How To Get Rid Of White Hair Permanently

Find the reasons and the right treatment to get rid of white hair permanently. Home remedies like amla and heena can also help to remove white hair fast.

get rid of white hair

It’s normal for hair color to turn white after certain age and when that happens, some people accept it with grace and use it as a way to show off as experienced. But some people don’t really like it and try to hide it maybe by dyeing their hair or by some other way. What most people don’t do is try to prevent it from happening again. And it’s important to know how to get rid of white hair and keep it that way especially in the case of premature hair whitening. So, if you want to learn some methods on how to get rid of white hair and some preventing measures then you must read on.

Causes of Premature Hair Whitening:

In order to get rid of white hair and to prevent it from happening again you need to understand why you got white hair in the first place. Some of the common causes of white hair and the easy ways to deal with them are as follows:

  1. Deficiency of Pigment Melanin:
  2. The color of your skin and hair depends entirely upon a pigment called Melanin. This pigment is responsible for the color of your hair and the reason for your hair turning white is because of deficiency of pigment melanin. To avoid melanin deficiency one should maintain a healthy diet which includes nutrition rich food and some additional supplements of vitamins and proteins to increase melanin production in the body.

  3. Genetic Condition:
  4. I know it sounds a bit weird but sometimes premature hair whitening can be caused because of some genetic condition. When it is due to genetics then it may take a long time for treatment, if there is some treatment available and therefore one can say that genetic condition is the worst and the most difficult to treat properly. For this you need to consult a specialist.

  5. Unhealthy Diet:
  6. Anything and everything that goes in our body have some effect on it, whether it is good or bad that depends on what it is. So, one should consider including nutritional elements in their food and also include some vitamins and proteins in your daily diet. If you are having white hair problem then it could be because of iron, copper, Vitamin B or iodine deficiency which can be prevented by eating right and staying healthy. So have nice and nutrition rich meals every day and have a healthy life.

  7. Chemical Exposure:
  8. Too much chemical exposure is one of the most common causes of premature hair whitening in today’s life. People should be vigilant about what products they are using to take care of their hair. And ask questions like if the products they are using, even healthy or are causing more harm than good. One should always try to use an organic or herbal product in order to keep their hair healthy.

  9. Allergic Reaction:
  10. Another reason for hair whitening is because of allergy or pollution. Hence one must try to live in pollution free environment but that’s like “telling a cat to protect the mouse”. It’s impossible, but one can try to protect their hair by covering them in pollution rich environment. And one can also try washing their hair using herbal soap or shampoo or even try to condition it with some herbal oil or conditioner to even out the damage caused due to pollution.

  11. Stress:
  12. There is a great debate going on whether stress can cause premature hair whitening. And although it can’t be said for sure that stress is the reason for your hair whitening but what is true and one can be sure of is that stress definitely hastens the process of hair whitening once it starts, just like adding fuel to the fire. Hence one must avoid stress at all terms and try to stay calm and happy. And for that some people go for jogging, swimming or anything that is healthy and can help you. Meditation is one of the best ways to get the job done.

  13. Medicinal Effects:
  14. Some medicine or treatments have side effects as premature hair whitening or hair falling or hair weakening. According to some research there are certain medication and therapy which might whiten your hair or as we call it as bad reaction to the medicine. Hence one should always use medicine under the supervision of a professional or a doctor or a physician.

  15. Alcohol and Smoking:
  16. All of us know that smoking and drinking is bad for health but still we ignore it but no more. Here is one more reason why you should not smoke cigarette or consume alcohol as it can hasten your hair whitening. Smoking and Drinking causes dehydration which is bad for hair and skin so just avoid alcohol and quit smoking and try to have a better life. Also remember to avoid using tobacco as it will have the similar effects on your body.

Covering White Hair:

We know that to get rid of white hair is not something that happens in a day so for the mean time one may consider coloring their hair either by using natural ingredients or artificial ones. The upside to this is one can color their hair any color they want whether it is brown, red, or black it does not matter. Some ways that can help you to cover your hair without causing them any extra damage are mentioned here.

Full Hair Color:

If you have lot of white hair which are visible and embarrassing for you then you can opt for full hair color, which in general terms means dyeing all of your hair with a particular color. Nowadays there are also dye colors which can last only for couple of weeks and then you can dye a different color if you like or you can go for more permanent dye which can last until the hair grows out. Remember if you are dyeing your hair and trying to get the same natural color of your hair then you should consider letting the professional do it. Secondly dyeing your hair requires lot of maintenance as the hair keeps growing and you need to color the new grown hair. Last but not the least one must always use dye which does not have ammonia in it as it can cause more harm than good.

Home remedies to get rid of white hair

Home remedies are often helpful for coloring your hair as they do not include chemicals which can harm your hair and secondly they have some additional nutritional values which can help your hair become more soft and shiny. So, naturally it is better to use home remedies to color your hair but this too have one set back which is it can only help you to acquire certain colors but not some unnatural colors like blue or green colored hair. Some of the home remedies are mentioned below.

  1. Henna:
  2. Henna is greatly known for its red coloring property. It requires no chemicals or added ammonia to leave your hair with natural red color. Using henna you can only get shades of red color in your hair and it depends on your current hair color to know which shade to use. After use it gives your hair great red texture with silky and smooth hair.

  3. Gooseberries:
  4. Gooseberries commonly known as Indian Amla can help you to get your hair color turn to black if need be. First you need to boil this gooseberries using coconut oil instead of water till they turn blackish in color. Then allow it to cool down before using and then gently apply it on your hair and scalp including the roots. Massage it for a while using the tip of your fingers and leave it for half an hour before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

  5. Black Walnut:
  6. Take some black walnut and open and let the inside fruit in the bowl of water and let it boil for 15-20 minutes and then remove the walnut and rinse your hair with the black water after letting it cool for some time. Let it dry normally before shampooing your hair. Use this technique every alternate day to get black hair.

  7. Sage and Rosemary:
  8. Take a cup and fill it with sage and rosemary equally, then take bowl and put the mixture cup into the bowl and fill it with water and then let it boil for half an hour. Once the water has changed it color then remove the rosemary and sage from it and let it cool down for some time. After the water is cold then rinse your hair with it and let it dry naturally. Once your hair is dry then go for using shampoo. Remember to do this once a week to get the proper color.

Whatever happens do not get depressed because there is a solution for every problem and last but not the least a little bit advice is to try and massage your hair with oils daily to prevent any hair problems from ever occurring.