How To Get Silky Hair Overnight

Find the best way to get silky hair quickly with these treatments. You can also use home remedies like eggs and vinegar to naturally make hair silky smooth.


get silky hair

When you look at some one having that smooth and silky hair and you immediately wish that you would do anything to have hair like that so you can twirl it and make a good impression on others and that is natural; that if a person have shiny, silky smooth hair they are bound to leave an impression on you. And if you want that impressive person be you than you can use these tips to get silky hair overnight.

Basic Hair Care

First step to make hair silky and smooth is to have a healthy hair and for that you need to fulfill the basic needs of your hair. Basic hair care includes how to treat your hair in your day to day life to make them silky smooth and maintain that state. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep you have to treat your hair appropriately and yes, I know it seems unrealistic to take care of your hair at every minute of your day but it’s not that hard once you follow the basic instructions mentioned here.

Wash Your Hair

Remember to wash your hair every alternate day and always with cold water rather than hot water. Washing your hair with cold water helps your hair shaft to lay flat and after your hair dries up you have shinier and smooth hair. I understand taking a cold shower might be difficult but what you can do is you can take a bath first and then wash your hair separately with cold water. Washing your hair with hot water dries out your hair and removes the naturally occurring oils from your scalp which can lead to dry hair and split ends, so my advice would be avoid using hot water and to use as much cold water as you can to wash your hair. And remember not to wash your hair every day but on alternate days only as even that might cause dry hair.

Shampoo Your Hair

When it comes to clean and silky hair, one must choose carefully what to apply to it as it can cause more damage than good. Shampooing your hair should be done with a shampoo that is best for your hair and in order to know what shampoo to use, first you must know what your hair quality is like are they dry or too oily and then you must choose your shampoo accordingly. Like if your hair is dry then avoid using shampoo that contains sulfates or if you have dandruff then try using anti dandruff shampoo and etc.

Once you have chosen a shampoo then you must use it carefully as well. Most people when shampooing they apply it on their hair and when they are done they immediately rinse it off which is wrong because the shampoo needs some time to do its work and if you rinse it off immediately it doesn’t work properly. So after applying shampoo wait for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off and remember to rinse properly as if it is not done properly then the prolonged exposure of shampoo can cause more harm.

Condition Your Hair

Shampoo can do only so much then there comes a point when your hair needs something more than just shampoo. A shampoo is to help your hair with certain things like to get rid of dandruff and stuff like that but a conditioner is something that helps to strengthen and make your hair silky and smooth. One should choose their conditioner the same way they chose their shampoo by knowing their hair or to take an advice from a hair expert or a doctor. Once a conditioner is selected, then after rinsing off the shampoo apply the conditioner and wait for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. While rinsing the conditioner you will feel your hair is softer than usual. Remember to use cold water for rinsing the shampoo and the conditioner. Using a good conditioner is most effective way to get silky hair instantly.

Comb Your Hair

Combing your hair twice every day is good for your hair. Nowadays people do not like to comb their hair they just apply some product like gel or wax and style it and leave the house but that is not the right thing to do as it can cause damage to your hair. One must comb their hair after bath rather than rub their hair with towel. Comb your wet hair with a wide toothed comb and start from the tip and then work your way to the roots. Combing instead of rubbing your hair with towel helps prevent the damage or breaking of hair. This step will also help you to get silky straight hair.

Diet for healthy hair

Diet is a very important part in taking care of your hair. As we know that hair is made up of keratin that is a type of protein so one must include protein rich food in their diet like eggs, fish, etc. Food that contains Omega-3 fatty acids and L-Cysteine makes your hair healthy and shinier. Our hair needs moisture so one must include fresh fruits and veggies like water melon, tomatoes, etc in their diet.

Home remedies for silky hair

Deep hair conditioning using home remedies is one of the best and the cheapest way to get silky smooth hair. Some of these methods are passed down from generations and are still used by elder as they consider these methods better than the one used in today’s world. Some of the easiest and cheapest deep hair conditioning methods is mentioned here:

  1. Natural Oils:

    Our hair becomes shiny, silky and smooth because of the naturally occurring oil called sebum from our scalp. But if you want your hair to be silky smooth then you can use natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil and even olive oil instead of sebum. This oil will provide moisture to the dry and damaged hair which in turn makes your hair shiny and healthy.

