How To Get Plump Lips Fast

Find the best way to get plump lips naturally with exercises, makeup and home remedies like cinnamon. Go to a dermatologist to permanently make lips fuller.

get plump lips

Many women with small lips often desire to have plumper lips as it has been a trend among celebrities. Some faces look very beautiful with fuller lips. There are many tricks to get plump lips naturally with home remedies, with makeup and with the use of advanced treatments. Here you will find a list of all the procedures that will aid you in getting the lip shape you desire.

If you want to get plump and beautiful lips, you have to know the pros and cons of every technique. Be careful with videos circulating on the Internet that involves using a glass or bottle cap for vacuum and suck the lips, causing inflammation. Worst of all is that this type of practice is self-proclaimed “natural”, but cheats . They are very dangerous because they can cause choking, but also serious damage to the skin around the lips. Here are some of the safe ways to get plump lips fast.

Keep lips exfoliated

This step will allow you to get rid of both dead skin cells as well as avoid those annoying bumps that sometimes appear around the edge of the lip. Also when exfoliating lips you’ll be activating blood circulation and thereby naturally increasing its thickness. To do this, you can use any lip exfoliant or prepare one honey and sugar scrub.

If your goal is to have fuller, colorful and soft lips, you can start making a good exfoliation. We have done this to the face, but never took special care for lips. It is best to avoid face scrubs and either purchase a lip scrub (if available) or prepare one by the recipe given. By exfoliating the lips will eliminate impurities and simultaneously boost the blood circulation in the area which gives it a plump shape.

The best homemade lip scrub is made with 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon sugar. Combine the two to form a sticky mixture. Place some on your fingers and spreads the lips. Rub in a circular fashion around the mouth. Rinse with warm water. Dry with a soft towel, giving mild strokes. Moisturize with a balm.. Repeat once or twice a week.

Hydrate it

The moisture of the lips is very important, as happens with the skin in general. If your mouth is cracked, dry and dull it may look thinner. Moisturizing lips will not only make lips plump, but will also help to keep it soft and pink. Best are the specific moisturizing balms for dry lips. You can also prepare your own moisturizer at home by mixing the use of honey, olive oil, cocoa butter and almond oil. Completely cover your lips with paste for 15 minutes and then wash. This will moisturize and provide enough volume to lips. Do not forget to moisturize lips during the day with a lip balm contain SPF. Never expose skin to sun without protection factor and cover your mouth during cold days

Exercises for fuller lips

Who said that the lips does not need exercise? Like any muscle, lip muscles also require certain exercise to stay in shape. Regular massages can help you get rid of slim lips and make it plum and voluminous. Why? This is because it stimulates the blood circulation and also strengthen the lip muscles. You just have to pick up an ice cube and slowly massage for 5 minutes. If you follow this trick everyday it will help you get plump lips permanently. Finally, do use a lip balm for add some moisture which is wiped out by ice.

Makeup for plump lips

For thin lips In this case, of course the goal is to increase its volume and to achieve it we need to makeup in such a way so that an illusion is created which makes you lips plump.

  1. Use a concealer first for attenuating the contours of the lips. Apply for off-line profiler and then diffuse with your fingers. The idea is to hide the real limits of the lips and then to create a visual as it they are thicker.
  2. Taking advantage we have erased the real limits of our lips, profiled slightly out, make sure you draw an outline immediately adjacent to the actual lip line. Intensify the line from the middle to the bottom lip to give a sense of depth and returns to the original line of your lips on the part of the corners, so the effect will not remain artificial.
  3. It’s time to paint lips with lipstick DIVA in the MAC matte tone. We start with the center of the lip and we will go leading to the edges, reaching the corners with much less product. And finally, we will outline the lips, always with a pencil in the same color as the chosen one on the lips.
  4. The last step is to give your lips an extra thickness by applying some highlighter on the “cupid’s bow” and in the center of the lower lip, like simulating the flashes. Some also simulates light folds on the lower lip with the profiler, but for this trick the lips should have a certain thickness, otherwise it will be strange.

You can even use a lip liner with a dark shade only in this case the lip on the outside of the natural line and then apply lip gloss. And in this case yes it will work well fill them with the range of lighter shades of gloss and pearlescent finish. These makeup tricks can be used anytime to get plump lips quickly at home.

Lips Products

Did you know that there are products that include components such as cayenne pepper, coffee, menthol, cinnamon and ginger for an alleged increase in the volume of the lips? The burning sensation they produce is not comparable to the damage that could eventually cause our skin. Remember that the mouth is a very sensitive area. There are similar products that guarantee a longer effect than 2 days. None of them is recommended, but if you come upon a product with positive reviews than you can try. The inflammation caused by these products swells the blood vessels and thus you get plump lips.
There is a new trend that has been implemented among many young people and that is to temporarily augment the lips through suction, either a small glass or a beauty tool designed for it. The vacuum effect on the lips is quick and effective, but it can pay off quite badly as that far to beautify lips, makes them look deformed and even bruised.

Fillers for lips

There are a lot of procedures that are used to make lips plump some of which consists of injecting substances that fill the area. Some of the most common options are collagen and hyaluronic acid. These advanced treatments are done in clinics of dermatologists. More and more women opt for botox treatments to get plump lips permanently. This makes their lips larger lips, however those who plan to undergo these treatments should know that the results are “almost forever.” For regret, it can be very difficult to reverse the process (until you have lots of money. So it is always good to be well informed about all the different treatments for getting fuller lips.