How To Know Your Skin Type

Learn how to know your skin type at home and determine whether it is oily, dry or some other types. These tips will help you to take perfect care of face.

How To Know Your Skin Type

To look beautiful there is nothing more important than taking care of your skin and to do so, it is necessary to know your skin type. This is because nothing will serve even if you spend money on makeup and other products which are really are not suitable for your skin type. Hence, determining and having complete knowledge about your skin will help in keeping your skin clear and beautiful.

Here we give you some tips on how to know your skin type and thus you can acquire suitable creams and beauty products accordingly. Knowing the type of skin we have makes us clear about what beauty products we require to look perfect. And you can find out which ingredients are best suited to your skin type and make your face look healthy and bright. Here are the different types of skin and a few tips on how to take care of them.

Normal skin

This type of skin is the ideal, it is neither too oily nor too dry and touch is soft, looks bright and very healthy. This type of skin has an excellent balance of moisture and has a very good elasticity. It presents very little visible pores so its color is uniform throughout its length. Maintain and taking care of normal skin is also an easy part as people with this skin type have very less problems. The skin is usually clean from oils and has a smooth texture. The pores on face are less visible as it does not get oily or get clogged pores on use of moisturizers. To know your skin type is normal or not, take a tissue and wipe it over your face. If there is no oil on face and the skin surface feels smooth then moisture levels are balanced on face and you have normal and perfect skin type.

Tip: This skin type requires the general form of skin care which is proper exfoliation, moisture after skin wash and nourishment.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common. It is characterized by its lack of moisture allowing it to form fine wrinkles and lines. The lack of oil makes it look flaky and very fragile, reducing its ability to act as a protective barrier against external agents such as pollution, dust and cold. It also has problems on exposure to UV and very hot or very cold climates. Another feature is that this skin type feels dry and rough when you touch it. If you feel that your skin is very dry with peeling skin over it then usually you have a very dry kind of skin. To combat the dryness you can use moisturizers with essential oils and fatty acids to prevent wrinkles and get back the softness to skin.

Tip: Dry skin needs constant moisturization, else your facial skin elasticity will be reduced which can lead to premature lines and wrinkles.

Oily skin

Oily skin usually occurs during adolescence. It is characterized by large pores responsible for the production of large amount of oil which gives a shiny appearance to the face. This skin type also faces lots of spots, blackheads and pimples everywhere. Furthermore, by not quickly removing dead cells the skin becomes much thicker with a dull skin tone. A person with this skin will most of the times have problem with clogged pores. Excess oils can be produced on the nose, foreheads and cheeks which needs to be cleared immediately. If you have this skin type then it is better to use products especially manufactured for oily skin type. These products contain the right ingredients which prevent clogging and more oils on face.

Tip: People with oily skin should perform exfoliation once or twice every week without fail. Deep skin cleansing is very much necessary to maintain the beauty of people with this skin type.

Combination skin

If your skin is mixed, you may notice that your face is divided into two areas, usually in the forehead, nose and chin are usually greasy and cheeks and the area around the eyes have dryness. You should bear in mind that both areas are handled differently so you need makeup and creams suitable for each of them. It is best if you have combination skin to use oil free moisturizers for the face as this will prevent breakouts. Using normal moisturizers with oils can cause blackheads and pimples over the face.

Tip: You can use normal skin care products, but in case of using a moisturizer and makeup use the ones that avoids skin clogging.

Sensitive skin

This type of skin is one of the most fragile, because it reddens easily and the slightest touch makes it irritated, besides being very sensitive to UV rays. The skin sensitivity may be a feature of both dry skin and oily skin. If your skin feels inflammable on use of products which others use with no problem then your skin might be sensitive. This skin easily reacts to chemicals in products, allergies and environmental pollution which leads to rashes and itchy skin. Using normal soaps also causes stress to skin. You can use baby soaps for cleansing and baby oil for moisturizing as these products are built paying special attention to the sensitive skin of babies.

Tip: If you have this skin type then better you first consult with a dermatologist. Doctors can advice you with the right tips and suggest good measures to prevent rashes, irritation and infections.

With all the above categories you may have understood how to know your skin type and thus take proper care of it using the right products. The kind of scrubs, makeup products as well as soaps and moisturizers should be based on your skin type to keep it healthy and in perfect condition. Using the right sunscreens is also important because a woman who has oily skin type using normal sunscreen can lead to clogged pores on her face. You see, to know your skin type can help you select the right creams and makeup. Just be careful and read the labels of each product to select the right one. Tell us, what is your skin type? How do you take care of it?