How To Get Soft Feet Overnight

Find the best way to get soft feet overnight with pumice stone, scrubs and creams. Home remedies like vinegar can quickly make feet baby smooth naturally.


get soft feet

Dry feet are pretty annoying for both men and women. Lack of moisture of the skin for a long time may lead to unpleasant appearance of scaly and cracked skin. This dryness may cause a nuisance to generate real problems. Dry skin is more susceptible to breakage and such breakage or injury sometimes evolves into painful and dangerous infections. Today we will discuss the causes and easy solutions to remove dryness and get soft feet quickly.

Moisturize to make feet soft

The feet are usually the eternal forgotten in our daily beauty ritual. It’s time for you to pay a little attention to them as they hold your weight which is no easy task. Apply a cream (if special for your type of feet, the better) after showering and before bed. This prevents the appearance of dryness and cracks and also helps to remove hard skin on feet. Such moisturizing creams play an important role in keeping skin well hydrated and get soft feet fast.

Team up with pumice

Using pumice is your perfect treatment to make feet soft and smooth overnight. It will help you keep away corns or calluses and eliminate dead skin that accumulates in the foot region and make skin hard. It is enough to use it once a week (in the shower is usually the most convenient), based on the most sensitive areas such as heels. The results will be much better when you use pumice along with the exfoliating scrub.

Exfoliate the feet

Exfoliation is not an exclusive practice for your pretty face, your feet also need deep cleansing. Once a week, exfoliate to remove dead cells and dirt with circular pressure or a light massage. Soak your feet in soap water. Occasionally, dip your feet in warm soap water for a few minutes and then you can either use any foot scrub or using facial scrub along with a 2 minute rub with a pumice tone will remove the hard skin. Now dry and apply a layer of moisturizing cream to get soft feet. It will be like having a spa in your own home and your feet will become much more smooth and beautiful overnight.


Ultra moisturizing socks for your feet

Using moisturizing socks is another great way to make feet soft and silky. You can find such socks in drugstores. These are special moisturizing socks for feet that promote hydration to your skin, favoring cell renewal. Wash feet with soap and make sure to dry well. Wear these socks and let it stay for 30 minutes. If such socks are not available then first apply a thick layer of Vaseline over your feet and heels, wear your normal socks for an hour and then wash.

Use the right footwear

Generally people who use uncomfortable and wrong footwear suffer more from dry feet. That’s because the sandals or open shoes makes our skin contact with dust, bacteria etc. It is noteworthy that the power and the type of footwear or medium we use can influence the skin. Wearing the wrong or wrong sized footwear can lead to persistent friction which can harm the feet skin. Although with this step you won’t get smooth feet, but it is a prevention technique for keeping it soft.

Home remedies for soft feet

The first step to get smooth feet is to remove excess dead skin with a pumice stone or a body scrub. Learn to prepare natural scrubs that can turn your feet beautiful and silky.

  1. Avocado mask:

    Cut the avocado in half, remove the pulp with a spoon. Place in a bowl and add the yogurt (you can put the mixture in a blender until smooth paste). Put the resulting paste on your feet, cover with a plastic bag and allow to proceed for about 20 minutes. Then you need to rinse and dry them properly. The fats and nourishment in avocado and the cleansing properties of yogurt will make your feet soft and smooth naturally.

  2. Vinegar:

    You can soak your feet in warm water to which you add half a cup of apple cider vinegar. The effects vinegar helps to eliminate possible fungus that may appear on feet, making it easy to remove. By soaking your feet, you must dry thoroughly (not forgetting the area between the toes) and then the hydrate using almond oil. You apply this oil with a gentle massage. Vinegar plus almond oil are great home remedies to get soft and smooth feet.

  3. Cucumber cream:

    Cucumber is a great form of natural moisture which is a popular home remedy to lighten and soften skin. First you need to clear the peels from a cucumber and now grate it. Apply this cream all over your feet for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. If your skin is very dry then add honey to this cucumber paste and then use for more effective results.

  4. Aloe Vera:
    The gel of aloe vera is an excellent remedy for clearing dirt, treating infections and providing hydration for making feet smooth and silky. Apply the aloe gel all over your feet and massage it for 2 minutes with pumice stone. This will remove all the impurities and now rest so that this gel dries. Once this gel dries, take cold water and wash your feet. Using this gel every week will maintain the beauty of your feet.

Tips to get soft feet

A good foot care is also very much important apart from all these treatments and home remedies. Here you have five tips to care for your feet and make it smooth.

  1. You should wash your feet daily and be very careful while drying it, especially between the toes to prevent infections.
  2. The idea to exfoliate the feet and moisturize with creams is the best to get soft feet.
  3. One way to make your feet beautiful is to soak them in warm soap water.
  4. There is nothing better than massaging the feet with natural oils like olive, almond or coconut oil for active circulation and moisturizing dry feet.
  5. Don’t wear any uncomfortable footwear as this can negatively impact your feet.

With these steps and tips you will be able to make your feet soft and beautiful, 365 days a year. Remember to always consult a professional in case your dry feet evolve into painful cracks or wounds which may lead to infections.