How To Get Curly Hair Overnight Without Heat

Find the best super ways to get curly hair overnight at home without heat or curling iron. These natural tricks will make hair wavy fast and permanent with braids.

how to get curly hair

If you are one of those girls who are tired of wearing the same look and want to give your hair big curls then try these steps. It is much simpler than it seems and there is no need to get a tong or a curling iron. How to do it? Your hair is very powerful and allows you to do real wonders.

Would you like to make the morning routine for your hair shorter and still get beautiful curls? You can get incredible wavy hair super effortlessly while you sleep. So you’ll have perfect curls in the morning and also without heat or damaging your hair or a little, what more could you want?

The use of an electric tools for curling hair with heat is a quick way to get this hairstyle, but it’s overuse will damage your hair. However, there are many other ways to achieve a perfect curl without the need to use these tools or having to damage your hair. Most of the methods that we teach will get you a perfect curl without using any heat.

Would you like to boast soft curls and voluptuous waves? With the use of heating plates, at the end you slowly spoil your hair. We assure an extremely natural frizz free hair as we show how to get curly hair without heat or curling iron. With these tips you can create vintage curls, natural wave, tight curls or ringlets depending on the effect you want to achieve. Want to know how to curl hair overnight? Then start following the steps.

First you must wash your hair

Does not matter which technique you use to curl your hair, it is really a priority that the hair should be washed to make the curls remain visibly cleaner. You can use shampoo and conditioner. Apply in the area of the ends and finally condition and end your hair rinsing. Once you’ve resolved this step, dry your hair by removing all traces of water. It is your choice to use the dryer or not, but if you are using it let it be at a low temperature setting.

Use rollers to get curls

More practical than traditional braids, flexible rollers are able to give you a beautiful hairstyle. Get as many as you want, everything will depend on the amount of curl you prefer. Do you remember the curlers that your mother used to wear when they went to sleep? As these presses are more effective than you can imagine and it does not hurt at all while you sleep. These rollers will help to absorb moisture from the hair. To wear them ideally wash your hair, apply a moisturizing mousse and put the curls just before getting into bed. If you prefer, you can use a magnetic roller that will allow your hair to dry completely before removing.

The curlers can also be found in a variety of sizes, choose the size you prefer to get your curls. If you want big waves then use a big curler and if you want small and more curly hair then a short size will be great. When you are about to remove the rollers make sure that all your hair is dry to get the best hairstyle you wanted.

The classic braids

The braids are easy to make and sleeping with them is not a problem because they don’t annoy nor hurt. In addition braids are very good to bring you a good look with curls up in the morning. Once you’ve washed your hair and it is completely dry you can add a little conditioner to your dry hair to help keep the curls in place. Collect hair in a kind of spiral braids. Leave on a 4 to 6 hours for a well-defined curls.

There is nothing more effective than sleeping with braids for super natural waves. This is one of the oldest and most popular methods. For the result to be even better, get yourself two braids, one on each side of the head and considering the hairline. The next morning you will be amazed with the result.

Depending on how you want your curls in the morning, you have to divide the hair into different sections. For example, if you want a tight curl will have to do more and more tight braids, but if you want a wavy or a loose curls, then you can separate the hair into larger sections. When you wake up and take off the braids, do not brush your hair with a comb and use your clean hands to adjust.

Wavy hair diffuser

Drying with a diffuser is one of the golden rules for curly or wavy hair. For starters, dry your hair with your head down. All you have to do is enter the hair in the diffuser and leave a few minutes. Use average temperature, not too hot to avoid damaging hair. When hair is dry, raise your head and with fingers gently make cups or buns and leave it overnight. In the morning the curls are ready and for better fixation, grab a foam or hair gel to look to make the curls last for more time.

Hair buns technique

This is another used technique which many people use to naturally get curly hair without heat. Choose a hair band which is smooth and supple. Then divide the hair into sections of small buns or rolls and tie the band around it. Wrap around small tufts of hair for more wavy hair. The result is much more amazing than you think without heating and in just one night.

tips for curly hair

Another way is to use hairpins (check the image above) to maintain the buns on hair. If you like tight curls and large curls then use as many pins as you can and create small rolls of hair all over the scalp. The result after a few hours will be amazing. You can sleep with him and in the morning when the bands or pins are removed, adjust your with clean hands and add some hairspray for maintain these curls for a longer duration.

Tips for a perfect wavy hairstyle

If you do not pay attention to these tips then you will not achieve a proper style you want for your hair. If your hair is not washed, conditioned and combed properly, you will not be able to get well-defined curls. That is why today we bring you some tips to help you get beautiful hair.

  1. If you have a dry hair type then by nature this type of hair is much drier, therefore must be hydrated and nourished in depth with a conditioner before you start making your hairstyle curly.
  2. To clear the knots, use a wide tooth comb and slowly remove it. It is much easier for clear knots when hair is wet. Wet hairs are also pone to breaking and hence remove knots gently.
  3. It is recommended to dry the hair outdoors, but if you want to hurry then you can use the dryer on low heat and using a diffuser. Thus the air flow is not aimed directly at a fraction of hair but over the entire scalp region.
  4. Once you have completed the technique you can use a styling hair spray. This is an optional step, but using such products will benefit in keeping curls for some longer time. Also these products help giving a hair a shiny look.

These were some of the best ways to get curly hair without heat. Use whichever technique you are comfortable with and overnight you will be able to give beautiful wave style to your hair.