How To Fix And Stop Receding Hairline

The best way to fix and stop receding hairline for men and women is by visiting a doctor. To cure and regrow lost hair naturally use home remedies mentioned.


One of the most common problems faced by both men and women is hair loss and receding hairline. If you lose and see lots of hair on the pillow, in the shower, on comb or even in the work table, do not miss this tips because we tell you all about the working remedies that can help you stop receding hairline.


There is no age for men and women for this problem to happen, hair loss can occur at any age and has widespread peaks such as changes in seasons, especially in autumn or spring due to hormonal imbalances or times of stress.

Shampoos to regrow hair

One of the most effective solutions to curb recurrent hair loss is to use shampoos that are they really effective and help to regrow receding hairline. These shampoos are not miraculous, but have restorative components that help improve the situation.

These shampoos have a specific purpose and are dedicated to neutralize the effects that make the hair tends to fall more than the natural and return your hair to its natural state.

How the shampoos fall protection work? Most are formulated based on revitalizing agents, anti-dandruff and seborrheic, as these are usually three reasons that generate more hair loss among women. It does not help in hair growth, as these types of shampoos are not designed to increase the length of the hair, but to improve their health and adherence to the scalp. With such products you can stop extreme hair fall and thus help to fix receding hairline.

The most famous ingredients of these products are protein surfactants and proteins in general, creating a restorative film around the hair.

You know, if you suffer from hair fall and you do not know what to do to give a chance to avoid the fall then use such products that help to recover the strength, shine and volume of hair.

Foods to prevent receding hairline

Here are some of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are important for keeping hair healthy and strong. Nutrients that prevent hair loss and increase hair growth:

  1. Amino acids: Lack of these causes hair growth to slows down. Amino acids are found in foods such as fish, meat, dairy products and soy.
  2. Hydrolyzed Collagen: Consumption of 5 grams per day stimulates growth and increases hydration and the diameter of each hair. It is necessary to take prescription. You can find it at any pharmacy, but remember it is essential that a doctor prescribes it for you.
  3. Proteins: They are responsible for the maintenance and growth of new cells and tissues, just what you need your hair. Meat and fish are rich in protein.
  4. Zinc: It stimulates cell proliferation and promotes hair growth and strength. Oysters, nuts and chestnuts are high in zinc.
  5. Folic acid: In addition to avoiding hair falls, it increases the body’s resistance and the effect of vitamin B12. Legumes, for example, are rich in folic acid.
  6. Sulfur: It is a component in the hair keratin. You can find it in meat, eggs, nuts, milk and many others.
  7. Vitamin E: It works against free radicals, prevents cell damage associated with aging and improves micro-circulation of the scalp. You can include in your diet foods such as cereals and vegetable oils.
  8. Vitamin A: It is responsible for stopping the degeneration of hair cells caused by oxidation and excess fat in the hair. It is present in the beef, liver, carrots and papaya, among others.

Also there are other vitamins and also minerals like selenium, silicon, copper etc.

Treatments for receding hairline

One must take immediate action to excess hair loss as it can start receding hairline and finally lead to bald spots. So if you feel that you are facing extreme hair loss then instead of trying any home remedy, visit a dermatologist. Visiting an expert is very important for examining your hair condition. Once he doctor checks the root of your problem, they can prescribe you with the right shampoos, medicines and other products that will help you stop receding hairline. These are the treatments which the doctor will prescribe if you are on the advanced stage of this problem.

According to experts, currently the only definitive way to combat baldness is hair microfollicular. This is done using two techniques: FUE and FUSS. The first involves removing follicular units (hair roots) on the back of the head and then insert it into the area to settle and the second in removing a strip of scalp hair follicles to remove and perform the graft.

Home remedies to stop receding hairline

  1. Aloe Vera: One of the most common home remedies for receding hairline is aloe vera because of its large number of properties that helps strengthen, moisturize and improve its appearance. Apply this product on hair at least once a day, after washing and then wipe it again. For satisfactory results it is advisable to do so for several weeks.
  2. Coconut Milk: Another solution to prevent hair loss is coconut milk, proceed as with aloe vera to notice results and we must do it at least once a week. It will also leave very good smell in addition to preventing hair fall.
  3. Apple cider vinegar: It is one of the best and most effective home remedies to fix receding hairline naturally. We will need a glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and once the hair washing is complete, add this mixture on your hair, let stand a few minutes and finally rinse hair again.
  4. Ginger: It is also an alternative, it is a natural ingredient that possess many natural properties that encourage blood flow and simultaneously provide vitamins to the hair which prevents hair loss. For use we have to grate this product in hot water and boil, upon cooling apply it on the affected areas in a circular motion; we’ll leave it on for about 45 minutes and will rinse. This process must be repeated every two day or at least two times a week.
  5. Honey: If we opt for natural alternative solutions then infusions of honey and rosemary can be a good choice. These herbal infusions can be applied to the scalp to cure ceding hairline.
  6. Guava leaves: These leaves are also a working remedy against hair fall and baldness. For use we have to boil some leaves with water until it begins to have a dark color, apply it on hair by making small massages and then rinse. We should do this two or three times a week.

Tips to prevent receding hairline

    To prevent abnormal hair loss we need to correct bad habits of modern lifestyle. The specialist recommended:

    1. Taking action to counteract stress with the help of sports or medication. If better to organize your workload and do give time to your hobby to relax and have fun.
    2. Caring for food is important and thus eat foods with iron (red meat), folic acid (peanuts, lentils), zinc (nuts, soy), vitamin A (eggs, vegetables, sunflower oil and olive oil) and vitamins B ( B6 and B12 in fish, beef, whole grains ).
    3. Stop using any chemical hair products till you see less hair fall.
    4. Avoid hairstyles that makes use of tongs or puts a pressure on the hair strands.
    5. Wearing hats, caps or helmets can lead to receding hairline, hence don’t wear them until your problem is cured.