How To Get Fuller And Bigger Lips Permanently

Makeup and plumper can make your lips look fuller, but to permanently get bigger lips opt for injections. Home remedies like cinnamon also help to naturally plump its shape.

get bigger lips

A perfect lip care routine can help you make lips fuller. There are various ways which can give you lips a bigger look such as makeup, lip plumping products, cosmetic surgeries and some natural treatments may also work great. Use deep moisturizing lip balms and don’t forget to use any moisturizing cream before sleep. Hydrated lips not only appear full, but also becomes pinks and soft. Before we go to bed apply a very thick layer of balm on the lips. In the morning, use cold water to wash you lips, take a bath and again hydrate lips before using any kind of makeup on it. Read the tips with which you will finally get fuller lips.

Exfoliate your lips

If you want your lips to look plumper than deep rinsing is required for washing off the dead skin that makes lips look dark and small. You don’t require to exfoliate lips everyday, just once in a week would also be fine. Just make sure that the product you are using for exfoliating lips is not very harsh because lip skin is more sensitive than the skin on face. Here are a few home remedies which can be used to get bigger lips.

  1. The most famous home remedy to scrub off dirt from lips is using a sugar scrub with a toothbrush. This remedy is easy to prepare, simple to use and the results are awesome. Take a spoon of sugar, make a powder of it and add a spoon of water to it. Dip your brush in this thick sugar paste and slowly give a circular motion rubs to get rid of the contaminants. At the ends wash lips with cold water. This will help you get fuller and bigger lips naturally.
  2. Cut and squeeze a lemon and collect its juice in a spoon. Add few drops of water to it and slowly with your finger rub it over lips. The powerful acids cleansers in lemon will lighten your lips making it look bigger and pinkish. Avoid this remedy if you lips are cracked. You can also add lemon juice to sugar remedy for more effective cleansing.
  3. Coffee scrubs are also very popular for purifying the skin. In a small bowl, mix the powder of coffee and a little water applying the mask on your lips and massage for 5 minutes. Remove it with warm water and then apply a moisturizing balm.

Add moisture to it

To moisturize you lips make sure you use a lip balm everyday. The moisture in these lip products make lips bulky and soft. A regularly moisturized lips will always look fuller compared to fry lips. However don’t abuse the use of any moisturizer or lip balm. Here are a few home remedies that you can follow once in a week to keep lips smooth and beautiful.

  1. With honey you can moisture your lip skin deeply and since it is has healing and antiseptic properties you will be able to get hydrated lips quickly. Take a spoon of honey and with your washed finger cover your lips with it. Let the skin soak the moisture in honey for 1 5 minutes and then washed with cold water.
  2. To make this homemade beauty trick all you have to do is put a few drops of olive oil on your finger. Olive oil is great for moisturizing skin due to its high content of fatty acids, which have the power to end the dry and leave lips as soft as silk. Apply it over your lips with perform a gentle massage for a few seconds. It is important that you carry out this operation before you go to bed, since in this way, you are providing a complete night for the oil to work. Wash lips in the morning and check the mirror, your lips would appear fuller and big.

Lip plumping products

I have see various ads about lips enhancing products. These products contain those ingredient that help in increasing the volume of lips. Before using any such product, it is better to know the right moves. So we spend a few minutes reading about the product and apply it with the pulp of the index and middle fingers towards the center of the mouth, towards its ends. Then we repeat this movement (tonic) on the lower lip, always from the center to the corners. At the ends, add a few small drops always over the boundaries of the lips. To get the best plumping product either ask your friends or ask your doctor.

Cosmetic treatments for fuller lips

There are some cosmetic treatments which you will get to know from your dermatologist to get fuller lips. One such treatment is called lip augmentation which involves injections of dermal filler that help you get a perfect shape and size for your lips. For this treatment you will need some cash, but it is a guaranteed way to get bigger lips fast. So to know everything about this treatment you must book an appointment with an expert.

Makeup for bigger lips

Although it may be tempting, do not try to make your lips look thicker by drawing the line outside. Instead use soft colors and make them look bulkier. Also apply a little gloss in the center of the lower lip, this will make your lips look fuller.

When it comes to color, I recommend finding the perfect neutral shade for everyday use. To find this basic tone, first removes all makeup to check the perfect neutral tone of lips. Once you’ve found the right tone, you have the basis for choosing the right color product. Select all colors that are lighter or neutral in shade compared to your lips.

The gloss whose ultra shiny texture creates an optical effect gives a new volume to the lip, thus making I bigger. And the effect is stunning as, we always opt for light and delicate pastel shades like pink. The more we add to the center, the better.

To increase the volume, a simple makeup accessory, the pencil can help. Of course, we avoid applying it to 2mm from the edge of the lips. But if the lips are thin, it is placed by lining the track of their natural border. Applied to the inner boundary, the line would have the opposite tendency to make them seem less fleshy. And of course, we always start with the upper lip, from the center to the corners, before moving to the lower one.

Home remedies for plump lips

These two are the two most popular home remedies for giving volume and a good shape to make lips beautiful.

  1. Ice cube: The power of ice cube is that it provides relation to the muscles and also compresses the blood vessel in lips to make them look plum and red. Daily before going to bed just 2 minutes massage with ice cube will make your lips beautiful. Lastly moisturize and then go to sleep.
  2. Cinnamon oil massage This oil is known for its spicy nature. Take just a single drop of this oil and add double water to it. Finally give a massage and wash lips with chilled water. You can also mix cinnamon oil with honey or aloe gel and then use it. This oil lumps the lip and due to its spicy nature makes lips red. It may lead to inflammation and hence use cold water to reduce the burning.

Tips to get bigger and fuller lips

  1. Don’t use your teeth or tongue to torture your lips.
  2. Once you meals are complete, take cold water and splash it on lips to sweep off any food deposit.
  3. Once you are home, first thing you must do is clean the lipsticks.
  4. Exfoliating it a few times a moth can benefit to lighten the lip tone and further moisturizing will make it look full.
  5. Everyday massage with oils can stimulate circulation of blood and give a good shape to the lips.

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