How To Get Rid Of Redness On Face

Find the best way to get rid of redness on face overnight due to acne, sunburn or allergies. You can also cure it fast naturally with home remedies like vinegar.

get rid of redness on face

There are several causes of redness and there are also various different treatments. Such facial redness usually has an impact on the confidence levels of a person. A good option to get a cure is to consult a skin specialist. Although home remedies usually don’t work for rosacea or immune disorders, but for redness due to sun, acne or infections they may be helpful. Here are some of the best treatments to get rid of redness on face.

Causes of red face

Here are some of the common causes of this problem.

  1. Family history: Family genetics increases the likelihood of suspect rosacea that is assumed to pass from generation to generation, but it has not yet been proved.
  2. Skin infections: The disease has been linked to the Demodex folliculorum, a mite that is found on the facial skin.
  3. Altered immune system: The body’s defenses are enhanced in patients suffering from red face, but the facial skin inflammation persists over time.
  4. Exposure to sun: Ultraviolet radiation is usually a trigger to rosacea outbreaks and worsening by up to 30% of cases.
  5. Acne: It can also be caused due to severe acne problem. Sometimes improper popping of pimples also makes the skin around it to become red.
  6. Increased blood flow: Excess blood passed to the face usually in hot or cold environments, after exercising, drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods.

Apply sunscreen on face

Sun rays are responsible for red skin in about 30% of the people and hence it is a must for you to apply sunscreen so that your face is protected under a coat. Thus minimum rays make a direct contact with the face. Such lotions should be always applied to all the exposed parts of the body where the U.V rays can reach and touch it directly. Whether you are going to a beach or going shopping, make it a habit to go under sun with sunscreen applied on face, hands, neck and legs. This will not only prevent, but will also remove redness on face for which the sun was responsible. If you think you suffer from sun allergy, it is best to go to the doctor first to get the right treatment.

Add a protective layer for cold climate

People living in colder regions usually have this problem for the reason that a cold temperature usually tightens the facial capillaries and veins. When this person comes home where the temperature is somewhat warmer than outside, the veins become a bit looser and thus blood circulation increases which makes the face red. To tackle this problem, either use petroleum jelly on your face or wear some sort of cloth to cover your face. This adds a layer of obstruction for the cold to make a direct contact with skin that prevents veins to constrict and thus your face stays less red than before. So to maintain the warmth and the beauty of face it is advisable to cover up with scarf or petroleum jelly.

Products to treat red face

There are several products available online as well in medical stores that help to get rid of red face. Ask your doctor which ointment works the best and use only those ones. There are certain kind of steroids as well as other compounds that calms the redness and makes face beautiful. If you don’t want to visit a doctor then buy any product online. There also some great products available online that can cure such skin problems.

Protect skin from chemicals

Use of certain chemicals which may come in contact with your face from the makeup that you use can not only make face red, but also lead to irritation. This is because these chemical cosmetics are responsible for damaging the skin cells. If you have recently tried a new product on face and if your problem started after some days of using it, then it’s time to quit using it as a precaution. For a good skin care, it is important that the creams, lotions and makeup that you apply to the face are of top quality and better if it is made with the use of natural extracts.

Visit a dermatologist

To quickly get rid of red face it is important that you consult this problem with a dermatologist. This skin specialist can tell you the exact cause of your problem and thus provide you with the medicines and ointments accordingly. If after a week of trying any treatment at home, if your skin is still red then run to the doctor.
Depending on the subtype and its severity, he can provide different drugs. There is antibiotic therapy with doxycycline from the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which is effective for ocular rosacea but has minimal effect on the capillaries.

Then there are topical treatments, often associated with antibiotic therapy, such as metronidazole (gel or cream). The last option which you have is to opt for laser treatments which are quick and will permanently erase the redness from your skin.

Home remedies for redness on face

  1. Aloe Vera: It is one of the most effective home remedies for treating allergy and infections that makes skin red. By applying the gel to the affected area, you will notice that tomato colored face disappears and returns to normal within few days.
  2. Cucumber: Shred a cucumber and apply the paste on the rashes. This home treatment combats red face due to sun or allergy. It will not only relieve the pain of irritation, but also prevent further redness.
  3. Oats: Mixing at least one cup of oatmeal in a bucket of water and use this water while you take a bath. Thanks to this home remedy you will notice a relief of allergy symptoms and the red skin due to sun.
  4. Potato: Grate a raw potato and apply the paste form over the red areas on face. The compounds in potato provide immediate nourishment to refresh and soothe the inflamed looking skin.
  5. Vinegar: It is also very effective in treating sun allergy and heal the red as well as inflammable skin. Soak a cloth or a cloth in vinegar and apply to the affected area. In this way you will reduce the redness and itching will calm.
  6. Milk: This is a home remedy that not only serves for the symptoms, but also to treat sunburns. When you start to notice the first signs of your facial color turning red, apply a little milk on the skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Then with cold water clear all the milk subsides.
  7. Baking soda: The soothing and healing properties in baking soda are sometimes very helpful to the skin and it also effective in this case. Dissolve two spoons baking soda in a cup of water and use that water on face.
  8. Coconut milk and yogurt: The coconut is also ideal for combating the red skin due to sun rays. Mix a little of this milk with yogurt and drink it. Immediately you will notice that your body cools and it will show on your face.
  9. Elderflower: The elderflower is one of the most recommended to combat skin turned red. Cook three tablespoons of this flower in a pint of water and let stand for one minute. When cool, slightly apply it on the skin to combat swelling and redness.
  10. Honey: It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect to treat redness and irritation caused by sun or allergy. Apply the honey all over the patches on the face and use cold water to clean it after 10 minutes. Use it daily to get quick relief.

Tips to prevent red skin

  1. Avoid spicy and hot foods as it contains spices triggers, namely black, white, red pepper, paprika or curry powder. Such foods can turn face red.
  2. In winter, protect the skin with moisturizing lotions and avoid indoor heating, as it increases the flushing of blood to the face.
  3. Use quality makeup as the chemicals in it can be responsible for red skin or rashes on face.
  4. A dermatologist is the right person to treat if your problem is rosacea or any other genetic problem.