How to Get Fair Skin for Men

Using fairness skin lightening creams, moisturizers, scrubs and natural remedies can help to get fair skin for men quickly within weeks.

Many men around the globe have dark skin. Heredity, pigmentation, age or spots and accumulation of dirt and dead cells make skin darker. To get fair skin for men, many brands have introduced men’s fairness creams which achieve optimum results. We can use some specific creams or homemade natural recipes. Examples of creams which are available universally are Nivea, Vaseline, Neutrogena and fair & lovely men fairness cream. There may be even more, but right now I can remember only these brands. People also use home remedies like lemon, aloe vera, yogurt, papaya etc. recipes to get fair skin.

fair skin for men

The dark skin appears because the melanocytes, internal cells produce melanin. When skin is usually exposed to sun, these melanocytes produce more melanin which takes away the fairness from skin. The most common sites of occurrence are precisely those most exposed to the sun like the face, neck and hands.

When exposed to the sun, melanocytes increase the production of pigment and tanning appears. Prolonged exposure without adequate protection causes an increase in free radicals, which in turn further stimulate melanin production. By increasing the concentration of melanin ceases to be distributed evenly, giving dark shade appearance to the skin. With aging, free radicals also stimulate melanin production and cell regeneration slows down, resulting in the appearance of pigmentation and blemishes. So now I will share with you the tips required to get fair skin for men.

The most important thing is prevention

The best way to prevent uneven skin tone is to sunscreen. If you do not have, then go the market and buy one because this will add layers of protection to the skin against sun. Look for sunscreen with having at least 30 SPF. It is best to always apply sunscreen, not only when we go to the beach, even when we do some activity outdoors or in our day to day in the city. We should use cream with SPF on face, neck and hands because these are the areas which are more exposed to sun. The peak radiation hours are 12pm-4 pm, hence avoid spending more time within this interval.

Perform the steam treatment

This treatment is a must if you want to bring your fair skin layer to the top. Daily thousands of skin cells die and are accumulated on the top. Also the oils and diet gets stick to the skin and these impurities also block our skin pores. Hence to deeply remove the dark layer from skin you must perform the steaming therapy. Buy a steamer and pass steam to your face, hands, neck etc. for 30 minutes in a week. Steaming is important because after this process these impurities become much easier to clean even from the pores. After steaming now you will require either an exfoliating product or a homemade scrub to clean the impurities from skin and bring back its fairness.

Use men’s scrubs and creams

I assume that steaming is over and now the role of a scrub comes into action. Scrubs and exfoliating products contain various acids which help in washing away these dead cells and dirt. Buy a men’s scrub, apply and use it as prescribed. This is one of the best tip to get fair skin for men. After the process of scrubbing is over, now apply a moisturizer to skin. You can also use a men’s fairness cream everyday. These creams contain certain ingredients that help in bringing a glow to he skin.

Take Cosmetic Help

This is the last option because after trying everything if nothing works then go to your dermatologist for expert help. Before going to dermatologist try some skin lightening creams of few cosmetic brands present in drugstores and its use should be daily (morning and evening) for at least a month. Also try exfoliating lotions which generally contain alpha hydroxy acids or tretinoic acid. Dermatologist can suggest you with melanin de-pigmentation creams especially when the dark shade has been due to over contact of skin with sun rays.

Laser surgery: This treatment is effective and the most modern and revolutionary is the use of pulsed light. It is a selective destruction process, which means it selectively targets melanin, under the healthy skin. The laser beam to be absorbed through the skin, creates heat and impacts on particular area where it Is focused. In few sessions you may get permanently erase surface skin pigmentation. Remember that while you are in treatment, the most important thing is to follow the precautions given by the experts. This is a costly, but effective way to get fair skin for men as well as womem.

Home Remedies for a fair skin for men

Whiter skin with lactic acid

One of the most popular products that people use to get a whiter or lighter skin is the use of lactic acid. For those who do not know, lactic acid is a substance commonly found in dairy products. We all know Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid and when it is applied to the skin for a period of ten to thirty minutes, the skin becomes lighter and glowing. However, this product also tends to dry the skin and hence remember to later moisturize. Another way to achieve a fair skin is to use is milk cream because it also contains lactic acid and other sources of nutrients required to make skin glowing. To do this, simply mix a tablespoon of oatmeal to milk cream or yogurt and then you have to apply it on the skin as a scrub. Leave it for a minimum period of 20 minutes and then clean it with cool water.

Whiter skin with Lemon Juice

Since the time of our forefathers, lemon juice has been used as a natural bleaching agent to have a whiter skin. Like lactic acid, lemon juice known as citric acid may also serve as a bleaching agent. To use it, you must remove a small amount of juice on a cotton ball and then all skin should be cleaned just before bedtime. There is an important precaution to take when lemon juice is used on skin is to prevent skin being exposed to sunlight because it can cause stains and severe burns to skin. Citric acid is strong and it can also lead to inflammation of skin, therefore its application in the evening is always recommended. Moreover, like after using lactic acid, a moisturizing cream should be applied because the lemon juice leaves skin dry.

Papaya Treatment

One of the most popular ingredients known to man as a solution for a whiter skin is the papaya. Using papaya will actually provide you with pure skin. The natural compound known as papain is a powerful whitening and well as dirt removal ingredient. It should be applied to the skin for at least ten to twenty minutes and then rinse.

Wonders of Aloe Vera gel

Using aloe vera gel is a complete solution to all the skin problems. It has antioxidants, bleaching and moisturizing properties. Apply the gel of aloe vera on the face and let it dry because it may take some time for the skin to absorb all the nutrients from it. Finally rinse and clean your skin properly.

Use potatoes

Potatoes are also great when it comes to skin beaching. The advantage of potato is that unlike lemon, it does not leads to irritation when applied to skin. Catecholase enzymes in potatoes with the other extracts in it can help you get fair skin naturally.

Using turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient skin whitening remedy. This natural item contains skin nourishing nutrients as well as antiseptic properties. This means application of turmeric can provide glow to the face and along with this it will purify skin by killing the bacteria and germs on it. Add few drops of water to turmeric and apply the paste to the face. Let it stay for sometime and then wash it using water and moisturizing soap. Soap is important because turmeric can make the face look yellow. If you don’t have moisturizing soap then use a normal soap and after making the skin dry, moisturize it.

Tips to get fair skin for men

  1. Remember to always wash your face with water when you enter your home after playing or from work. The atmospheric pollutants that stick to our face needs to be removed to make skin fair.
  2. Use vitamin C cleansers and home remedies on your face. This vitamin is very advantageous for lightening dark spots and skin tone.
  3. For moisturizing use Vitamin E creams and home remedies. Natural oil massage can be great for removing the dark dull tone.
  4. You can visit men’s parlor and get some facial treatment for making your face fair and glowing.

So guys here are some of the best ways with which you can get fair skin. Hope you like it, if you have other remedies to share then do comment and share your tip.