How To Get Irresistible Lips

Find the best ways to get irresistible lips quickly with everyday tricks. These tips and home remedies like sugar will make your lips beautiful and sexy.

get irresistible lips

A woman having irresistible lips is the attraction point to the guys in the party or club. It’s a
desire of every woman to get beautiful lips and believe me that to make your face look beautiful, attractive lips are a must. Here we show you some of the best ways and home remedies to get irresistible lips within a few days. Moisturizing tips, selecting the right product, exfoliation and some precautionary measures are mentioned which will help a lot in making lips beautiful and irresistible.

Exfoliation of lips

In this step we work in removing the dry peeling skin and dirt over the lips to make it clean and irresistible. Remember that lipsticks won’t be able to cover the peeling skin and thus will spoil your look. Hence, to avoid such situations and keep lips irresistible at all time you must opt for weekly exfoliation in which we use any chemical scrub or a home prepared natural remedy for lip cleansing. You can either use any peeling mask of face or prepare sugar scrub by mixing powdered sugar, lemon and water drops. First take slightly warm water (check whether the water is not hot), splash it on your lips and wait for a minute. Now, take this scrub and using a toothbrush or your index finger, softly rub it on lips. Rub it continuously, but with a gentle pressure for about 2 minutes and leave it as it is. After 10 minutes use cold water and clean the scrub and you will get irresistible lips which on weekly cleansing will become more pinkish and beautiful.

A lip balm is must

A lip balm is made up of those moisturizing and nourishing agents that work great to get soft lips. These products maintain the hydration preventing the lips skin from cracks. Lip also need a strong cover to fight the sun, hence some companies have developed lip balms with SPF. So now you must have understood the importance of using a lip balm to get irresistible lips. Shea butter, natural oils, aloe vera, avocado are some of the natural ingredients you must look for when buying a lip balm. There are some lip balms with chemicals or the ingredients you may be allergic, hence before buying check the ingredients and reviews of the product.

Moisturize lips routinely

Instead of moisturizing lips at any time of the day, you must focus to maintain a schedule and stick to it. A minimum of two times once in the morning before makeup and once before going to bed will also work if you remember and follow this routine. Following a routine everyday becomes a habit after some weeks and the habit to keep lips moist will keep it soft and make it irresistible. If you lack lip balms, you can also you any vitamin E moisturizing cream like Nivea or Vaseline.

Home remedies for irresistible lips

Natural home remedies like lemon, aloe vera, honey, avocado, baking soda etc. play an effective role for getting beautiful lips. These treatments help in moisturizing , exfoliation and healing skin cracks. Here are some of home remedies which will help you solve all your lip problems and get irresistible lips naturally.

  1. Baking soda:

    Due to its composition and texture, baking soda is ideal for scrubbing the impurities from skin. Since it helps remove dirt, dead cells, detoxify the skin and stimulate cell regeneration it is best to make lips irresistible and beautiful. Take 3 spoons of baking soda and pour one spoon water to it. Mix it to get a thick backing soda paste which now needs to be used to make lips clean. Rub gently on the lips in circular motions and rinse.

  2. Aloe vera:
    One of the best natural cosmetic product gifted to humans by nature is the gel of aloe vera plant. This is because aloe has the ability to renew the tissue, is antiseptic and works in solving almost all skin and hair problems. You can put this gel on your lips and rub with a tooth brush to exfoliate or let stand on lips until it dries for moisturizing. Using it anyway will help you get irresistible lips. If you repeat this procedure few times a week, you get pink and beautiful lips naturally.
  3. Lemon:
    When it comes to getting irresistible lips, you cannot miss lemon. Before using just remember that lemon can lead to inflammation and to avoid this you need to mix water or honey and then start using. Mix the lemon juice with water or honey and apply it on your lips evenly massaging for 2 minutes. Then rinse it with cold water. The vitamins C and acidic nature of lemon juice will lighten and clean the lips making it look beautiful and fuller.
  4. Avocado:
    If you want to make your natural lip balm then take a ripe avocado and use its paste. This avocado paste is full of skin friendly vitamins and fats that quickly moisturizes dry lips making it ultra smooth and irresistible. You can cover your lips with avocado paste for 20 minutes and then wash with cold water. Repeat it twice a week to make your lips smooth and sexy.
  5. Natural oils:
    There are different types of natural oils which have great power to cure lip cracks and make it soft and beautiful. For example, olive oil is a great source of vitamin E and antioxidants which repair any imperfection giving lips an irresistible look. Just spread some oil on lips before sleeping and finally wash in the morning. Apart from olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil also provide great results in achieving irresistible lips.

Tips to get irresistible lips

Here are some of the tips that will help you in maintaining lips ad always make it look sexy and beautiful.

  1. Be careful not to lick your lips, since it is bad for skin’s health. Stay away from this lip damaging addiction because while it might feel amazing to lick, but this is actually spreading the saliva acids on this sensitive skin making it more dry.
  2. You can use natural oils like olive oil or coconut oil for massaging the lip area. This is one of the best techniques to make lips irresistible.
  3. Once your food is complete make sure you splash some water over lips or wipe it to clear any spicy or salty ingredient on it.
  4. Cigarettes are a major obstacle to for getting irresistible and beautiful lips, hence quit smoking.
  5. Try to protect your lips while drinking hot tea or coffee. Since lip skin is quite sensitive, direct contact can damage them.