7 Ways to Exfoliate Lips At Home

Find the best natural recipes and tips to exfoliate lips at home. Vaseline, sugar, salt and honey scrub exfoliation along with toothbrush will clean your lips. These homemade recipes will turn your lips beautiful.

exfoliate lips

The skin on the lips is extremely sensitive and therefore often becomes cracked, dry and dull. Moreover on many occasions, despite moisturizing lips with lotions and balms, they are not repaired and still look the same. This is because, just as in the rest of the face, if the skin is not free from dead cells and impurities, hydration treatment will not be effective. What we need above all is well exfoliated lips. Follow these tips to master how to exfoliate lips at home and give them back its natural beauty.

One of the keys to make lips look attractive is to take care of it frequently. A good care means keeping lips hydrated and exfoliation with different cosmetics or a homemade scrub, which besides being natural are very simple to prepare and very effective.

When lips are not exfoliated, small dead flaky skin begin to appear which you notice when applying the lipstick. Not being cleaned on a regular basis makes them dark and to make it pink again you need to remove the coat of dead cells and dirt over lips. To get beautiful lip appearance it is very important that the lips do not dry after exfoliation and thus keep them well hydrated. There are several tricks to prepare a good homemade scrub for lips which are very effective for cleaning lips.

Exfoliate lips at home

If you want your lips look clean, smooth and well hydrated, then it is ideal to maintain a weekly schedule to perform a complete exfoliation of the lips. Once a week will be enough to start noticing the effects and have a beautiful and sensual smile. Exfoliation is the key to remove dead cells, but that should not be done more than once a week to avoid irritation. You can use a special product for the lips or rub gently the scrub used for face. After exfoliating lip balm must be applied to hydrate.

The aim of exfoliation is to completely remove the skins and dead cells from the lips, leaving them refreshed and ready to avoid the appearance of cracks, cuts and dryness. In addition to using specific exfoliating cosmetics for lips, we have the possibility of carrying out an excellent peeling at home with the help of natural products. Here’s how to make homemade lip scrubs.

    exfoliate lips

  1. Perhaps the most famous ally in the peeling lips is a toothbrush. In fact, a toothbrush with soft bristles can be useful to rub the lips and get rid of all the excess tops. Besides using the homemade scrub recipes for lips, you can also use your toothbrush to rub lips in order to remove dead cells. This is an effective trick but it must be done gently to avoid damage to the skin.
  2. Sugar is of all the most popular natural exfoliate that exists for the face and is also perfect for the lips. You can also use salt to prepare this scrub. A great solution is to combine the sugar with a little honey, because these contain beneficial therapeutic properties for the fragile skin of the lips. Mix in a bowl a little honey and sugar or salt, until a more or less consistent paste. Apply the resulting paste on the lips with your fingertip with the aim to remove dead cells.You can also prepare other exfoliating mixing sugar with olive oil or almond oil, both are ideal to repair and regenerate the skin of the lips.
  3. Another great natural ingredient that will serve to exfoliate lips at home is ground coffee. Its fine grain is great for leaving the skin smooth and radiant. To make this homemade exfoliating scrub, mix one teaspoon with olive oil. Massage your lips with the mixture and let it sit a few minutes before removing. You will notice your lips are cleaner and soft in no time.
  4. Apply a rich layer of Vaseline over lips. Now take some sugar and go pasting around the upper and lower lip, then massaged in circles, in order to remove dead cells. It can be removed with a tissue and then rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove the sugar residues remaining on the lips. This trick to exfoliate lips must be used if your lips are very dry.
  5. Another home remedy often used to exfoliate lips is to use aloe vera. Put the gel of aloe vera in a small bowl, wet your finger with a little water and rub your lips with it. If you have a good brush then you can use it instead of your fingers. Aloe gel is a great exfoliator to our lips and at the same time it also deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin.
  6. Another trick is to apply lemon to exfoliate our lips to clear dead skin with a toothbrush. Brush your lips gently to remove impurities, then apply a layer of honey and keep it over 10 minutes. This will give you a perfect soft and pink lips.
  7. If your lips are painful then wet a cotton ball with olive oil and gentle massage for a period of not less than 5 minutes. Olive oil is a favorite among the natural products to our lips. Products made of this oil give us countless beneficial properties for our skin. To improve the appearance of your lips instantly, carefully remove dead skin cells. If you do this every day, in less than two weeks notice a truly incredible change in lip skin.

Tips to exfoliate lips

  1. Over exfoliation should be avoided as it can damage the surface skin of lips. Once or maximum twice a week a week is fine.
  2. Once the dead cells and dark impurities are removed with scrubbing, you now need to take a lip balm and apply it to moisturize. Once you exfoliate your lips, it is time for hydration. This is a step should not be overlooked. After the above treatments, it is essential to apply a moisturizer or a gentle lip balm repairer to ensure that they are well nourished.
  3. The brush you are using to exfoliate lips must be soft, else it may lead to cracks.
  4. If you are using finger to rub the lips, remember to apply too much pressure. Rubbing it soft also works.
  5. Another cause of chapped lips are bad habits, both excess alcohol and smoking that can cause dark and dry lips and therefore make it unattractive. The effect of sun, chlorine, salt and spices in foods of course acts as obstacles to most striking lips.
  6. Use lip balms with SPF, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or avocado extracts to keep lips beautiful after exfoliation.

These are some of the best ways to exfoliate lips and also follow these tips to keep it perfect. Use the homemade scrub depending upon the condition of your lips. Use the scrub after every five days and make your lips clean and fair.