How to Get Rid of Dry Rough Hair

Using conditioners is the best way to get rid of dry hair fast. To remove dry and rough hair ends with natural products, use home remedies like olive oil, honey, eggs and vinegar. Even men can make use of these tips for making their hair silky.


When hair faces an acute shortage of the moisturizing oils, it loses its softness and shine and thus become dry. It is very important that you should get rid of dry hair fast because keeping it in this condition can degrade its quality and finally it will fall. A major reason one must prevent loss of moisture is that dry hair often leads to splits and finally you will see lots of hair loss.

get rid of dry hair

Receding hairline and bald spots are common in people who have dry hair and do not take proper care of it. The only way with which one can remove the dryness in hair is by deeply conditioning the hair strands. With such a deep conditioning treatment, hair will become soft and smooth.

The structure of the hair is extremely sensitive to the harmful effects of climate. Hair can lose its color and fall when it is constantly in touch with chemical and aggressive substances contained by some hair products. We also have to protect our hair from the sun, rain and other external agents. People who want to restore the shine and moisturize hair should invest in treatments capable of giving new life to hair.

Treatments to get rid of dry hair

With some of these treatments and precautions you will be able to keep your hair soft all the time. Lack of care or excess hair care often leads to problems. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of frizzy and rough hair fast.

  1. Buy a conditioner

    The very first thing for keeping hair healthy is the use of conditioners because this product is designed to provide moisture and nourishment to the hair. These leave in conditioners work by attaching themselves to your hair. This provides a coating to the strands which keeps its moisturized, soft and hence it also becomes easier to comb hair. The other types of conditioners are the one that we use after shampooing. The responsibility of these types is to provide necessary oils, fats and other compounds which the hair lacks. Rinsing hair with such conditioners lubricate the hair strands that makes it smooth even after washing with water and drying.

    However this does not mean that you should over use it. They benefit the hair when used in limit. But if you are using it everyday then some of the chemicals in it can actually ruin your hair quality. But overall conditioning is the best solution to cure dry hair because it provides certain layer of protection to the strands from becoming rough, dull and frizzy.

  2. Safe hair washing techniques

    There are several factors to consider for a safe and healthy hair washing. It begins with the water that you are using. If you have a habit to use hot water for rinsing then this may be the reason for the dryness in hair. When hot water comes in contact with the scalp it tends to deplete and wash the oils responsible for keeping hair soft. Not just this it also harms the hair strands by making it lose its dark color and if the damage is more than hair fall. Hence many experts recommend using either warm water or cold washes to get rid of dry hair because use of such water maintains the moisture levels.

    Now for the wash if you are using a shampoo then your hair is definitely going to dry. To avoid this condition, use a conditioner after it. After that comes the hair drying process, where you should use your towel to soak the water and then let it air dry. If you are everyday using a blower for hair drying then the hot air from it can blow away the moisture. These are some basic tips which if you follow will keep hair soft and shiny.

  3. Massages for hair

    This is the best thing you can do to produce moisture on scalp and also strength its roots of strands. Using any hair oils you can provide a 5 minute massage to the hair. This will boost blood flow in the scalp region and with more blood more vitamins and minerals are provided to the hair. This technique also helps to relieve stress in the body. Massage should be performed an hour before you have planned to wash your hair. With these oils hair becomes greasy, hence washing it becomes necessary.

  4. Chemical less hair products

    If you are the person that pays less attention to the ingredients of the products that you are using then this may actually lead to damage. This is because some of hair products make use of chemicals which work in hair degradation. Especially in shampoos some of the chemicals which are added may rinse the dirt properly, but overusing it can create serious problems such as premature hair graying as well as receding hairline.

  5. Go to a beauty salon

    You can take help from these beauty experts who regularly deal in solving such issues of their customers. Going to parlor for a hair treatment can be a great way to tackle dry hair. From hair wash to moisturizing you can ask these experts to pass you some of their advanced tips and the products because using the right brand is important. So if you are not facing any money shortage then this can be a perfect solution to the problem.

  6. Go to a dermatologist

    It may also happen that the shortage of certain vitamins or minerals or some other serious issue that make your hair dry. If within weeks you haven’t found the solution to your problem then the right choice is to book and appointment with them. Let them analyze your case and then they will put you on the right medication as well as give you the right products and advices that can help you to get rid of dry hair permanently. Never underestimate this hair condition because this is the initial stage of hair fall. Hence it is advisable that you treat it at the beginning to avoid any problems in future.

Home remedies for dry hair

This is a good thing if you don’t have money to buy conditioners and thus in this situation go natural and use homemade masks. Here are the best remedies ideal for dry and frizzy hair.

