How To Fix Oily Hair Quickly

Find the best way to fix oily hair quickly at home with and without washing, These tips and natural home remedies will remove greasy hair scalp overnight.

fix oily hair

Having some oily hair troubles and need to fix it immediately then you are at the right place because here I will explain you everything about how to deal with your oily hair troubles from necessary habitual changes to cover up tricks and some home remedies as well. But before we go in the deep, it’s important that you know the reason of your hair trouble, you see, our scalp produces some natural oil to help strengthen our roots and hair and to make them naturally appealing by making them shine but sometimes our scalp produces these oil also known as sebum in access then what is required and hence you get oily or greasy hair. But don’t worry here are some ways in which you can fix oily hair in shorter as well as longer time span.

Everyday hair care for greasy hair

Everyone of us have different hair type like say dry hair or oily hair but it wouldn’t matter if we take care of them properly on daily basis. Sometimes people ignore their hair for days and then complain when they get greasy, I mean, come on what were you expecting? Huh! So, what we need to do is take care of our hair properly but that too depends on which type of hair we have. But if oily hair is your concern then here are some tips to take better care of your hair in day to day life.

Hair Washing:

Washing Oily hair is a very tricky task as you need to check a lot of things before going through with it and hence here are some pointers to help you with the same.

  1. First of all do not wash your hair every day in case of oily hair instead make a routine like wash every alternate days or something that suits you well.
  2. Make sure to pick a proper shampoo because some shampoo are used to treat dry hair and those helps to get your hair oily which in this case would be a disaster. Normally for oily hair one should use shampoo that contains sulfates but in some cases it has been known to get your hair too dry or itchy so immediately change shampoo if your skin or scalp itches.
  3. One can also use dry spray on shampoo as it can help to reduce the oiliness of your hair but you shouldn’t use it on daily basis as it can cause damage too like dry hair.
  4. Use cold water to wash your hair because hot water strips away the natural oil in your hair and hence increases the secretion of extra oil from your scalp.
  5. Avoid conditioning your hair instead if you do need to condition your hair then only use it do hair tips and middle but avoid the roots at all cost.

Hair Styling:

Sometimes oily and greasy hair is caused due to excessive use to gel and foam products used to style your hair but one should consider some points when styling oily hair or it can cause more damage. Hence here are some tips you need to consider.

  1. Check the products you are using for styling as some may be oil enhancers so as to create shiny hair. Hence avoid the products which contain oil in them or can speed up oil production in your hair.
  2. Keep your hair away from heat that is to say avoid hot iron or hair drier and of course sun rays as it causes the oil to stimulate excessively.
  3. Avoid touching your hair as much as possible as your hand can become the transporting medium for oil to travel from one place to another and same goes for combing or brushing your hair so try combing or brushing only when required.

Dietary Changes:

Everything we eat has great impact on how we look especially our skin and by extension our hair. Hence we need to be more vigilant of what we eat and how much we eat in order to maintain our self. Some of the tips you want to consider while making your diet plan are given here.

  1. Increase intake of red meat, fish and poultry as they are good for your health and they provide Vitamin B2 and B6 along with zinc and omega-3 fatty acid which are essential in order to take care of your oily hair problem.
  2. Avoid high carbohydrate food as it contain more sugar in it which causes more insulin production and which in turn causes more oil production in our body.
  3. Fruits and vegetable are good for health and for our hair as it provides us with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

One need to mention a well balanced diet in order to control or fix oily hair problem. So, try making a routine diet program and consider the above tips while making one.

Home Remedies to stop greasy hair

Home remedies are the fixes that one can make and apply at home so as to prevent and fix oily hair problems. Some of the experts too recommend these home remedies from time to time due to their effectiveness. Hence, here are some of the home remedies that you can choose from to use.

Lemon Juice:

The old lemon trick is still the best organic way to treat oily hair. Make a mixture of lemon juice and add some water to it just to increase the quantity. After you have shampooed your hair then apply this mixture to the roots and then all over your hair. Leave it for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it properly so as to remove all the lemon juice. This method will definitely help you to get rid of oily hair to some extent.

Vinegar Solution:

Just as lemon juice method vinegar can work too. Make a mixture of vinegar and water, each in equal quantity. Use this mixture to rinse your hair whenever you wash your hair and when you do leave it in for couple of minutes before rinsing it away with normal water. Within a week you will notice the changes in your hair like they would be less oily and if you had dandruff it would also be less to some extent.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera gel is the best home remedy that exist as it can be used at many places like for oily hair, dry skin, itchy scalp, hair fall and even for dandruff problems. Aloe Vera gel can be used just like you use your shampoo, I mean just apply Aloe Vera gel all over your hair including the roots and scalp and then massage it and leave it for couple of minutes before rinsing it off. The best thing about this method is that in addition to less oily hair it also helps to make your hair silky smooth.

Tea Water:

Tea water works in the same way as vinegar solution. Just take diluted tea water that is to more amount of water and less of tea and rinse your hair including your scalp and roots. And then rinse it with some normal water after waiting a couple of minutes for tea water to do its job that is to make your hair look beautiful and oil free.


Normally I wouldn’t say this but in this case alcohol can help you to get rid of oily water but only if you pour it on your hair and not in your mouth. Use alcohol or beer to rinse your hair including the roots and scalp and leave it for 5-10 minutes and then please wash it warm water or else you would smell like a drunk. This method will help you to fix your oily hair and give you shiny smooth hair.

Emergency tactics to fix oily hair

Normally I wouldn’t suggest this but sometimes or in case of emergencies there has to be something that you can do to avoid coming off as the one with oily greasy hair and hence here are some tactics you can use for oily hair but only in emergencies and if not an emergency then try using the above methods and get rid of it.

Paper Napkins:

During emergency you need to think quick and hence this solution is most usable because anywhere you go there are bound to be some paper napkins or just pure paper. Use this paper to soak the extra oil in your hair, I know it is embarrassing but just get through it because in emergencies anything goes.

Perfume or Body Spray:

If you are carrying your purse along with you then I hope you are the kind of woman who carries a perfume or body spray with them. Because in case of emergency all you have to do is spray some of this on your hair and it will get the job done as alcohol in the perfume will break down the excess oil and also make your hair smell nice.

Hand Sanitizer:

This tactic is the same as the perfume tactic as your hand sanitizer contains some alcohol contents as well. Just like your hand sanitizer is able to help you clean your hands without them getting wet the same rule applies here. It mixes with the oil in your hair and breaks it down and even makes your hair appear fresh. Alcohol based products should be used to fix greasy hair only at times of emergency.

Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo, have you ever heard of it. If you haven’t then let me explain it is a kind of shampoo that is dry all you have to do is spray it on your hair and after a while your hair will appear fresh as if you had a bath. This is the kind of stuff that one should carry for fixing greasy hair scalp.

Hair Styles:
Another fix for oily hair is to try on some oily hair styles. There are many hair styles that can be done for oily hair and still look elegant. Just try some hair do like pony tail or half pony tail or go as a rebel with messy hair or you can try braiding your hair. These are for day when you are tired to even think about washing your hair after the long day at work.
All differences aside don’t get lazy on your oily hair now because if you don’t take of it now then you will definitely regret it later. So just man-up or woman-up and get it done.