What are Some Healthy Benefits of Epsom Salt

There are a lot of people who don’t know about Epsom salt. However, once you get to know it, or perhaps pick up a pack or a box from a local store, then know that you are about to treat your body good. This is because this special kind of salt has many health and beauty uses. This is because it is made up of a chemical compound known as magnesium sulfate. When this compound is absorbed through the skin, such as when you enjoy taking baths with the salt, then it is an easy way to exfoliate and keep the skin looking and feeling young. It can also be taken internally, and it will give you a bunch of healthy advantages. Read on to learn more about the good of this special salt.


What are Some Healthy Benefits of Epsom Salt

Healthy Advantages of Epsom Salt

Perhaps one of the more popular benefits of using Epsom salt is it can ease stress. It can assist in calming you down and giving you a more relaxed feeling, which is great if you’re battling it out with day-to-day stressful activities. Do note that stress will drain the body of magnesium, as well as it causes the body to increase adrenaline levels. While adrenaline might be good, the after-effect of having a spike in adrenaline will leave you tired, lethargic, and stressed out. Just add a cup of this salt in a bathtub filled with warm water and soak in it for about 20-minutes. Take this bath before you sleep to have better sleeping cycles. Take this bath approximately 3-times a week to enjoy a better, stress-free life.

Aside from relieving you of stress, another healthy benefit of Epsom salt is that it can relieve muscle cramps. It is able to relieve sore muscles that can be acquired right after a rigorous workout regimen. With the additional magnesium content inside your body, it will assist in reducing pain and inflammation caused by intense exercises. Create a thick paste with the salt and hot water, and then apply it onto the affected area for about 15- to 20-minutes.

Furthermore, Epsom salt also does wonders for the hair. It can give you healthier hair as it provides more body to your beautiful locks. It can also remove excess oil buildup on your hair, and it also keeps the scalp as healthy as possible. Should you have oil hair, just add a bit of the salt into your shampoo and wash your hair as usual. However, only do this 2-times a week at most.