How To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels Fast

Find the best tips to get rid of cracked heels fast with overnight tricks. Few home remedies are also mentioned to permanently cure damaged heels naturally.

get rid of cracked heels

Your feet serves as base for your body to stand on just like wheels in a bike, if the wheels are cracked then they may cause harm later on and so they need to be taken care off. Just like in bikes your feet too require your attention to avoid having cracked heels. Cracked heels are one of the most common foot problems when not paid proper attention. It can be caused due to multiple reasons like weather conditions, dehydration, excessive walking, health conditions and many more. But if you really like your feet and would like to take care of this condition then you need to understand three things properly, which are causes, symptoms and treatment for cracked heels and that is all explained here.

Causes for Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels as I said can be caused due to number of reasons, so here I am going to list some of the most common causes and you see if that may be the cause for your cracked heels.

  1. Standing for Long Time:
  2. Standing on your feet for longer period of time can cause harm to your heels. Some people have to stand for 8-9 hours a day for their work which is harmful for your feet as hard floors can cause harm to your feet. So if you do have to stand for long hour then try wearing orthopedic footwear, they may sound expensive but they are not.

  3. Shoes and Sandals:
  4. Certain kind of footwear or the lack there off can cause cracks in heels. High heel sandals causes strain on your feet more than usual and laced sandals exposes your feet and may cause dry feet which can lead to cracked heels. So try to wear proper shoes and sandals to take care of your feet properly.

  5. Excess Weight:
  6. Excess weight is when your foot needs to carry additional weight then it was originally intended to carry. This excess of weight can be a cause of cracked heels and this excess weight can be caused by maybe pregnancy, being overweight, lifting heavy things and more. Remember more weight means more pressure on heels which in turn means more expansion of heel and or cracking or splitting of skin through callus.

  7. Skin Elasticity:
  8. Cracked heels happen when either your skin has reached its elasticity limit or for some reason the elasticity limit of your skin is decreased. Dry skin around your heels can happen due to any number of reasons but if not taken care properly will lead to cracked heels.

Symptoms of Cracked Heels

Before getting cracked heels there will be some symptoms that you can notice and immediately take care off before it turning into cracked heels. These symptoms are fairly noticeable and should be treated as soon as possible.

  1. Dry Skin:
  2. I have explained in the causes that dry skin is fairly common in summer and winter season or it may be caused due to wearing wrong footwear. Now if your skin is dry then you may notice some brown or yellow discoloration on your heels. And if you touch your skin then it will be quite rough that is the moisture in your skin will be so less that you could rip some skin apart easily.

  3. Painful Feet:
  4. Sometime your feet, particularly your heels may feel some pain or even a lot when you walk, run or just stand for a while. This pain usually goes away when the excess weight is taken off the feet. But this pain should be handled with care.

  5. Callused Feet:
  6. Sometime you may notice that there is some accumulation of dry skin on your heels, which may look like thick skin that is called callus. If you notice these calluses appearing then you should understand that cracked heels are not that far off and so you need to care for your heels now rather than later.

Remember if you are diabetic then please consult with a physician on timely basis if you notice any differences in your skin and nail tone.

Treatment for Cracked Heels

The good thing is, it is never too late to take care of your feet, even if you start now then too if given proper attention your cracked heels may make fast recovery. So, here are some ways you can start your treatment when it comes to cracked heels.

  1. Exfoliate:
  2. Exfoliating your feet and heels helps you to get rid of cracked heels and makes your feet smooth and soft. One can use pumice stone, exfoliation scrub or one can even make an exfoliating mixture using ingredients found at home. Here is how exfoliation is needed to be done properly if it is to work.

    • Before starting you must clean your feet properly either by using warm water for 5-10 minutes.
    • One your feet are clean then take ½ cup of baby/coconut/vegetable or any kind of oil with sugar or salt and mix it well to make a proper mixture.
    • Now take this thick paste and massage your feet and heels in circular motions and later scrub your feet with pumice stone if needed.
    • After this rinse your feet properly and pat it dry.
    • Now before going to sleep, scrub your feet with a scrub pad to remove any dead or dry skin cells.
    • After scrubbing apply a proper moisturizer on the bottom of your feet and then wear some socks and rest your legs for at least 4-6 hours.

    Exfoliating and scrubbing your foot helps to remove any dead or dry skin cells and clears the space for fresh skin cells to grow.

  3. Moisturizer:
  4. Moisturizing is the best and the easiest way to treat cracked heels. Moisturizing softens your dry and achy heels and helps you to get rid of cracked heels as soon as possible.

    • Take a moisturizing cream and apply it on your foot and heels properly.
    • Massage your feet and heels in particular for at least 5 minutes.
    • You can even make your own foot moisturizer using olive oil and lemon.
    • Take 1 tbsp of olive oil and add 2-3 drops of lemon to it and shake it properly to make a paste.
    • Apply this to your feet whenever you need.

    This cream helps to moisturize your feet and the best thing about this method is you can do this anytime in a day, but don’t forget to shake the cream before using. The foot scrubs and moisturizing cream heals your cracked feet without any side effects and if done properly you won’t ever need to go for foot spa.

  5. Antiseptic cream:
  6. Sometimes crack in the foot heels are caused due to some infection. In order to prevent it from happening further and to take care of the infection one can use antiseptic cream. The best home remedy for this type of treatment is turmeric as it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to get rid of cracked heels.

    • Take an antiseptic cream and apply it on your cracked or dry heels even try to apply it between the toes as it is common place for infection to take place.
    • Leave it for 20-30 minutes and the wash it off using a mild soap and warm water.
    • If choosing home remedy, then one need to take turmeric with coconut oil and make a thick paste with their mixture.
    • Apply this mixture the same way you would any antiseptic cream but be careful not to place your feet anywhere as turmeric leaves it stain behind.
    • You can wrap it with some cloth if you like in both cases the turmeric and the antiseptic cream.
    • Leave it for 20-30 minutes then wash it off properly using some soap. You may want to be careful when it comes to turmeric and stain.
    • One can even use Tulsi paste, Aloe Vera paste to do the same.
  7. Footwear and Heel Cap:
  8. Footwear and Heel cap can be used as a precautionary measure as well as when treating cracked heels. Like suppose you know you are going to be standing for a long time then you may consider wearing comfortable shoes and if you need to be stylish then one can make use of heel cap as it is discreet and helps to distribute your weight properly. This is more of a precautionary measure then a treatment plan but then again you need to keep in mind that “Precaution is better than cure”.

  9. Exercise:
  10. If you know what is causing your heels to crack then that is well and good but if you are don’t know or if you are confused then it is better to take a look at your diet as it can be the your cause. Exercise can be a great way to keep your body healthy and fit. And if your body is healthy and you have great diet then it will help to heal your cracked heels faster. Exercise is necessary if you are overweight as it can help to lose some extra weight.

  11. Podiatrist:
  12. When none of the above treatment plan is helping you, which is very rare in case then you may have to visit a physician or as we say a Podiatrist which can help you to know the reason why you are having cracked heels and why none of the treatment are working. They may even prescribe you some medication to treat your condition.

Cracked heels not only look bad, but they also send a statement that you don’t care about yourself even when you do. So, they need to be healed properly and please don’t ignore the symptoms as it is high time you try to take care of your heels properly.