  1. Honey conditioning mask: The use of honey to treat dry and damaged hair is one of the oldest remedy in Asia. The moisture that honey has quickly gets absorbed by hair and the antibacterial properties in it help in killing the bacteria and any other infection. Using honey mask can provide hair with shine and softness that you want.
    1. Based on the length of your hair, add the quantity of honey in a bowl.
    2. Optional step: If your hair is also facing a dandruff problem then add lemon drops to it.
    3. Cover your hair with this honey mask and leave it for 30 minutes
    4. If you have a plastic cap then wear it for making this treatment more effective.
  2. Mask of walnut oil and cocoa butter: To give a new light to your hair damaged by the sun or chemical shampoos a combination prepared from walnut oil and cocoa butter can be beneficial. The high fat content in cocoa butter plus the vitamin E in walnut oil will recondition your dry hair and make it silky. Here are the few steps required for the preparation and using this remedy.
    1. Mix cocoa butter, 1 tablespoon of walnut oil and few drops of lemon in a bowl.
    2. Rub the mixture to the scalp and then cover your head with a plastic shower cap.
    3. Let stand for 40 minutes and then wash your hair with warm water.
    4. Repeat it just once a week.
  3. Egg and yogurt mask: This treatment is amongst the popular home treatments to get rid of dry hair naturally. The proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and the conditioning properties of yogurt make it excelling remedy for nourishing hair and restore its quality.
    1. You need half cup of yogurt, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 egg with its yolk in a bowl.
    2. With a spoon properly integrate these ingredients and apply this mixture to the hair and especially on the tips to prevent further splits.
    3. Leave half an hour to act for and then with warm water rinse your scalp thoroughly.
  4. Banana hair mask: Another great ally to remove dry hair is the banana fruit. This fruit has high content of potassium which makes the hair stronger. It also contains conditioning properties which can help to smoothen the rough texture of hair. Apart from this it also contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, E, B6, zinc and iron. This makes banana a complete solution to get rid of dry hair and make it healthy.
    1. Remove the peels and crush the banana to make a paste.
    2. Add one spoon of olive or coconut oil for additional moisture.
    3. Start from your tips to the roots and completely cover your hair with it.
    4. For better and deep conditioning wear a plastic cap to open hair follicles and lock moisture.
    5. First use warm water to clean and add give the final wash with normal water.
  5. Avocado mask: The good fat content as well as the vitamins and minerals in avocado can be used to get rid of dryness from hair. It also has proteins which is important for preventing splits and hair fall. It was used since the ancient Egypt times and still the extracts of avocados are widely used in hair and skin moisturizing products.
    Preparation of this mask:

    1. Paste two avocado fruits and add two spoons of olive oil.
    2. Now add this paste to a particular hair region and give this area a 10-20 seconds massage. Repeat it until the entire scalp is massaged.
    3. Now leave the hair with the avocado mask upon it for 15 minutes.
    4. Clean it with warm water.
  6. Vinegar hair wash: Washing hair with vinegar solution is an ideal treatment for the hair to regain its natural shine. Centuries before our ancestors came to know that washing hair with vinegar solves the problem of dry hair and makes it shiny and silky.
    1. To prepare it we take a glass and fill its three quarters with water. The next quarter add vinegar to it.
    2. Stir the spoon in this glass to mix this vinegar solution
    3. Go to the bathroom and pour this conditioning solution all over the hair.
    4. Leave it for 10 minutes and then with water and conditioner give your hair a rinse. This is an excellent solution to get rid of dry rough hair.
  7. Aloe Vera conditioner: Just like the properties in honey, the gel removed from the leaf of aloe vera provides the same desired results. This watery gel can condition and remove dryness in hair. Aloe gel can do miracles within months of its use by reversing your dry hair to smooth and silky hair.
    1. Take one or two aloe leaf, give it a cut and collect its gel.
    2. Use it the same way you used honey on hair.
  8. Coconut oil and olive oil mask: Prepare a mixture of 2 teaspoons of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Stir the mixture apply to the hair. You then massage it with your fingers and cover your head with a plastic for 10 minutes. If you want then leave this oil mixture overnight or at least for an hour. Then wash the hair with a small amount of shampoo and warm water. The result you get will be fast and amazing.
  9. A nourishment hair oil massage: This mask is very nutritious for hair, since it consists a variety of different natural oils. Oils contain vitamin E and other necessary extracts of natural item it is extracted from, which makes it a good option to deeply nourish dry hair. Here are some of the oils required to prepare this natural hair medicine. Even if you lack some it is fine.
    1. To start, take a bowl and mix the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil, another tablespoon of peanut oil, one of almonds oil and another tablespoon of coconut oil.
    2. Now warm this mixture and allow it to cool. Warming will help to completely blend all the oils
    3. Massage your hair with this oil mixture and leave it overnight.
    4. With a shampoo and conditioner wash your hair.

Tips to prevent dry hair

  1. To prevent dry and rough hair, it is important that you safeguard it from the powerful sun rays. The heat of these rays strips of the moisture. To avoid this one must put on a cap, scarf or use an umbrella. It is advisable to move in shade during the hours when sun is strong.
  2. Providing body with the right amount of water everyday (at least 8 glasses) will help body produce necessary moisture to prevent frizzy hair.
  3. During baths rinse your hair with warm water to avoid removal of the moisturizing oils that keep hair soft.
  4. Avoid using any hair product in excess, not even your conditioner. Using it just thrice a week is fine. Also use good brand products which are chemical free.