How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently

Find the best way to get rid of dark circles fast permanently. You can also use natural home remedies to remove darkness under eyes overnight or in a week.


Our body reflects our health and mood, especially the face as being so sensitive easily collects any carelessness which leads to dark circles. It is sometimes inflamed with a brown or green color indicating that something bad is happening. Although, dark circles under eyes occur from lack of sleep or stress and worries, but it can also be attributed to dehydration, fluid retention, blood stagnation, hormonal changes etc.

According to some dermatologist, dark circles can caused due to dehydration and stress. When the eye muscles are tired due to lack of sleep, the blood flow in that region decreases which can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Having a healthy and young skin is the desire of every person. It is true that pollution and other factors cause damage that is not within our reach, but there are certain prevention techniques and proper hygiene that we can follow to get rid of dark circles quickly. Here are some of the ways that will help you eliminate dark circles under eyes permanently.

Sleeping is important

Sleep plays a major role for making you look refreshed and it also it affects the skin directly. When you sleep less, the skin looks dull and gives way to the appearance of dark circles, bags and premature wrinkles in the eye area. It is recommended that one should sleep 7 to 8 hours without interruption. A nice sleep also helps to prevent stress to the body. So if you want to remove dark circles then start with taking a 8 hours sleep.

Solar protection

Careless exposure to the sun and excessive exposure to UV rays leads to the development of spots, early wrinkles and other disorders. In addition, there is evidence that this bad habit is a major cause of skin cancer. Although, this step will not clear your dark circles, but using solar rays protection creams will increase the speed of lightening the darkness around eyes.

Drink enough water

If you are not drinking enough water then quit this habit. The liquid element is essential for maintaining moisture to the skin and performs many other functions of the body. It is true that the providing moisture to the skin depends largely of topical creams, however drinking water plays an important role that we must not ignore. So, increase water consumption to 6 or 8 glasses a day. You can also replace the commercial sugary products with fresh juices to stay healthy and hydrated.

Under eye creams

Applying under eyes lightening creams is one of the best way to get rid of dark circles fast. These creams include antioxidants, skin lightening peptides, moisture and other acids that work in the eye area to solve your problem. Buy one special cream made only to combat dark circles and use it the way it is described on it. Within a week you will notice improved tone of your dark circles and they will seem much lighter than before. One thing to remember is that these creams won’t work if you are not getting a good sleep at night.

Home Remedies to remove dark circles

When the dark circles are formed under eyes and become visible especially in the morning it discomforts us and gives a sense of fatigue and aging. To eliminate this problem we have prepared some of the working natural home remedies that will permanently erase the darkness under eyes within few weeks.

  1. Potatoes: This is one of the recipes you should do more often. This food has a natural inflammatory substance, so if you let them stand in the affected area for five minutes, you’ll see results instantly. Peel and grate a potato, place it over your eyes, leave on as long as possible and repeat it constantly day after day to get rid of dark circles permanently.
  2. Ice cubes: An effective way when your eyes feel tired is to place a few ice cubes wrapped in a towel and in a comfortable position, applied under the eyes for at least 10 minutes. As we know, ice is an ally to reduce inflammation, a few ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth and kept on your eyes for 15 minutes will helps reduce inflammation, reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  3. Chamomile tea bags: Make an infusion with two bags of chamomile, lying with eyes closed place one bag over each eye for at least ten minutes. This will help reduce inflammation and swelling of the eyes. Chamomile has sedative properties that can whiten the black circles under eyes fast. You can also prepare chamomile tea and add a little yogurt. Apply in the eye area and let stand for 10 minutes and remove with running cold water.
  4. Cucumber slices: This vegetable is the best known remedy, which when very cold applied over your eyes provides much relaxation. Cucumbers not only will relax the eye muscles, but its skin lightening properties will help to get rid of dark circles permanently overnight. With your head tilted back and eyes closed, place a slice of cucumber straight out of the fridge on each eye for 15 to 30 minutes. They will help the blood vessels to constrict and cure your problem.
  5. Rose water: You can either buy a rose water bottle or make a paste of some rose leaves. With a cotton ball apply over the dark areas of skin under eyes. Keep eyes closed for 15 minutes and then rinse. Rose petals work great in lightening dark circles and making skin beautiful.
  6. Cucumber and carrot: You can eliminate darkness by grating a piece of cucumber and carrot and put them on your eyelids about 15 minutes every night. Try to keep them in the fridge to be very cold as this will help your eyelids to achieve greater relaxation and try to do rinse with very cold water.
  7. Olive oil: This natural oil serves you with antioxidants and moisturizing vitamins which will remove fine lines and darkness around eyes. The use of olive oil on the skin should be done using cotton. Apply this oil gently over the dark circles, there is no need to rinse before an hour. Finally take cold water and clean the area. If the region still feels oily then use a face cleanser for rinsing.
  8. Mint: Blend a few leaves of mint with a little olive oil, dip cotton in this solution and apply it under the eyes before bedtime. Apply just a little so you can leave it on all night and not feel any discomfort.
  9. Milk compresses: Try milk that is as cold as possible, pour into a glass and soak two pieces of cotton in this cold milk. Close your eyes and keep these cotton balls on eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with water. For better performance of this remedy, you can also make a rose petal paste and mix it with this remedy.
  10. Lemon: This recipe is special as it contains lots of vitamin C to lighten the color of dark circles. Use a cotton ball and put it in a glass with lemon juice, pass through the eye area taking care not to get in your eyes. Leave it for a while and washed with warm water, do it two or three times a week. This is one of the best natural way to get rid of dark circles fast.
  11. Strawberry: Strawberry contains inflammatory properties and the antioxidants and vitamins in it work in keeping skin nourished and young. Leave the paste of strawberry on dark circles for half an hour and remove with cold water.
  12. Honey: It is another miracle natural product to whiten the darkness and make skin soft. You have to do is apply a teaspoon in your closed eyelids, wait a while and rinse with cold water.

I hope you have read these homemade recipes to reduce and eliminate dark circles naturally fast.

Tips to get rid of dark circles

  1. Sunscreen lotions help in lowering the amount of damage to skin from the sun. This makes the repair of the dark circles fast.
  2. Sleep at least eight hours.
  3. Avoid caffeine and excess salt in you diet.
  4. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated to prevents water retention and accumulation of toxins.
  5. Skin lightening creams and natural remedies can help remove the dark circles in a few week.