10 Ways To Detangle Hair Knots

Find the best way to detangle hair knots using sprays, in shower and using some natural treatments. These tips will help you untangle tight knots quickly. Learn the best tips to remove all the detangled hair and make it straight and easy to comb.


detangle hair

Knots often form in hair due to dryness and lack of care which makes them difficult to comb. From using fingers, comb and different prevention tips, here we have different tips on how to detangle hair knots and make them easier to style, especially when the hair is long, it tends to generate terrible knots. And this is where we spend much of our time to unravel, tugging at the risk of breaking the hair. Just follow some tips to get rid of tangles in hair.

Prevent hair knots

Before proceeding to consider ways to detangle hair knots, let’s start from the root causes. Do you have the habit after washing to pick a towel and rub hair vigorously for drying? Well finally you need to abandon this habit because this can contribute to the formation of knots. Also since wet hairs are easily broken with some pressure, you are also face a lot of hair loss. In order to prevent this problem, the solution is to let hair air dry or in case of urgency you can use a hair dryer. Ideally to dry the hair naturally in air is the best choice. However, especially in the coldest months, this can be a problem. Therefore, use the dryer at minimum power, while running a comb through your hair.

Treatments to detangle hair

  1. To untangle hair knots, wash it with slight warm water and right after while it is still wet, run your fingers through this hair. It is a simple gesture that will help you make the operation less painful. As the hair type depends, if you have dry hair and slightly coarse then wash it every three days, but if you have thin and greasy wash it every other day, but not every day.
  2. Untie the knots of hair with comb. First you must rinse your hair and now when the hair is in the wet stage, use the comb. Second option to detangle the knots of hair is with the comb. Use a comb large space between its spikes and when the knots are somewhat detangled, use a narrower tooth. It is best to use a comb to combine these two types of spikes. You can always opt for the ionic brush.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush. If you want a gentle brushing without pain, you better use a brush with soft bristles, because if you do it with a wire brush more damage you do and we do not recommend it!
  4. Never run to brush your hair. It costs some extra time to take care of hair, go slowly and softly when it comes to using the brush for detangling. Treat your hair with love and great care, because if you do it quickly end up breaking from the scalp.
  5. Use a hair conditioner. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the ends is another effective remedy for removing hair knots. Pay special attention to the back of the head hair, as this is where the tangles are emphasized. However, if your hair is curly, you may need to use conditioner throughout the hair without getting to the roots.
  6. Masks to detangle hair. Besides conditioner, especially if it is curly hair knots, you could apply a specific mask bought from the market or prepared at home. Leave it on for about ten minutes. Rinse and brush the hair with a thick brush bristles. You can use aloe vera or honey mask for this purpose. Just wet your hair, apply this mask and wash after 15 minutes. With the use of such nourishing and moisturizing hair mask, it becomes much simpler to get rid of hair knots.
  7. These days many women prefer detangling sprays because they are quick and easy to use. Simply you need to spray it on your hair, wait for few minutes and then use a comb. Their results are super effective in detangling tied knots in hair. Such products are nowadays widely available online and beauty stores.
  8. Use natural oils. Still you are not satisfied with our tips on how to detangle the knots of hair? Before and after drying, add a small amount olive oil or coconut oil to the palm of your hands and spread it on the hair evenly and then use a comb to detangle your hair.
  9. Combing the hair every day. Combing your hair every day is a good habit for the treatment of hair. Do not be lazy and do it every day, at least twice, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed to avoid knots in your hair. Use plastic comb and brush while the hair is dry. Brush your hair every morning. It is important to do this every morning when you wake up. To detangle hair after having been asleep all night and you’ll look prettier. It is best to comb your hair once before sleeping. This removes the small knots which becomes bigger while you are in sleep. When you go to sleep again lend brush to remove all those knots of the day and in the morning you got up with no witch like hair. And I do not think you want to scare yourself when you look in the mirror!
  10. Tuck the hair before bedtime. The last tip, which is also a good habit to prevent the formation of knots is to pick your hair while you sleep as wearing a ponytail sleeping serves less knots in the morning. The movements we do in our sleep can tangle the hair inevitably. Before going to bed, put a high bun or braids. In the morning, you will notice that there are much less knots compared to previous days.

It is best to visit a salon and have a deep hair treatment and explain your problem to the expert. Parlors have special products which can be useful in detangling hair and making it straight and beautiful. You can also ask them for some hair products and tips that will help you in preventing knots in hair. Apart from this, you can also ask for a new hairstyle because certain kinds of hairstyle are less prone to tangling. This is a very good option for solving your problem.

These were the prevention tips and treatments to detangle hair knots. Try these tips in your daily life and your hair will not face such problem anymore.