How To Moisturize Lips Overnight

Find the best way to moisturize lips overnight with lip balms and moisturizers. For naturally hydrating skin you can also use home remedies like honey.

moisturize lips

Our lips are the first to suffer the return of cold weather. Against tightness, cracks and dryness, it is time to hydration and caring and this can be done when you moisturize lips. Every winter it’s the same thing. With lower temperatures our lips are undermined. The reason is simple, the lip lacks oil gland which is meant to hydrate and protect the skin. Thus it becomes your duty to apply moisture to protect from the cold, irritation, cracking and painful cracks. Here are some of the tips which will help you to moisturize lips and make it beautiful.

Exfoliation for lips

As for the rest of the body, exfoliation is a must on the lips to get rid of dead skin. We apply a moisturizer on the lips to get a smooth texture, but if they are not exfoliated then moisturizing lips won’t have any effect. Using a cotton swab, we just make circular movements back and forth on the lips, which will help to soften the skins and peel off easily.
Another alternative is to invest in one of scrubs available on the market with which you need to perform a circular motion. For a more gentle exfoliation, we take a cotton soaked in hot water and which press against the lips. The heat of the water added to the emollient side of cotton will soften dead skin and promote their detachment.

We can also prepare a homemade natural scrub. Nothing complicated, just mix the sugar and honey and apply it gently on the lips with circular movements. Remember that to get beautiful lips you don’t have to over exfoliate lips. Exfoliation a week is sufficient. And of course we do not forget to moisturize after each scrubbing process.

Moisturize lips

In winters experts advise not to choose too liquid balms which tend to stay on the surface and therefore do not repair deep skin. Opt instead for a creamy balm that will penetrate and allow skin repair in depth. Use moisturizing lip products containing cocoa butter, shea butter or glycerin which will form a film on the skin’s surface to protect at best. Some other preferred ingredients to hydrate lips are olive oil and jojoba oil, since they contain nourishing properties. Finally, honey and waxes also have large protective properties. Better to choose a nourishing balm in winter to maximize the protection and nutrition of lips. Change to a lighter and more fluid in summer. People who face extreme cold winters can even use Vaseline as the best protect to moisturize lips. You can also prepare and make use of home remedies which too provides great benefits to remove dryness on skin.

Avoid lipsticks

The lipstick contains ingredients that dries skin and hence it is better to avoid wearing during the winter for healthy lips. In this regard, we would tend to say that in winter nothing beats a beautiful matte lipstick. On paper, it’s true. However, this is not the best option for the lips. Already dryness is initiated by the cold and a matte lipstick will further dry it. For the record, the lipstick dries skin. Better to avoid wearing during the winter to keep lips healthy. If using lipstick is important for some occasions, do not forget to moisturize lips after removing the lipstick. Also at night apply a thick layer for further repair and moisturization.

Home remedies to moisturize lips

  1. Honey:
  2. It increases suppleness to the lips and is an effective natural replacement for moisturizing creams and balms. Honey carries the ingredients and properties that assist skin to maintain hydration which keeps it moist and smooth. Wash your index finger, add honey drops over lips and now massage it with your finger to the lip area for 5 minutes. Now ensure that it stays for an additional 5 minutes for passing all the moisture it contains and then clean lips with water. This is one of the most efficient way to moisturize lips naturally.

  3. Natural oils:
  4. The natural oils are also great moisturizers as they contain fats which applied over lips prevents it from drying. Use coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil when you feel dryness on lips. After application keep it for 15 minutes and then wash. You can also keep the oils applied overnight for deep nourishment of lip skin.

  5. Avocado:
  6. You can use paste of avocado and cover your lips with a thick layer of this paste. Avocado not only contains moisturizing fats, but also possesses vitamins and minerals that will help you get soft and beautiful lips naturally.

  7. Aloe Vera:
  8. Another great alternative to lip balms is the use of aloe gel. This gel has antioxidants, cell regeneration properties, moisture and is also antiseptic which makes it a wonderful remedy in case of cracks on lips. To moisturize you need to cover lips with a layer of aloe gel and take rest for 10 minutes. Let all the vitamins, moisture and skin healing ingredients get passed and then wash it.

  9. Milk Cream :
  10. The milk cream also contains lots of moisturizing fats which are great to tackle the extreme cold weathers. It is a great way to prevent cracked and dry lips. Extract a layer of milk cream and keep it on lips for 5 minutes and then give it a 2 minute rub. This will both moisturize lips and also clean it, finally giving you smooth and silky lip skin.

Tips to keep lips moisturized

  1. Protect your lips. Before going out apply a lip balm cream or lubricant having protection against UV rays.
  2. Cover your mouth. If you live at a place where the winters are extremely cold, in this case you can cover your face to prevent your skin from cold winds.
  3. Avoid licking your lips. Saliva that stays on your lips evaporates quickly causing dryness. When you lick lips the saliva which posseses acids that help in food digestion damages skin of lips.
  4. Breathe through your nose. Without realizing when you breathe through your mouth you unintentionally begin to dry lips.
  5. Exfoliate your lips as this practice eliminates dead cells. Use special products for the lips and at the end apply a moisturizer to protect them.
  6. Reduce the use of flavored balms. Double check the label of the products you use. Balms that contain alcohol, fragrance or flavor favor may cause dryness.
  7. A lip balm of a moisturizer should always be maintained to keep lips soft in extreme weathers.