How To Get Rosy Red Cheeks?

Find the best way to get rosy red cheeks with makeup and a proper skin care routine. These tips and home remedies will make your face look more attractive.

get rosy red cheeks

Rosy red cheeks are every girl’s desire as it is considered to be an epitome of beauty because they make a woman look more desirable. In olden days a woman possessing rosy red cheeks were considered as a woman with good health which was taken as a sign of good upbringing. But if you don’t have rosy red cheeks now then there are many ways you can achieve them and some of them are explained here.

Daily Measures to get rosy cheeks

Before even thinking about red cheek you need to have a good soft skinned cheeks, only then your cheeks would look beautiful being rosy red or else it could just look sore or bruised. Therefore in order to have a soft skinned rosy red cheeks here are some daily measures that you might like to include in your daily habits.

Wash Your Face:

Before even considering having a beautiful face you need to at least have a clean face as it is the base of your beauty. So, try washing your face at least twice a day, once after getting up in the morning and second time before going to bed just like we brush our teeth twice daily but with warm water not hot or cold but warm water. And remember not to do it too harshly or with some harsh soap instead use a proper face wash according to your skin type and after washing do not rub your face with towel instead try soaking the water and let the remaining face dry on its own.

Exfoliation process is nothing but another way to clean your face but in this process you scrub your face with exfoliating scrub and remove the dark or dead skin cell and clean your face. You can buy an exfoliating mixture or you can make one exfoliating mixture using home remedies like a sugar or salt with some oil like olive oil. Then using this mixture, massage your face or shall I say cheeks in particular to remove the dark skin cells. Once done then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Cheek Massage:
Cheek massage is good for your face as it increases blood circulation in your face. The best way to do a cheek massage is to first rub little bit of natural oil like olive oil or almond oil on your cheeks. Then massage your cheek in clockwise circular motion with your finger tips slowly. This technique is also able to help your cheeks get soft and smooth due to oil but if you oily skin then use some face moisturizer instead. And if you want instant rosy red cheeks than you may pinch your cheeks for a while but not too harshly just gently. But remember pinching technique can only give you temporary red cheeks and if you want it for longer period of time then try massaging once or twice a week and do it properly according to your skin type that is if you have dry skin then use oil and if you have oily skin then other suitable moisturizer.

Balanced Diet and Hydration:

Having a well balanced diet help you to have a nice healthy life but it also helps you to have naturally glowing skin. There are lots of good things coming out of having a proper balanced diet like healthy life, glowing skin, and lower probability of getting sick. Just so you remember for good skin you need to include fruits like peaches, water melon, tomatoes, etc as it provides the necessary nutrients and in addition it also keeps your body hydrated. In order to have nice glowing skin and rosy red cheeks you need to be hydrated properly that is to say you must drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Balanced diet and proper hydration are the key to naturally glowing skin which is a way of getting rosy red cheeks.

Exercise and Stress Management:

Anyone and everyone knows that stress in not good for health so how can it be good for skin and cheeks in particular. If you are stress then your cheeks don’t get the proper attention they deserve instead your frown does. Hence one must try to manage stress in whatever way possible and my suggestion is by working out because in that way you can develop a nice physique as well and something goods comes out of stress. But there are other ways to manage stress as well like yoga, meditation, swimming, jogging, etc. But my favorite is exercising as I have to do it any how to maintain my body.

Makeup for red cheeks

Make-Up is another way or shall I say a short cut to get rosy red cheeks. There are some make-up techniques which can help you to acquire rosy red cheeks like using a lip stain or by using blush or something in that manner but unfortunately these methods can only help you to get rosy red cheeks temporarily and not for a long time. But a girl got to do something so might as well try this quick method if you need it urgently but never stop daily measure because you never know someday you won’t need make-up for red cheeks.

Using Blush Technique:
Blush technique is one of the easiest ways to get rosy red cheeks. In this method you simply use a blush to properly texture your cheeks as you want and get that glow and attention to your face that is deserves.

  1. First clean your face properly and apply all the face make-up that you are suppose to before going to start the blushing because it would be really difficult for blush to get noticed if the make-up like powder or something are applied afterwards.
  2. Once the make-up is done and you want that rosy red cheeks then you must start by choosing a perfect color that you thing is appropriate for your skin type.
  3. Once you have chosen the color then apply the blush to your cheeks in circular motion and start from the nose end of your cheek bone and go along till the other end and then circle back to the start.
  4. After the blush has been applied then look in the mirror and notice if it is perfect or needs a little bit of blending. And remember light blush gives you glow, medium glow defines your cheeks and heavy blush leaves a bold effect. So, choose wisely and according to your needs.

Using Stain Technique:
Stain technique is actually a genius way to get yourself red cheeks just like some people use make-up to hide their dark circles and stuffs we are going to use cheek stain or lip stain to get red cheeks. But for this to work you need clean face and limited usage of make-up so the stain can be visible.

  1. First buy a cheek stain of the color you see fit if not then you can either buy lip stain or make a cheek stain using home remedies.
  2. Once you have this stain then apply it layer by layer to your cheeks and remember the more layers the darker the color.
  3. And once you are done then apply some translucent powder over it just to make it stick for a longer period, say, a night.

Home Remedies for red cheeks

Home remedies are the things you can do without spending too much and without causing any harm to yourself. It is a method which involves using things which are easily available at your home and are effective in what you want and then some. Some of the home remedies used to acquire rosy red cheeks is explained here.
Rose Petal Rub:
Rose petal rub was considered to be royal treatment as it was used for queen or princesses bath or so I have been told. The facts of this matter are that rose petals contain natural red or pinkish color which can help you get rosy red cheeks.

  1. Take half cup of rose petals or just all the petals of one rose along with a cup of sugar and virgin oil as much as needed to make a proper paste. One can also use crushed almond instead of sugar along with honey.
  2. Grind the mixture and make a proper paste out of it until all the rose petals are properly grinded. Apply this mixture on your face, cheeks in particularly like a face mask and massage your cheeks for couple of minutes.
  3. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off and soak it dry using a soft towel.
  4. Repeat this process everyday or every alternate day as you see fit to get rosy red cheeks.

Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot is considered as a natural stain as its juice stains everything from your hands to your clothes. In early days it was uses as a dye and hence it’s natural to use it as a stain to get rosy red cheeks. But be cautious not to use it too much and while using it remember to handle with care as it leave stain on the fabrics and your hands as well. Just simply rub the beetroot slice on your cheeks and it will get the job done. Once you have used it and think your cheek color is blown out of proportion or you want to remove them for any other matter then you can use lemon to remove the stains from your hands and your cheeks.

Natural Oil:
In old era natural oil was used to display royal features as it can give a glow to your face. Some natural vegetable oils like sunflower oil, olive oil or virgin coconut oil are good examples of how good oil can be for your skin. You simple have to take some oil and rub it on some spots on your cheeks and then massage it if you like and that will do the job. But this method can also cause damage to your skin if you are acne prone as oil can cause clogging to your open pores and may cause blackhead or pimple. So, just be cautious before using this method.

Having rosy red cheeks and being able to show it off is every women’s dream but only few of them are born with that gift but now you too can have that rosy red glow, all you have to do it follow the instructions and in the end you will end up with beautiful glowing rosy red cheeks.