How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms Overnight

Find the best ways to get rid of dark underarms fast in a few days or a week. To naturally make armpits fair overnight use home remedies like lemon and baking soda. Daily wash your skin, exfoliate sometimes and moisturize. You can also use fairness creams for whitening the underarm area.


get rid of dark underarms

Skin of underarms is often neglect by women which turns it dark. But the truth is that if you want to whiten your armpits, you just need to follow these simple beauty tips everyday. If you want to have nice armpits from now, follow these tips, treatments and homemade solution that offers good results.

The armpits are a delicate and sensitive area that some women want to hide because of the darker skin which can be due to the use of deodorant products, sweat, lack of deep cleansing etc. However, these methods can help you reduce or even completely eliminate dark underarms, so pay attention.

Causes of dark underarms

As you know, the darkening of the armpits can be due to many reasons, among which are the sweat or perhaps use of some deodorant.

  1. One of the most common causes of why women have dark area on armpits is the use of deodorants with alcohol, given that they burn the skin and make skin darker.
  2. One of the major cause of underarm darkening is the method of hair removal we use because using razors makes them appear darker in color.
  3. The dark spots that appear on our armpits may be the result of different causes, improper cleaning, inheritance, any allergies to certain fabric etc.

No matter what the reason, these tips and home remedies will help to significantly reduce the dark color and over time make it fair.

Wash armpits everyday

To combat these harmful effects you should not forget the golden rule to wash armpits every day in order to remove all traces of deodorant and sweat. Then, you should dry them well to prevent them from filling with fungi or bacteria. In addition to this advice, there are other recommendations like to exfoliate that will help you get rid of dark underarms in some days.

Exfoliate once a week

Women usually tend to exfoliate legs, arms, face, but leave out the armpits. It is very important that, at least once a week the underarms need to be exfoliated. With this the dead skin on the area are permanently removed. To combat this, you should exfoliate regularly to remove dead cells of the underarms and if you experience bad odor too then try some medicinal soap to kill the bacteria responsible for bad odor. Try any scrub that you use for your face or you can also try this homemade sugar scrub to lighten dark underarms quickly.

At night with a clean damp washcloth wipe your underarm area. Wet your hand and grab a handful of sugar. Gently massage your skin with sugar. This will help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. Now soak a cotton ball in coconut oil and pass it through your armpits. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Dry well and apply moisturizer. The next day use a moisturizer and fresh deodorant. Repeat this routine performing the exfoliation of sugar only once a week.

Apply moisturizing creams or oils

After exfoliating it is very important to moisturize, so the same cream that you use to hydrate your body, apply in the armpits. Everyday the way you moisturize your face, also hydrate the skin of underarms at night. Lack of moisture makes skin rough and more prone to darkness. Use the best lotion with good moisturizing ingredients to make skin soft and fair.

Use a good method of hair removal

Both beauticians and dermatologists warn that it is not good to use the razor to clear the hairs in the armpits. This actually causes more irritation than other hair removal methods. To avoid this problem it is important to not consider razors as this causes constant irritation and heavily damages the skin area. In addition, its use over time makes this part a little dark and can cause hair embedding. Ideally, use cold or hot wax or epilator to get clean underarms. This hair removal process helps keep the armpits clean and beautiful.

Choose a good deodorant

There is a wide variety of deodorant in the market, but when choosing one it is important that it must not contain alcohol which cause skin blemishes. The ideal are those that have moisturizing ingredients and protect the skin. If you see that the product causes you any irritation you should stop using it immediately. Also there are some new deodorants in the market that also contain some fairness ingredients which help to get rid of dark underarms fast.

Home remedies for dark underarms

Learn how few home remedies can fix something that certainly gives us more of a headache. If you want to whiten your armpits, do not miss these home treatments.

  1. Lemon: This citrus fruit helps to remove dead skin cells and lighten areas that have darkened over time. In addition, it also works as a deodorant, so do not hesitate to use this remedy. How do we do it? Simply cut a lemon in half and rub armpits. Let it dry for a moment and then wash with cold water. We avoid applying lemon if we have recently cleared hairs as it can cause irritation. Always remember that when you use tricks with lemon, you should not be in the sun because it can lead to further darkening. Another trick is to use the juice of half a lemon and mix with a tablespoon of honey and a half of oatmeal. Again we will form a paste and apply on underarms and later wash with cold water.
  2. Natural oils: We can also try coconut oil or olive oil for lightening armpits. For that we need to apply a bit on our hands and do massage directly in the dark area. You can also apply using a cotton ball soaked with any oil you like. To get the most effective results, you can do it twice a day.
  3. Yogurt: One of the most used natural remedies is yogurt. To prepare this remedy you need to mix natural yogurt with three tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of a lemon. After mixing well, apply it in the area and leave about 20 minutes and later remove with warm water.
  4. Potato juice: It contains many bleaching properties and enzymes that helps to get fair underarms. All you have to do is blend a potato and juice will come out, apply in the armpits and get positive results. This is a very good remedy to remove darkness from underarms.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide: This liquid has great properties to fade darkness from skin. You can take a little hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and apply it in the armpits, soon you will notice how the area is cleared from impurities.
  6. Cucumber: To clear your armpits, you just have to mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, four tablespoon of cucumber juice until a slightly pasty mixture. Apply this to your armpits and leave act for 20 min. Then you remove with warm water. If your skin is very sensitive then just rubbing cucumber slices over the dark area is also fine.
  7. Baking soda: Another remedy widely used to combat these dark skin is baking soda. To implement it, you must add two tablespoon baking soda in a saucer and add some water. Then with a cotton ball apply on the affected area. This remedy should be left in the armpit for a half hour and then remove it with water. It is important that this procedure should be not applied under sun, otherwise the problem can become worse.
  8. Aloe vera: This fruit provides antioxidant and skin lightening elements responsible for renewing the skin cells to make it look whiter. Use the gel of aloe vera as a mask for your underarms and wash only after it has been completely dried. This will make underarms fair as well the moisture it to make the skin soft.

So here were some of the best treatments you can follow to get rid of dark underarms naturally. If you are not getting the result of your choice then go to a skin specialist. These specialists have a list of good fairness products that can get you fair armpits quickly. If you have money then laser treatments can be effective to get beautiful underarms in few sessions.

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