat and prepare masks from these products and use on your skin to protect it from pollution and other harmful factors.
  2. Carrots: Rich in vitamin A which are a form of antioxidants helps to keep skin young and protected. Its often use will keep your skin supple also protected from the sun. Thanks to beta-carotene it contains which works as a skin antioxidant. Grate two carrots and add almond oil and milk to make a paste. Apply and let stand as long as 30 minutes and then rinse. Use carrot paste as a face mask once every week for healthy skin.
  3. Fish: Rich in omega-3 which will help to keep skin well hydrated as well as prevent wrinkles. The richest in this vitamin are sardines, salmon, tuna and trout. Eat fishes sometimes a week to provide body with all the necessary compounds to maintain skin’s health.
  4. Yogurt: Highly recommended as a home remedy to remove all impurities from the skin as well as the bacteria that cause acne. The pollution in our environment is filled with all sorts of chemicals which dries out our skin and also damages its quality. Hence, mix yogurt with a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey. Apply to the facial area with circular movements to reverse the damage.
  5. Chocolate: Studies recently found that the dark chocolate is ideal to moisturize skin and eliminate impurities in them. Eat dark chocolates as well use chocolate masks to protect skin from pollution and early aging.
  6. Cocoa butter: This is one of the most popular in treating under-nourished skin. Cocoa butter promotes skin elasticity and the disappearance of some scarring. Pollution leaves behind dark and dull skin. Hence, it is advisable to use a cocoa butter paste twice a week for deep skin nourishment.
  7. Olive oil: High content of vitamin E and antioxidants promotes cell regeneration helping to reduce the appearance of damages. Apply with circular movements preferably at night. This will rejuvenate the dull skin caused due to pollution.
  8. Water: Maybe this is not a food as such, but is one of the most important factors to have a beautiful and healthy skin. Two liters of this wonderful liquid everyday can help to eliminate all toxins and get a moisturized skin.

These natural home remedies combined with a good routine will protect your skin from pollution and maintain its softness and glow.