7 Ways To Make Your Lips Plump Naturally

Find the best way to make your lips plump overnight without injection. These fast tips use makeup, cinnamon lip plumper, exercise and natural home remedies.

make your lips plump

The luscious full lips is the desire of most of the women and it is a fact that plump lips are more attractive than others. Having irresistible big lips will be your best weapon to make you look beautiful and more noticeable. Believe it or not this part of your face is very important. You want full lips, but you can’t opt for botox and other expensive surgeries. To solve you problem we have a tutorial that shows on how to make lips plump at home. And that is as simple as you think, because it is neither botox nor lip augmentation with injections. These are some non-surgical tips to fulfill your dreams to make your lips plumper.

Massing of lips

Massages are known to be excellent in preventing wrinkles, but they seem to be very effective when it comes to getting plump lips. The exercises are simple, just pronounce all the vowels of the alphabet by opening wide mouths, as if you wanted to talk to someone far away. Is repeated ten times and if we are diligent and with every day exercise, we should soon see a result.

A good way to massage is by using ice. A 2 minute’s ice massage over lips, not only cleans the dirt stuck over it, but also makes lips look big and red by constricting the blood vessels. Well, this will not give the shape you are expecting, but it will definitely raise it slightly.

Apply stimulating lip balm

There are some natural lip products like lip balm which contain stimulants, such as peppermint or cinnamon. These products speedup the flow of blood to the lips and causes inflammation which leads to swelling and makes the lips a little more red. We even feel a slight tingling, but do not worry it disappears quickly and is safe. We recommend using such a product because it works good and temporarily helps us to make lips plump. There is a wide variety of lip plumping products to choose from, select the one with best reviews. Remember that such plumper temporarily makes lips big and it is important that you never overuse it.

Lip plumping device

Nowadays a few lip plumping devices have also entered the market and many women have started using them. These are oval shaped structures which you must buy according to your current lip size and then follow the instructions described in the product manual. A combination of using such a product along with a proper lip makeup can make your lips plump and beautiful.

Exfoliate and moisturize

Scrubbing the dirt and dead skin cell layer from the lips and moisturizing are very important to get plump and smooth lips. You can exfoliate and provide moisture either with a commercial product or prepare any home remedy. A good way to clean lips is to wet a brush with water and put Vaseline or balm over it. Make soft circular movements all over the lips for a few minutes. This will provide you with beautiful lips, but you have to be consistent with this process to get the desired results. It is advisable to use balms to keep lips hydrated after kiss, eating, using a napkin or after having a tea or coffee.

Makeup to make your lips plump

After a few simple makeup steps you can even make your small lips look bigger. All you need are a highlighter, a light colored lipstick and a liner. Finally, the old trick of lip liner always works if you do it right. It is important to know the correct technique to delineate well and use the right colors.

Using a lip liner if the lips are thin, it is placed by making a path on the outer contours (avoids leaving too much space), always starting by the upper lip (the hardest thing to do). Then lipstick completes and the final touch is brought by putting advanced gloss shine. The highlighter is completely distributed on the lips and finally thin covering adjustment with your finger on the lip edge. Thus, the lip line is no longer clearly visible. The lipstick makes for a colored finish on the lips. This is one of the working ways to get plump lips with makeup.

Tips for lip makeup:

  1. Use warm colors they’ll better like the orange earth. If you are dark-skinned you better go cold tones like red.
  2. It is best to use a lipstick with a glossy finish that will help you lips look a bit bulkier and plump.
  3. Always line your lips. Never apply lipstick on delineated lips.
  4. Use the same liner. If you use a lipstick in red wine or very dark tone uses the somewhere near or same tone liner.
  5. Final tip to make lips plump with makeup is that you must apply all the lipstick to the center of the lower lip and finish it applying some gloss.

Getting a tattoo

In Australia, a beauty center offers permanent tattoos for luscious plump lips overnight (we already knew the concept for eyebrows but now this is new). The procedure is expensive, but the tattoo holds between 8-10 years, which is not bad at all. In any case, the result is quite impressive, as can be seen on this image. This method had become viral when an editor of Cosmopolitan.com.au took this option to get plump lips and displayed the result via the website. Now, the tattoo procedure is known to be present only in Australia, but soon it is entering the American markets.

Homemade lip plumper

You do not need to inject collagen and dermal fillers in the lips to achieve the Angelina Jolie kind of lips. These permanent treatments are good, but if you lack money then it is not necessary to take this treatment to increase the lips size and make it look full and sensuous. You can use also prepare some home remedies for plump lips.

You can have Angelina Jolie’s lips with simple natural treatments. For example if you use Vaseline, it keeps lips hydrated and soft, while cinnamon will get the blood flowing through your lips for fuller and pink look. All you have to do is combine these two ingredients in a bowl and use a toothbrush to rub lips with this mixture so they look amazing and beautiful.

Consider these tips to have those plump and sensuous lips that every woman wants to draw the attention of the male gaze.