How To Get Rid Of Tan Lines Fast

Find the best way to get rid of tan lines fast from your face, arms and feet. To naturally remove these lines try home remedies like lemon and baking soda.


get rid of tan lines

Although we know that the sun is increasingly harmful, whenever it is taken in moderation and with proper protection, the sun is good for our body. Among its recognized benefits is it helps maintain vitamin D levels, strengthens bones, improves the mood and the look of skin. However when skin is overexposed, it leads to tanning and tan lines over face and other body parts. These are some of the best treatments, tips and home remedies that will help you get rid of tan lines quickly within one or two weeks.

Use a sunscreen lotion

Keep using sunscreen, especially on the face. Remember that the sun is harmful in any situation, even walking around the street, going to the park with your children or sitting on a terrace with friends. Applying such a lotion over skin can protect the body from severe damage like extreme sunburns. Staying protected is the first step to prevent tan lines on face.

Use a tanner

If you want to hide your tan lines than you should probably use a tanner. What the tanner does is it hides the lines by giving your skin the shade of the tan. Many men and women like to show of tanned body and since tan lines are embarrassing, this is a good idea. These products are available in numerous tan shades and hence it is important to make choice of a perfect tanner based on the tone of your suntan.

Deep exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin once a week. Exfoliation, contrary to what you might think helps improve the condition of your skin and remove tan lines. By removing dead skin cells, your skin will regain brightness and your face will look better. Exfoliate facial skin, hands and legs with appropriate scrubbing products or home remedies. Along with the scrub, you can also use any brush which are developed to aid in the exfoliation process.

Use a cream to moisturize

Moisturize your skin daily because with this skin will stay nourished and you will easily get rid of tan lines. Hydration is essential to make your skin healthy and show good appearance. It will also prevent its peeling. Moisturize at least once a day or whenever you notice your skin is dry. Use lotions, moisturizers or body oils that moisturize and give your skin a beautiful glow.

Makeup to fix tan lines

To completely remove the tan lines making use of cosmetics or makeup is a good option. Initially it would be wise to shop for a foundation that is the same as the tone of skin in close proximity to your tan lines. Apply this foundation correctly using a makeup brush to ensure that it vanishes and completely hides under the makeup. This is the best choice to temporarily get a face free from tan lines. Makeup will hide any kind of imperfections when you want to visit any occasion.

Home remedies to remove tan lines

The sunbathing on the beach, swimming and the various different such actions are on rise during the sunny months and hence tan lines and sunburns are common. Once you face this problem, it is not possible to get rid of it overnight. You require a week or two to completely erase these white lines over your skin. Here are some of the home remedies that will help you treat your tan lines naturally.

  1. Lemon: A purely natural facial scrub with lemon juice is excellent for cleansing dirt and minimizing the overall look of noticeable tan lines. Two important points to remember before using lemon; first is to use it after sunset and other second is to dilute it with water, honey or aloe gel. The intense acidic ingredients would potentially contribute to inflammation and since it has bleaching properties, sun can lead to darker skin tone. Take one full lemon juice and mix it with 4 spoons of honey. Rub It over your tan lines for 5 minutes and rinse to get rid of tan lines fast.
  2. Cucumbers : It is gifted by nature with a lot of water deposits and vitamin C which help to even out skin tone on face, hands, neck, legs etc. It has effective relaxing properties which is why it is used on eyes and sunburns. To clear tan lines you must apply cucumber paste or slice on the affected area daily for 10 minutes. A week later your tan lines will be much less visible.
  3. Potato: It provides your skin with adequate vitamin C along with an effective skin lightening enzyme referred to as catecholase which treats imperfections on skin. Make a paste out of one peeled potato and use this as a face mask. If you have tan lines where such masks are not a good option then try cutting a potato slice and move it over the area. This natural remedy will help you remove tan lines quickly.
  4. Baking Soda: An excellent natural scrub for getting rid of tan lines is to make use of baking soda. Add four spoons of this ingredient plus 2 spoons of water to a bowl. This mixture will take the form of a thick paste. Now apply it over the tan for 5 minutes and wash.
  5. Aloe vera: The leaf of this plant includes a gel ointment which is very beneficial for fixing skin and hair problems. Cut the leaf and apply the gel over your tan line area. Once this natural ointment dries, use warm water and clean the area. Use it everyday so that the antioxidants in it accelerate the restoration of your skin and bring it back to normal.

Tips to get rid of tan lines

  1. Keep your skin on high security to protect it from more tanning.
  2. Use sunscreens over face and other exposed skin parts to aid the skin from sunburns and such white lines.
  3. A quick way to remove the tan lines is with exfoliation in repeated time range intervals (5-7 days).
  4. If you are using makeup then for better hiding use the makeup shade close to the tone of the tan. This will help in making them less visible.
  5. Along with the tan lines, if you have also sunburns then remember to utilize cold water for showering.