How To Get Rid Of Sunspots Fast

Find the best way to get rid of sunspots fast on face, legs and hands. These tips and quick home remedies will help you remove spots from skin naturally.


get rid of sunspots

Sunspots are small dark spots that may appear on your face due to extensive and direct subjection to the UV rays emitted from the sun. Such spots may look familiar with freckles and usually appear on face, neck and hands. Both men and women of any age can develop sunspots and they may also cause itchiness. There are various prevention tips and natural home remedies to get rid of sunspots fast. However, if these blemishes are excessive in number then consult a dermatologist to check the severity of these sunspots and get quick treatment. Here are some of the best treatments that will help you remove sunspots from face quickly.

Keep skin protected

One way to protect your skin is to avoid the sun and use sun protection all year round, so you can avoid and prevent skin blemishes and maintain a youthful appearance. Make it a habit, especially in summers to never leave your skin without sunscreen. Applying a sun protection lotion will provide a cover hat will lead to less damage from the U.V rays and thus prevent sunspots. Whether taking a sunbath on a beach or just walking on road, never skip sunscreen with a SPF of at least 25. This prevention tip will never let sunspots cover your face, hence buy and use a good quality lotion and protect skin from sun’s damage.

Lightening skin creams

Using a skin lightening or bleaching cream is one of the best way to treat sunspots over your skin. These creams make use of hydroquinone, vitamin C, peptides and antioxidants will help in erasing the sunspots and make face look spotless. Make sure that you use a nice brand cream and it is better if you use a dermatologist recommend cream. Just keep in mind that you must apply such a product everyday and have patience because this treatment will not fade your marks overnight.

Use a moisturizing cream

Use a vitamin E hydration lotion and supply your sunspots with plenty of moisture to ensure that it fades away rapidly. Such moisturizing creams will refresh up as well as deeply nourish the skin and thus manage the melanin under skin. Leaving these dark blemishes without moisture can make them dry and lead to even more darkening and more spots. Additionally gulp down lots more water as well as other hydrating liquid to maintain hydration levels of your body.

Shelter your skin

You are required to shelter and take care of dark spots under the sun rays. Be dressed in full sleeve apparel guaranteeing that the sunspots are covered and your skin recovery picks up a quick speed. Take advantage of UV protection skin creams and other solutions to get rid of sunspots and uneven skin tone. A few safety and precautionary measures are best to stick with to put a stop to sunspots and skin darkening.

Expert treatment

In case your sunspots are extremely high in number then it is advisable to definitely seek the advice of a skin specialist for some good treatment. Definitely dermatologist can assist you out with best working topical applications as well as prescription medications which could help you get rid of sunspots permanently. Remember not to take any oral drug without consulting with a doctor because it may lead to serious problems. Pay a visit to your dermatologist for a checkup and within few days these marks will be removed from the skin.

Natural remedies to remove sunspots

Here you will find a variety of different home remedies that will help you eliminate dark stains caused by sun. Professional treatments are very expensive. If money is a problem for you or just want to opt for remedies that nature gives you, do not complicate and read these home remedies to get rid of sunspots naturally.

  1. Lemon juice:

    Who does not have lemon at home? Lemon juice contains citric acid that can help you get rid of brown spots on your skin and last but not least will help to keep it clean, clear and beautiful. You only have to apply some fresh lemon juice directly on the sunspots and let it work for 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water. You must repeat this natural remedy twice a day for a week to permanently remove sunspots on face. You should be especially careful if you have very sensitive skin as applying lemon directly on the skin you may cause irritation, so it is better than dilute lemon juice with water or honey before applying directly on stains. In addition, lemon juice can make your skin more sensitive to the sun so it could aggravate your spots if you expose yourself to the sun skin. It is better not to go out with the lemon juice on your skin.

  2. Apple cider vinegar:

    Apple cider vinegar can also be a great ally to get rid of sunspots and other skin blemishes. This natural remedy is a very valuable skin ingredient for making skin beautiful. You will have to dilute the vinegar with the same amount of water, apply the mixture on the sunspots and let sit for 30 minutes, then you must rinse with water. You can apply this treatment once a day, but you need to do it every day for over a week to see good results.

  3. Honey:

    Another similar option to the treat sunspots is to mix two tablespoons honey with orange juice and apply on dark spots. Orange juice contains vitamins that lighten skin and honey is a deep skin moisturizer. You must wait for it to dry thoroughly and then rinse with clean water. To be successful you will have to repeat this process twice a day for two weeks.

  4. Avocado:

    Avocado is also very beneficial in the treatment of sunspots and is an excellent natural moisturizer that will help nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of such blemishes. You simply need to use avocado paste as a facial mask and in other regions. You will have to apply this mixture once a day to get more hydrated and smooth skin, sunspots will disappear gradually.

  5. Aloe Vera:
    It is one of the most natural skin ointments that exists and has great benefits including healing, moisturizing and lightening skin. It acts as a cell regenerator, so it is widely used in cosmetic products such as creams, soaps and masks to banish wrinkles and lighten skin marks. Aloe mask possess antioxidant properties that prevent aging, prevent sagging and contribute to remove sunspots. Apply a layer of this gel on your blemishes and once dry wash it off.
  6. Cucumbers:

    This home remedy consists of a natural ingredient that contains silicon, an element that keeps the elastic and wrinkle free skin. It is also important to note that this mask of cucumber is also rich in soothing, skin lightening and moisturizing agents, which have the power to eliminate sunspots, clear acne and the dryness of the skin. Keep round cut cucumber pieces on your sunspots two-three times a day for seven days to completely clear these dark spots. So if you want to show off a young and spotless skin, go ahead and start using this cucumber mask today.

  7. Potatoes:
    One of effective skin lightening home remedies which consists of catecholase enzyme has the ability to remove sunspots and blemishes giving you a spotless face. Cut a potato and rub its flesh over your sunspots for 5 minutes twice a day. Alternately you can also paste on potato and cover your spots with this paste.

These were some of the best tips and treatments to get rid of sunspots fast. Remember that apart from these treatments and home remedies you must also follow the precautions to remove these small dark spots permanently.