How To Get Straight Hair Permanently

Find the best fast way to get straight hair overnight with heat and naturally at home. These tips will permanently make your hair super straight and silky. These tricks can also be used by guy with long hair.


get straight hair

Hair care is as important as taking care of our face and body. It is for this reason that we women are always looking for the best hair treatments and the best aesthetic methods to make hair look great. Straight hair, however seems to be one of the easiest to work, but beware that a wrong technique and a wrong product can lead to damage.

Having a straight, silky hair every day is the desire of many women who suffer from problems like frizz and excess volume. Brazilian straightening, Japanese straightening, keratin market offers are different types of products. Some treatments are effective and harmless and other harmful for the health of hair. We will teach you a few tips to get straight hair with which you will notice significant improvements to show off not only smoother, but also more soft and silky hair. Shall we start?

Straight hair without risks

There are several products that ensure perfect hair safely. However you must be very careful in the selection process, since many of them contain formaldehyde and other ingredients that can be harmful to the health.

Hair relaxers with bleach are one of the most popular options and used by women who do not want permanent straight hair. The proposal is based on a relaxer to be left in the hair a few minutes before being rinsed. Generally they contain a component that makes the product is much more effective, but should be used sparingly since can burn the skin.

Hair relaxers without bleach are equally effective, though a bit less harmful to the scalp. They should also be used (as above) paying close attention when applying to protect hair. It is advisable to use the cream every six to eight weeks in order to make hair straight and also take care of the hair. These products help a lot to achieve and make hair shiny, soft and straight.

Progressive straightening

It is one of the most fashionable options. It has the peculiarity that the more damaged the hair, the better the product effect will be. The treatment is done in a hair salon, previously preparing hair (cuticle softener is used to hydrate some parts). After softening the cuticle and prior washing is necessary to introduce the product to dry and spread throughout the scalp. It is allowed to take effect for a few minutes, dried with heat to permeate the product correctly and washed again. When dry after these preparatory steps, the result is a perfectly straight, silky hair.

Avoid chemical products

There are some treatments that promise and guarantee the smooth hair, but contain a carcinogenic ingredient called formaldehyde. Products with this component are banned in the United States and in many other parts of the world, as studies have confirmed that exposure to them can cause cancer and eye and respiratory problems.

How to identify them?

Although your hairdresser who present you with harmless treatment may contain formaldehyde. How do you know it? Persons applying this product make it in private settings like your house or theirs, outdoors or near a window and use mask and goggles to try to counteract the bad effects caused by inhalation. However, these precautions do not neutralize the damaging effects of these treatments on your health when it is applied.

Products without formaldehyde:

To identify a product for good and healthy straightening you must:

  1. Purchase at a beauty supply store or drugstore enabled, receiving an invoice or receipt for the purchase.
  2. Recognize the product brand. Make inquiries to ensure that the treatment is sold freely and enjoy good reputation.
  3. Check that the packaging is drawn to the absence of formaldehyde in the product. Some creams contain ULEF (formaldehyde ultra-low emission) or NAF (no added formaldehyde), to ensure they are not harmful.

Japanese hair straightening

Free from formaldehyde, this smoothing is a product that changes the structure of strands, completely changing their shape and appearance to make hair straight. The specialist must carefully straighten your hair with an ionic iron. The result is a smooth and shiny looking hair. It is not advisable to use this product on damaged hair. This treatment works even if you have curly hair.

Brazilian hair straightening

Some straightening products are presented as the “Brazilian way”, but actually contain formaldehyde. In fact, “Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution” treatment was banned in the United States for its high content of formaldehyde. However, new methods of Brazilian straightening that are primarily based on keratin. These products are now safe to use and to make hair straight without damage. After undergoing this treatment you can expect your hair to stay silky and straight for up to three months.

Keratin treatment for straight hair

Right now keratin treatment is the most popular for controlling frizzy hair and make it smoothing and straight. A soft smoothing, non-abrasive, such as keratin can bring the desired results. Keratin reconstructs the hair structure, closing the open pores of your hair, eliminating frizz and when applying the iron, the hair is silky smooth and long overnight. It is recommended that this treatment at intervals of four to six months to keep hair straight permanently.

Using a straightening iron

The smooth plates are sold online and in many stores. However, one thing that is important for you to know is that I recommend you choose either an iron with 100% ceramic plates or infrared ions.

Ion ceramic plates:
The technology used for the ceramic plates is much less harmful to the hair than ordinary plate iron. It promotes good health in general, allowing the hair to retain its glow and elasticity despite the smoothing. In addition, ceramic plates emit negative ions acting as if they were vitamins for hair and static electricity discharge thereof. Thus, the straight hair lasts longer.

The infrared technique:
The plates allow infrared heating from the inside to the outside, thereby preventing overheating of the hair surface. Your hair is so smooth inside and outside, which means that you get straight hair overnight without burning its surface.

Tips to use a hair straighter:

  1. First recommendation is when you plugs your irons, it is advised not leave it alone to go do something else. The iron temperature goes up rapidly and takes less than five minutes to be ready for use; in the latest models, almost immediately.
  2. A straightening iron should be used always on dry hair. Wash your hair, then let air dry or use a dryer and then start.
  3. Use a serum to provide a heat shield to hair specially designed to use before using the iron. This type of product can be found in shops or at hairdressing professional salons. It reduces the damage to hair by heat at the time of using a straightener on it.
  4. To begin with the procedure, first separate your hair tufts and place one not too long between the plates starting from the root. Close the plate and smooth the lock down gradually toward the tips. Try not to iron over five times the same hair tuft.

This was one of the best way to get straight hair with the use of a straightener. Following these tips will lead to very less damage and at the same time give you silky and beautiful hair at home.

Home remedies for straight hair

Here are some of the natural ways to make hair straight at home.

  1. Massage with natural oils:

    Massaging the scalp with natural oils is vital to control frizz and have a shiny and soft hair. It is an effective way to improve circulation that reaches the hair and deeply nourishes the hair strands. We will push with all fingers of both hands in small circles, with pressure but without the painful feeling mobilize the tissue covering the head. Certainly vegetable oils allow us to hydrate and get straight hair naturally, without adding to our head the chemicals present in most masks and conditioners. You can use coconut, almond or olive oil for massage.

  2. Vinegar conditioner:

    Another excellent home remedy is to use vinegar as a conditioner. Vinegar not only adds shine and nourishes the hair, but also regulates the natural pH that is often affected by the use of chemicals. We will use a part of apple cider vinegar to three parts water and conditioner. We’ll let it act two minutes and clarify the hair. We must not worry about the smell as it disappears once dry. Finally you will get straight and silky hair naturally at home.

  3. Avocado hair mask:

    Shiny and straight hair is the result of proper nutrition. The key to this result is fat, but only beneficial, which are those that provide nutrients to the skin and hair. Use a ripe avocado mask on hair leaving it for 30 minutes. This will help remove all the dryness and frizz and make hair much smoother and straight after you dry and comb your hair.

  4. Honey and aloe mask:

    A mixture of honey and aloe will lead to the discovery of a very powerful hair straightening and softening mask. Mix both these ingredients equally and let it dry on hair so that all the nutrients are passed. Finally take warm water and clean your hair.

These were some of the working ways to get straight hair without and with heat. Using heat sometimes is fine, but don’t overuse it. You can also try these home remedies for naturally turning dry hair soft and smooth.