How to Lighten Dark Lips Fast Naturally

The best way to lighten dark lips fast and instantly is by cleaning and moisturizing it regularly. For natural treatment use home remedies like lemon, cucumbers and honey. Even men can use these tips to whiten their lip complexion.


lighten dark lips

The reason for your dark lips can be either your genetics as well as various external factors like lip moisture levels, cleansing routine and the type of lip products being used. Even if you lip tone is genetically dark, you can lighten its tone with the treatments mentioned. Here two types of treatments are mentioned, one is with the use of cosmetic products and the other is the making use of natural items at home. Finally there are also some precautionary measures provided that can help you lighten dark lips.

Deep clean lips skin

Our skin loses lots of cells everyday which gets accumulated on the top surface and thus turns your skin dark. Hence to clear this dead cell layer you need to perform a deep lip cleansing process. This technique will help you to lighten lips quickly. Cleansing the dirt from lips should not be done harshly; since lips are sensitive do soft hand cleaning.
You can either use natural scrubs or commercial scrubs to exfoliate the top impurity layer from skin.

  1. If you planning to go naturally then using sugar can be the best suitable option which will remove darkness and contaminants from lips and turn it pink. Add powdered or crushed sugar over your lips and gently with your fingers rub it over your lips. Slowly within minutes these dead cells will be removed and you will get fair lips.
  2. Using company built scrub is also very effective, but use the one made for sensitive skin type. Take some of it on your fingers and massage it to scrape-off the dark dirt layer. Keep your mouth closed tight to prevent the scrub from entering your mouth.
  3. Wet your lips with warm water and now using a top quality brush whose bristles are smooth, move it over the lips. Instead of using fingers in the above two treatments, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush for much more powerful cleansing of lips.

Lighten dark lips with the best products

The quality of the products which you use regularly has a great impact on the lip tone. Check that your lipsticks, lip balms and other lip makeup products contain fewer chemicals and are safe to use. The allergy to certain products often makes lips dark and cracked. To avoid such a situation keep a check on your lips after using any product on it.

Add moisture to dry lips

Loss of moisture from skin makes it dry which is a major reason responsible for its darkening. Hence to lighten lips and keep it soft daily use a moisturizer on lips. Vaseline is a good option for hydrating dry lips. You can also use lip balms and other lip moisturizers. If you are using lip balms then use unflavored ones.
As I always repeat that the quality of the product you use is very important and hence use only the best. Select lip balms with extract of shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter and natural oils. These natural ingredients with their power will keep your lips moist, soft and red.

Lips massaging technique

This is a very effective therapy which boosts the blood volume towards lips that makes it look pink. To massage you can use any of the two treatments mentioned.

  1. A simple massage with Vaseline or Nivea moisturizing creams can work best for softening and lightening lips. Take this cream on your finger and massage it for 5 minutes and then with cold water wash it.
  2. To get red lips you can choose ice cube massages. Moving an ice over lips for 5 minutes will wash away the contaminants on it as well as moisturize skin.

Ask the expert

You can consult a dermatologist for a laser treatment for lightening lips. If no treatment shows the desired result then this can be the best option that will work guaranteed. With the use of such laser and 4-5 sessions your lips will be lightened. If you don’t want to undergo this treatment then asking your dermatologist for the lip lightening products can be a good choice.

Home remedies to lighten dark lips

  1. Cucumbers : If you want to go with a natural treatment to lighten the complexion of your lips then cucumbers can be a great option. Cucumbers contain both moisturizing as well as skin lightening properties that will help you to brighten your lips. Let your lips stay under cucumber slices everyday for 10 minutes.
  2. Lemon : If your lips are not dry and chapped then you can apply lime juice over it. Lemon has strong acidic and bleaching properties that will completely remove the dead cells over your lips. It also contains vitamin C which works in whitening the color of skin.
  3. Potatoes: The catecholase enzyme and the bleaching powers of potato can be used even if your lips are very dry. Just 5 minutes of moving a peeled potato slice on lips can make it fair within a month. Another good option is to apply the paste of potato on lips and leave it for 20 minutes once in two days.
  4. Aloe Vera: It is the one natural solution that can cure almost all your skin problems easily. It contains moisture, has skin cleansing properties, repairs damaged skin, provides antioxidant, has antiseptic characteristics and best part is that it is free from chemicals. Since aloe gel has so much skin benefiting properties, its extract are commonly used in skin fairness, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing product. Let the aloe gel dry over lip skin and then with cold water clean it.
  5. Papaya: If you want a natural exoliator than papaya can be good choice. The skin lightening enzymes present in papaya can whiten the darkness of your lips. The papain enzyme in this fruit is a very good skin cleanser. Make a papaya paste and rub it over lips using a brush. This will help you get fair lips.
  6. Honey: If your lips are dark due to lost moisture, allergies or infections then this home remedy can come to your rescue. It is a strong moisturizer which also is gifted with antiseptic properties. With the use of honey your lips will become pink and smooth. Apply honey on lips and let it dry. Now use cold water to rinse this paste off from your lips.
  7. Orange scrub: Another great natural scrub for exfoliating the dead skin cells as well as the impurities is by preparing a scrub from orange. Blend the peels and juice together in a mixer to get a paste. Massage it over lips for sometime to clean the lips to make it fair.

Tips to lighten dark lips

  1. Avoid chemical products because even after taking good care of lips the chemicals in lipsticks and lip balms may be the actual reason for the dark lips. To whiten lips it is important that you buy and use only those products which are manufactured by a good brand or a product which an expert has recommended.
  2. If you want fair lips then you will have to quit smoking today. The reason behind this is nicotine and other harmful ingredients present in cigarettes turn skin dark and wrinkled especially in the lip area. The reason behind the darkness and wrinkles is nicotine which is responsible for damaging the skin collagen which destroys the skin cells and reduces the beauty.
  3. After completing your meals just make sure you wipe your lips properly with water so that any food particles stuck to the skin is removed. When spicy or salty foods remain on lip skin for long time, they damage the skin and make it dark.
  4. The lips skin if often neglected from the harm from the sun rays. Like your facial skin, lip skin also needs some protection. In fact lip skin is far more sensitive and hence you must apply lip balms with sun protection. If you are allergic to such balms then use the normal ones, but try to remain out of sun during afternoons.
  5. If you sleep without wiping the lipstick from face then this can be an obstacle for you to whiten dark lips. All lipsticks contain certain chemicals and hence you must clean it and then go to sleep.
  6. Also if you have the bad habit of biting lips in nervousness or licking it then you won’t be able to get fair lips. These two habits lead to lot damage to skin and hence one must avoid them.
  7. If you love tea or coffee then it’s time to limit to maximum one or two cups a day. Limiting the consumption of these drinks will help to get rid of dark lips.

These were some of the best treatments and precautions that can help you get rid of dark lips. If you are opting natural treatments then wait at least for a month to see the result.