How To Get Soft Smooth Lips Fast

The best way to get soft lips fast is cleaning and using moisturizing balms. To naturally make lips smooth and super soft overnight use home remedies like sugar.


All of us have dried lips at some point in our lives. The causes can be many. But beyond that, the truth is that it is uncomfortable, unsightly and even painful. But do not worry, these tips will help you learn how to get soft lips.

get soft lips

Lips bring youth, freshness and sensuality to our face. It is one of our favorites when it comes to seduce and feel beautiful. Lips need extra care because with the extreme heat, the sun and the holidays, lips tend to dry faster that cause the skin to crack. The product that you use, the level of moisture on lips and the regular cleansing play a major role to make lips soft and smooth. Here are some of the tips that will help you get soft lips within few week.

Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliate with the same product you use for your face or prepare a home remedy for exfoliation. You may think that exfoliation helps remove dry skin, but apart from this the big thing you can achieve is to break the barrier of moisture needed to keep lips soft.. Exfoliation is the main task to lighten and get soft lips. It is necessary to remove dead cells the contaminants that stick to skin from outside pollution.

Exfoliating lips will eliminate dead cells and impurities. It will also get smoother with improve blood circulation in that area. Once you apply the scrub, take your fingers and rub it on lips for 2 minutes. The lip cleansing will be much better if you use a toothbrush and softly brush it over your lips.

It is important not to overdo exfoliation; once a week is more than enough. If your lips are sensitive and you see that even once a week is causing damage then repeat every 15 days. With this you will see that the dead skin does not accumulate and do not generate cracks or sores on the lips

Moisturize Lips

After you exfoliate the lips, they need fast hydration and protection. Always be well hydrated as it benefits to our body and keeps our skin moisturized.

If you want some sexy lips, you must keep them moist. Opting for products made from natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter, asencia grapefruit, etc would be a good option. But to get smooth lips, you must apply these products daily.

Do you use the right balm? Choose one based on cocoa butter that nourishes the deeper layers of the skin. No wonder the majority of the healing lipsticks sold in both summer and winter are based on this ancient ingredient. Some people have faced allergies while using flavoured balms, hence first check for some days whether the product is good for your skin or not. If you are not allergic then it is fine using such lip balms.

It is important that you don’t use any product in excess. Moisturizing lips two times a day and once in night can be great. Over moisturizing is not a problem, the problem is over use of these products because some of them may contain harmful chemicals.

Protect them from the sun

The skin of lips is thin and delicate and thus needs protection from the sun. Grab a lip balm with sunscreen or for the most dangerous hours of the day which means during afternoons. The lip balms with sunscreen are great, but you may have to check whether you are allergic to it or not. Lip balms with sun protection provide a coat to the lips against sun rays which helps to get pink and soft lips.

Use chemical free products

Does your lipstick or lip balms dry the lips skin? If it contains bulking ingredients or fragrance then it can cause irritation and therefore dry out your lips. Certain lip products that you use may contain paraffin or tricolosan which may be the reason behind your dry and chapped lips. To tackle such problem, buy and use only those products which include extracts of natural items. Make sure that the lipstick or balm you apply is of a known brand. Using the right product will make your lips look more fleshy and remain soft and protected.

These habits damage lips

Some people when they are nervous or anxious bite their lips without realizing it and from there take the lips get hurt and become dry and chapped. Change this bad habit. Also the habit to constantly touch lips with your tongue or fingers can make them dry and lead to infections. After food many people don’t wash their lips. Make a habit of washing your lips with water and wiping it with a tissue to clear any food ingredient on it. The change in these habits may help you get soft lips quickly.

Home remedies for soft lips

The lips are a very sensitive part of our face, they dry out fast and the worst is that they do not produce natural moisturizers, so they need a little help. To give make your lips super soft and smooth like a peach, we present these natural remedies that will help exfoliate and also moisturize lips naturally.

  1. Sugar scrub: Take one table spoon of sugar and olive oil each and add few lemon drops to it. Mix it for two minutes and then gently rub your lips with it with your fingers or a brush. Do this for a couple of minutes and then rinse with warm water. After using this remedy you will notice that your lips have become more soft and smooth.
  2. Coffee Scrub: Another home remedy is to use a scrub prepared from ground coffee with olive oil. Mix a tablespoon of each ingredient creating a paste, apply on the lips and massage. In a small bowl, mix the two ingredients well and apply the mask on your lips and massage for 5 minutes. Remove it with warm water and then apply a moisturizing balm.
  3. Baking soda: In a bowl add a full spoon of baking soda and a little water to obtain a thick paste. Add this paste on your toothbrush and gently rub it on the lips for 5 minutes. Rub it softly and slowly and finally rinse this paste with warm water.
  4. Cucumber: Rub slices of cucumber on your lips and let stand about 10 minutes. Then you wash with cold water. Massaging lips with ice cubes is also a great way to get red and smooth lips.
  5. Natural oils: Coconut oil and almonds are great for keeping your lips moist. It provides all the vitamins and benefits of these fruits. Being both rich in softening agents, they moisturize the skin deeply. Apply three times a day and watch your lips become softer and fuller naturally.
  6. Milk: In a bowl, apply rose petals and add milk. Let stand a few hours and then Blend until as pasta. Massage it on lips for 10 minutes daily and to get soft lips.
  7. Honey: It also helps to keep lips smooth and moisturized. In addition, its antioxidant properties help keep your younger lips. Apply honey directly to your lips and let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Tips to get soft lips

  1. The habit of licking or biting lips should be changed immediately.
  2. Foods containing extra spice and salt can dry out lip skin.
  3. Lips when come in contact with hot coffee and tea can lead to burns which make them dark and painful.
  4. Moisture is the most important when it comes to making lips softer, hence never miss to add a lip balm.
  5. If due to extreme dryness cracks are caused then visit a doctor to treat any kind of infection.