How To Get Pink Lips Naturally Fast

The best way to get pink lips fast permanently with few weeks is by using lip lightening products on it. To naturally make lips pink use home remedies and these tips can also be used by men.


In order to get pink lips naturally fast it is important you clear the impurities of the lips and keep them hydrated. You can try using some natural home remedies such as lemon, honey, olive oil, aloe vera and sugar. Pink lips give a charming effect to women. Giving moisture to your lips is the ideal in order to make lips pink, soft and beautiful.

get pink lips

Here are some ideas to reach your goal in a quick manner.

Exfoliate your lips.

There are several methods with which you can exfoliate your lips. You can either use any scrub or a remedy prepared at home for exfoliation of the dead skin cells and impurities. Here are some of the different ways you can use:

  1. One way to prepare a natural exfoliating lip would prepare a paste with rose petals, honey and cucumber.

    After 10 minutes, add a tablespoon of milk and apply the paste on the lips.

    This natural scrub helps remove dead skin cells and dirt on the lips give a pinkish appearance.

  2. In this method you clean your lips with a tooth brush and honey.

    – Take a toothbrush
    – Pleasing honey on top and exfoliate lips.

    This removes dirt and impurities and makes our lips hydrated and stay with a pink appearance.

  3. One can also add sugar powder to honey and then use a brush for better cleaning of the lips.
  4. Besides these two methods, clean your lips every night using rosewater. Take cotton balls and dip it in rose water. Then rub gently to remove the darkness of lips.

Keep lips moist.

Applying moisturizing creams or lip balms is important to care for your lips as they contain vitamin E. These moisturizers prevent our lips from cracking and dark spots.
Lips dry out faster when you are dehydrated. Prevention is better than cure, so keep one step ahead taking water in regular interval. And limit as far as possible, dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and caffeine.

Finally, relax and let go. To achieve that adorable red lips, besides having well maintained lips need to let go, because if you’re relaxed your lips will be even smoother. Using good moisturizers will get you pink and pretty lips in a few weeks. If you aren’t allergic to SPF lip balms then you can use it to for supplying more projection to the lips skin against the UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Massage lips

Massages as we have been commenting on other items increased blood on his lips. The increased blood flow makes the lips appear red. You can use ice cubes to give these massages. Just take the ice cube and rub gently with your lips. Following this procedure will relax the lip muscles and keep them beautiful. Moving an ice cube everyday for just 5 minutes will help you in two ways; first it will clear the dirt on it and secondly it will moisturize lips. You can also make use of olive oil or coconut oil for massaging lips as they contain lots of vitamin E that can make lips soft and pink.

Makeup to get pink lips

Today we show you some tricks to get the perfect red look. Want to get a lip makeup is perfect and lasting? Follow these tips.

Ideally makeup the lips with care and carry a lipstick in the bag to touch up throughout the day but there are times, you cannot be aware of retouching. For those times, follow these steps to get a lipstick last all day intact.

  1. Hydrate lips and apply a pencil eyeliner from the center to the edges and filled with the same pencil around the lip.
  2. Apply the pink bar with lip brush. The brush helps you be accurate. If you apply the bar directly run the risk of letting the whole lip without makeup. These are small details but in a pink lip those details are important.
  3. Set the lip with dust. This step can be very simple if you apply a thin layer of powder with a brush for eye shadow. Set the bar with powder makes this much more durable but if we stay in this step would be very turned off lip.
  4. Outlines lips again. This step is not necessary to apply the eyeliner around the lip, only profiled to define.
  5. Re-apply the bar with the brush around the lip.
  6. Apply some lip gloss in the center of the lip to add volume.

Home remedies for pink lips

If you want to try some home remedies than these are the best to give lips a pinkish look. Try a few and select the one the suits the best for your case.

  1. Rose petals:
  2. One of the easiest ways with which you can get pink lips is making a scrub using rose petals. Take 10-20 red or pink rose petals and crush it to prepare a paste. Now take this paste and slowly rub it on the lip skin for 10 minutes. If you do this regularly you won’t even require using a lipstick because every time you apply rose petal paste, both moisture and skin lightening properties are passed which makes the lips pinkish.

  3. Beetroots:
  4. This vegetable when applied to lips gives it a temporary reddish color and hence you can prevent yourself from using the unhealthy lipsticks everyday. It is also said that using beetroots on lips helps to lighten its tone and make it fair. To use this home remedy first peel of the beetroot and then add to a a blender to make a paste. Other alternative is to simply cut a piece of peeled beetroot and rub it over lips. Finally wash the lips with cold water. Within weeks you can notice pinkish and beautiful lips.

  5. Lemon:
  6. The excess of vitamin C plus the acids for deep skin cleansing make it a good choice to get pink lips naturally. The citric acids bleach the skin removing all the dead cells and contaminants responsible for the dark appearance of lips. Squeeze a lemon and tap some juice over your lips. Slowly rub the juice for 2 minutes and then using cold water wash it. Since lemon contains a high amount of acids, hence it is important that you don’t keep the lime juice on lips for more than 2 minutes.

  7. Milk Cream:
  8. Milk cream contains fats that help in deep lip miniaturization and apart from this the mineral and vitamins in it help in making lips pink. This remedy can be used by either directly applying milk cream to the lips or by mixing rose petal paste and then using it. Once the rose petal paste is mixed with the mil cream, apply this paste all over the lips and leave it for 15 minutes. The rose petals and milk nutrients work excellent to get red lips.


  9. Olive oil:
  10. The antioxidants and the moisturizing quality of olive oil make it one of the best natural product for lip lightening and softening. Simply wetting your lips with olive oil before going to sleep can help in improvising the texture of your lips. Olive oil can also be used after mixing coconut oil to it to double the speed to make lips pink.

  11. Ice Cubes:
  12. This is a quick solution to make lips look red because when an ice cube is moved over the lips it not only removes the impurities that are stuck to it, but also compress the blood vessels that makes lips look red. So if you have dry or dark lips then you can move ice cubes on it to get back the light lip color. This natural treatment will also help you to get smooth and soft lips.

    Tips to get pink lips.

    These are some tips and prevention measures that can help you get rosy lips.

    1. Avoid smoking, snuff leaves lips dark.
    2. Avoid excessive alcohol, tea and coffee.
    3. Avoid direct contact with the sun too long a time.
    4. Lip balm with at least SPF 15 should be applied on the lips if sun.
    5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
    6. Eat Healthy.