How to Get Rid of Dry Chapped Lips Quickly

Use a lip balm, moisturizer or a natural home remedy like honey and olive oil to get rid of dry lips fast. Moisturize lips multiple times a day to permanently cure chapped lips overnight.


Do you often suffer from dry lips? During cold winters it becomes very difficult for our skin to carry moisture. Since the body temperature goes up and our outside skin faces cold temperature, this makes the skin and lips dry. Since the thin lip skin lacks the sebaceous glands that produce moisture for skin, it quickly becomes dry. This often makes the lips to become chapped and cracked which may cause intense pain. Hence there is a need to provide addition outside moisture so that the lips can be prevented from so many problems. Here are the few tips that will help you get rid of dry lips overnight.

get rid of dry lips

Prevention tips

It is advised that you increase the intake of water because this can avoid chapped lips. In winter, our body requires less water, but you must drink at least 8 glasses. Limit to some of the lip drying drinks such as tea, coffee, soda drinks etc. Alcohol and cigarettes are also greatly responsible for removing the moisture. Hence to prevent dry lips, follow all the necessary precautions.

Use lip balms

The skin of lips is actually very thin and soft, hence it cannot bear the extreme temperature and becomes cracked. To keep lips soft it is your responsibility to apply moisturizing creams and lip balms so that at any point of the day your lips are lubricated. Basically the brand of the product matters because of the quality and ingredients in it. Hence select the best lips balm to provide a layer of protection to the lips skin. Nowadays UV protected lip balms are also available in the market, buy it and use it. Just make sure you aren’t allergic to such products because it can make the condition worse. If you aren’t aware of the allergy than use normal lips balms to stay on the safe side. You can also try creams such as Vaseline or Nivea to keep lip skin supple in any season.

Moisture providing creams

As I told you before, sebaceous glands are missing in lips, hence providing moisture becomes your everyday duty. You can use petroleum jelly to keep the lips moist. Another advantage of petroleum jelly like Vaseline is the greasy ointment that you apply to the lips protects it from high or low temperature outside. If the weather is chilling out or it is extreme hot then in this case use such products three or four times a day. When the climate is normal applying once is also fine. One last tip for you is as soon as you discover that your lips are becoming rough, be careful not to lick it. The saliva can lead to further drying and also the acid in it can cause further damage to the skin.

Consult a skin expert

If you are facing the dry lip problem from a long time and nothing has worked for you then you must go to a dermatologist for its treatment. This expert will examine your condition and will provide you with a good treatment. Many a times infections and vitamin deficiency makes the lips cracked. With proper tests a dermatologist can check out for the responsible factors and treat you accordingly.

Unfortunately, it happens that some of the home remedies and lip products advice does not always work for some people who are trying in vain to get rid of dry lips. So what can be done to prevent it and heal the chapped lips? Ask your doctor for help! This may prescribe a special high-fat ointment or cream. If it is eczema or infection? Then it is possible to obtain a prescription for a ointment or a drug which has anti-inflammatory effects.

Peeling skin on lips

Every now and then your lips becomes dry and the skin starts to peels off. In this case, it is better to remove the detached pieces of skin first so that the lip balm can act better. Be careful when removing these layers of the skin. The best way to remove the dead skin on the lips is by using a soft, damp toothbrush to brush off. Circles slowly over your lips, don’t press hard. Then rinse your lips well with lukewarm water and pat dry gently with a clean towel. Rub your lips then with plenty of lip balm or a moisturizing cream. You will find that your lips are much softer and smoother hereafter.

Dry lips should not be licked

When people have rough lips they become more tempted to lick it. Unfortunately, this makes the whole thing worse. This hurts your lips even more. Refrain from moisturizing your lips with your tongue. While this seems to help for a few seconds, but dries your lips for a long time. Saliva contains enzymes which are irritating to the skin. This can lead to a kind of rash around the mouth and make the situation more painful.

Steps to get rid of dry lips

Take care of your lips against this winter or summer and maintain them well so that they remain beautiful, gentle, painless and – most importantly – very tempting.
Follow these steps:
In winter, with cold temperature our lips often become chapped and cracked. This sometime causes lot of pain that an individual has to suffer. To keep lips soft and supple follow these tips:
You need:

– A toothbrush.
– Vaseline.
– A nourishing lip balm.

How to do

  1. Exfoliate:
  2. Take your toothbrush keep it in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and then in circular way move it on your lips for at least 1 times a day to remove your dead skin and impurities.

  3. Moisturize:
  4. Before bed, apply a broad layer of Vaseline to your lips (ointments that treat skin irritations and droughts). This cream will hydrate your lips throughout the night and help you get rid of chapped lips overnight.

  5. Feed:
  6. Apply Shea or Almond nourishing lip balm, preferably many times as you can. Their softening ingredients will rehydrate your lips.

Home remedies to remove dryness from lips

Every time I get up, my lips chapped and cracks appear. I have the great problem of having so dry lips that even when I talk or kiss my partner my lips begin to bleed and burn. What home remedy exists to heal and moisturize my dry lips?
There are several natural treatments to prevent dry chapped lips, here are best homemade recipes to heal and moisturize those cut lips.

  1. Soak a cotton ball in olive oil, if extra virgin olive oil than much better and spread evenly on your lips skin. In two-three days you will see the desired results.
  2. A good home trick to chapped lips is to mix a little oil with sugar, and with a cotton or gauze gently rub in circular motion. If you want to exfoliate bleeding lips then avoid using a brush and instead use this trick.
  3. Apply a little honey on your chapped lips and let it dry. Without removing the honey applied on it add a little Vaseline and keep it for about 20 minutes. Now use cold water and soft washcloth to slowly clean it and again cover it with a moisturizer. Repeat this home remedy every day for a week to get rid of chapped lips.
    Honey helps heal chapped lips and besides being an antibacterial agent destroys the bacteria. Vaseline is considered one of the best protectors of the skin. These two ingredients have an effective result to soothe rough and painful lips.
  4. Like honey aloe vera is also an excellent moisturizer. It has both healing and antiseptic properties that can effective deal with this situation. Apply the gel of aloe to the lips and clean it once it dries.
  5. Placing cold cucumbers can also be great for sooting the inflammation caused by dry and chapped lips.
  6. Avocados have a high concentration of natural fat in the pulp which is rich in vitamins A and C that helps to moisturize dry lips. Take an avocado to make a cream by mashing its pulp and add about 7 drops of olive oil. Apply over dry lips and let sit for about 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  7. The white beeswax or yellow wax bleached, known in the markets, has properties that protect dry skin and chapped lips. Almond oil for its moisturizing and soothing properties is extremely effective for chapped and rough lips. Put 50 grams of white beeswax in a bowl to heat until completely dissolved, then add 50 grams of almond oil, stirring, until a homogeneous liquid. Pour into a mold to cool and dry, cut into pieces and use it as almond with beeswax lipstick.
  8. A good homemade tip is to use butter or cocoa butter. It is a very effective natural remedy as it prevents dryness of the lips. Daily apply cocoa butter on your lips twice. Cocoa butter moisturizing products are also sold in many stores.

So these were some of the most used and popular treatments for healing dry and chapped lips. We would also like to know the treatment you used to solve this problem.