How To Get Rid Of Swollen Lips

Find the best way to get rid of swollen lips fast with these overnight natural home remedies. These treatments will cure the swelling of lips overnight.

get rid of swollen lips

The skin around the lips like that surrounding the eyes is much thinner and delicate. After any kind of injury, infection or insect bite on the lips can cause it to become swollen. In addition to the fragility, the area around the lips is subject to constant gestures like smiling, smoking, drinking and eating that make the situation worse. The swollen lips can cause pain as well as many feel embarrassed going out with such a face. Along with the pain there can even be cuts which all together makes it difficult to even eat and drink.

Causes of swollen lips

Swollen lips are most of the time caused due to some kind of injury on lips like a punch or insect bite. However, harsh weather conditions, very low moisture, allergies and infections can also lead to this problem. Although it is not a very serious problem and you can counter it with some natural home remedies, but if the problem is worsening day by day then consult a doctor. Consulting a doctor is important in case where the swollen lips is due to an allergic reaction.

Check your cosmetics

Most of the allergies and infections in people that get swollen lips is because of their cosmetics. If you want to get rid of swollen lips then it is very important that you are using a product with safe ingredients that your aren’t allergic. In most cases, this leads to the swelling of the skin tissues over lips making it look fat. Also when you have cracked and cut lips the dust or any other item which you are allergic to can cause this problem. One simple advise is that if you bought and used a new product after which your lips started to swell then immediately stop using it.

Moisturize to reduce swollen lips

In case the puffiness of lip area is triggered by continuous lack of moisture and dryness of lip skin , then the best solution could possibly be making use of specific medicated moisturizing lips balms . They possess numerous qualities dependent on their ingredients. Be cautious if you happen to be allergic to certain ingredient present in the product. Keep in mind that a few balms could possibly consist of parabens, particularly substandard ones. Hence, it is important to select and use the right soothing lip balm to get rid of swollen lips as well as the dryness over it.

Stop these habits

Lip biting may also be the reason behind your swollen lips. It is important to stop nipping your lips to treat swollen lips quickly. This habit has lot of negative effects on your lips skin. Kissing for a long time can also cause injury to the lips and make the lips fat. Apart from this, excess spicy food contact with the sensitive skin of lips can also harm them. It is very important that for the prevention and treatment of swollen lips you get rid of all the habits.

Home remedies to get rid of swollen lips

Home remedies mentioned below will easily and quickly cure swollen lips and return it to normal.

  1. Ice compress:
  2. The second you discover the puffiness over lip, put on a icy cloth compress. Believe it or not, this is definitely among the best solutions to get rid of fat lips which is caused because of injuries, insect bites or lip piercing. Add an ice-pack in a piece of soft washcloth and just slowly move over the lip area. You can also utilize a cold spoon for this treatment. A 5-10 minutes of this treatment for 1-3 days will bring relief to your lips. Just keep in mind to not apply ice directly over lips. As the skin of lips is sensitive you can face the problem of frost bite.

  3. Warm compress:
  4. Warm compress can also be an ideal remedy for the treatment of swollen lips. This remedy should be avoided in case of cracks and cut over the lips. You just need hot water and cloth. Dip the cloth in the water and keep it over lips. You can also turn your electric iron on, warm the piece of cloth over it and keep it on lips. Do such sessions of 2 minutes 3 times a day to make your lips beautiful again.

  5. Black tea:
  6. Black tea is an organic treatment for repairing skin cells and it can also assist you in case your lip area is bulged. Add a black tea bag into warm water for just a few minutes. In case you only have black tea without bags then add this tea to a cloth and make small bundles of it. Before applying, press the bags to remove extra water and then place it over lips. This will soothe swollen lips and provide relief quickly.

  7. Aloe Vera gel:
  8. Do not forget that the aloe vera gel contains tannins, potent antioxidants, moisture as well as antiseptic properties. It is the perfect home remedy to get rid of swollen lips naturally. You can either directly apply the gel of aloe leaf over the lips or mix it with cucumber and then use it. When mixed with cucumber, this tonic increases its anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for treating the fat lips. This is can be the perfect solution to treatment of swollen lips caused due to insect bites, injury, dryness, weather condition or infection. You just need to cover the lips with this gel for 5 minutes and then wash. Repeat it two times a day and you will notice the change overnight.

  9. Honey:
  10. Like aloe vera gel, the sweet honey too has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Applying it over lips will help you get rid of swollen lips fast because it also has healing properties. The amount of moisture in honey is also high which makes it a perfect solution to treat dry swelling lips. To use this remedy, you just need to spread it over the skin and leave for 15 minutes and then wash. Within a few days your problem will be cured.

This is not a major problem and using these home remedies will also bring back your perfect lips. These were some of the best treatments for swollen lips, but if you notice that there is no change and your lip condition is worsening then it is advised to consult a doctor quickly. A doctor will properly examine the reason behind your bulge lips and prescribe you with the right treatment.