How To Dye Your Hair Naturally

Find some of the best ways to dye your hair naturally without bleach. Using home remedies like coffee, walnut, heena you will be able to perfectly dye hair.


dye your hair naturally

Women often want to change the look and the first thought is to dye hair with a different color, some super different natural color. Want to dye your hair naturally and change the color of your hair? Want to hide gray hair naturally? In addition to the dyes and preparations that can be found in supermarkets you should know that there are some natural ingredients that will help you change the tone and reduce gray and white hair. Using dyes with chemicals can damage the health of your hair. Want to know what? In this post discover how to dye your hair naturally in a very simple and effective way.

  1. Coffee:
  2. It is one of the most recommended natural ingredients for dyeing hair without any chemicals or harmful elements. Coffee contains properties that help to darken the hair and therefore is recommended only in case you want a darker tone than your natural color. This remedy is suited for people with brown hair. To prepare this remedy you have to prepare 2 cups of coffee and let it cool. Do not add anything more, no milk or sugar or anything because remember it’s not for drinking, but is for use on your hair. The way that we use I to dye hair is very simple, it will be a hair rinse.

    All you have to do is wash your hair with plain water, then put your head upside down and pour the coffee you have prepared. If you want the result to be quite dark we recommend you throw more than 2 cups of coffee, so you get a stronger and more intense color. Massage your hair for the coffee to penetrate in all areas and let sit for about 30 minutes, then rinse and wash again. This procedure can be repeated 1 time per month to get a more striking color, but if you want to always keep the same tone then do weekly as coffee provides no toxic that could harm, contrary it is packed with vitamins nutrients.

  3. Walnut leaves:
  4. Another way to dye your hair naturally is through walnut leaves. This ingredient is perfect to cover gray hair and to get a much younger and radiant appearance. This plant has been used since ancient times as a way to get a darker hair, so if you want to follow this method it is best that you do with walnut leaves and let dry at home.

    To take advantage of its quality as a natural dye you have to boil the walnut leaves into a pot with water; let boil for 15 minutes and then strain the water to remove the leaves. Once ready and cool, you have to apply yourself this liquid into your hair ensuring that all parts of your hair is wet. Now, let sit for 25 or 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You can repeat this procedure once every 15 days or every month to get a darker tone and above all, no gray or white hair!

  5. Henna:
  6. Another of the most effective methods for dyeing hair naturally is to use henna as it has a natural pigment that manages to provide a very natural tone to your hair without damaging it. It contains very favorable nutrients that keep hair hydrated and shiny. The color usually disappears after a few months and tone that gets in your hair is a reddish but very natural, like a mahogany.

    To make this dye with henna you will need henna powder (available at health food stores), olive oil and hot water. You can also beat an egg to this paste(optional). Join all the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mixture. You will see that the result is something like the clay, it is normal as the henna is very consistent and therefore a bit more complicated to implement in your hair. When the paste is ready, you only have to expand it throughout the hair leaving it to dry. In this way, the pigment is better permeated. You’ll have to let your henna act for an hour considering the longer the leave, the more intense the color. Then you must rinse with water, but don’t use a soap or a shampoo. And that’s it!

  7. Chamomile tea:
  8. People with blonde or light brown hair may lower its natural tone thanks to the clarifying properties of chamomile. Some cosmetics use chamomile for a more intense, bright and beautiful blond tone therefore, it is one of the best remedies dying hair and increasing its highlights.

    To do this you only have to prepare a chamomile tea and when it is ready, let cool and then apply it on our hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinsed with your lukewarm water and then finally a cold water wash. If you want an even clearer result you can add half a cup of lemon juice to chamomile as this fruit also contains properties that help us to lighten the color of hair. So if you want to dye your hair to get highlights then this can be a great remedy.

    In case you’re interested only hide the gray hair, the best natural remedy for this is heena or sage. Gray hairs appear because the protein and melanin that is responsible for coloring our hair is no longer produced adequately.

  9. Sage:
  10. With sage you get this hair mask containing revitalizing properties that reactivates melanin (the hormone of which we have spoken) and therefore make gray hair disappear. This natural remedy will serve only in the case of the first gray hairs; people with all white hair coloring would not benefit. So for people facing premature hair graying, sage is a good home remedy to dye your hair naturally.

    In order to benefit from its properties have to boil half a cup of dried sage in a pot with water. Let boil for about 20 minutes and then strain the mixture to remove the remains of leaves. When this infusion cools down, wet your hair and then apply sage infusion as a rinse. Repeat every time you showering and see how gray hairs begin to subside.