What are Some Healthy Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

There are times when you just want to take a day off (or two), head to the spa and enjoy a very relaxing foot massage and reflexology session. Perhaps the primary reason why you’re giving your body this great gift on a regular basis because it can alleviate your body and mind of stress, which would ultimately lead to your body being more relaxed and stress-free. Because of this, it can then promote psychological benefits as well. Do know that enjoying these particular activities is definitely pleasurable, and highly beneficial. Read on to know what other health benefits you can enjoy from the aforementioned activities.

What are Some Healthy Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

Healthy Advantages of Foot Massage and Reflexology

To start, when you enjoy a relaxing foot massage and reflexology session right before hitting the sack, then it can aid you in having better sleep. This is because the activity will help the body be relieved of stress. Furthermore, it can also improve blood circulation, as well as calm the nerves. Before you sleep, start by sitting upright with your foot in your lap. Then, by using your thumb, press in and around the large plantar pad of your big toe. Do this for about a minute on each of the big toes. Afterwards, just massage the bottom of your feet for 10-minutes with the aid of warm olive, mustard, or coconut oil.

Aside from giving you better sleeping cycles, enjoying a foot massage and reflexology session will give your body better blood circulation. Because many of us live a sedentary lifestyle, we do not use many of the muscles on our feet properly. Hence, this can then lead to blood not proper circulating throughout the body. To improve blood circulation, put any massage oil in your palm and then rub it firmly on your foot. Do this for several minutes, and then stroke the foot gently, but firmly. Stroke the foot from the toes towards the ankle prior to giving it a gentle massage. You can also extend the massage to the lower leg as well. Repeat the same procedure on the other foot after you’re done with the other.

Furthermore, foot massage and reflexology can also help in fighting against depression. This is because the activities provide consolation, in which assist people in balancing the need to grieve. Furthermore, it promotes a person to think about adapting the changes happening in their lives. There are certain points found on the feet that are helpful in alleviating the symptoms of depression.