    1. Take some oil and warm it for some time, do not use hot oil just a little warmer than normal.
    2. Apply this oil on your hair from roots to the tips and massage it for few minutes.
    3. After massage cover your hair, using a shower cap or a polythene bag for at least 30 minutes.
    4. Then shampoo and condition your hair just like you normally do.
    5. Follow these steps once or twice a week depending on your hair condition.
  2. Eggs:

    Eggs are a very good source of proteins and since hair is basically made of proteins, it can help repair the damaged and dull hair by restoring moisture and providing nutrients. Using egg is a popular remedy to get silky hair naturally at home. Eggs can also help to make your hair thick and strong.

    1. Take one egg, a table spoon of olive oil and a table spoon of honey and mix it until you get a good paste.
    2. Apply this paste on your hair from the root to the tip and the scalp properly.
    3. Cover your head with a shower cap or a polythene bag for about 30 minutes.
    4. Wash your hair with cold water; you may have to wash it twice due to the smell of egg.
    5. Follow these steps once a week to get silky hair at home.
    6. Remember to wash your hair with cold water and not hot water; because if you wash your hair with hot water then it might get clot in your hair and it will be very difficult for you to wash it out later.
  3. Vinegar:

    Believe it or not vinegar is an excellent tonic to get silky hair naturally. It contains conditioning properties which help repair the damaged hair cuticles and also provides nourishment to follicles. Using apple cider vinegar for deep conditioning will help you get silky and smooth hair.

    1. First wash your hair with shampoo and then instead of conditioner use flat vinegar and apply it to the roots and the tips.
    2. Massage your scalp properly in the circular motion.
    3. Leave it for 5 minute like you would any conditioner and then wash it off.
    4. Follow these steps once every two weeks.
  4. Aloe Vera:

    It is good for everything from skin to hair. Aloe Vera has moisturizing properties along with other properties like antioxidants, vitamins which help to make hair silky.

    1. Make a mixture of including 4 table spoon of Aloe Vera gel, 2 table spoon coconut oil and 3 table spoon yogurt.
    2. Apply this mixture on your damp hair and leave it for 30 minutes.
    3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water properly.
    4. Follow these steps once or twice a week to get smooth and silky hair..
  5. Yogurt:

    Yogurt works perfectly as a deep conditioner as it has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties due to its high lactic acid content that help to keep your scalp clean and free from infections. It can help to make your hair smooth and shiny.

    1. First comb your hair properly with a wide toothed comb.
    2. Then spread some yogurt properly all over your hair.
    3. Cover your hair with shower cap or a polythene bag for at least 30 minutes.
    4. Wash it off with cold water and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.
    5. Follow these steps every once a week.

Tips to get silky hair

  1. Do not wash your hair every day as access of water will get rid of naturally occurring oil or sebum which helps strengthen your scalp and keeps your hair healthy and smooth, instead wash your hair every alternate day as it will given sebum enough time to do its work.
  2. Wash your hair with cold water instead of hot water as cold water will help smooth and make your hair silky.
  3. Try combing your hair with a wide toothed comb and wooden one if possible as it will help to get rid of frizzle at the tip of your hair.
  4. Never tie your hair tightly as it can cause damage to the hair and might even break some of your hair in the middle which in turn can cause split ends.
  5. Choose your hair shampoo and conditioner carefully, if not then it can cause more harm than good. .
  6. Remember to wash your hair properly after shampooing. .
  7. Try to buy a stay in conditioner as they can be better for hair smoothing.
  8. If you are trying any deep conditioning methods then remember to wash your hair properly as some of them are smelly and in long term can cause some damage.
  9. Limit exposure of your hair to sun by covering your hair with a shawl while going out.
  10. Do not excessively use hair styling gel or wax and straightening iron on your hair if you want to get silky hair. In the long run it cause lot of damage to your hair.